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  1. Boring isn't easy, it is just plain boring. So no, it will still be a frustration laden experience.
  2. That is the highest I have seen. What type of damage are you sporting on that? I'm guessing 350-400k with aura?
  3. I may be way off, but I believe he is upset.
  4. 15M Steam: pedrocas4ever It cost that to upgrade it.
  5. Here is the damage with 143 hero damage and 136 hero boost"
  6. I'm not really interested in a hero monk anymore.
  7. I haven't seen any games or had anyone join my game for the last few days. Is there just no interest in it? Lack of rewards? Too busy farming? I'll admit, it was pretty bad as far as pvp goes, but it wasn't completely awful.
  8. exactly f*ck that. i havent logged out since 7.10, i just hope the crash to tavern doesnt get me. lulz, don't crash braw!
  9. Protip to everyone in this thread.. it's confirmed that the tavern keeper sells obscene stuff after beating wave 25! Good to know I suppose, but meh....pass. I'll just skyrm.
  10. Yeah, it is poor quality now relative to yesterday.
  11. Yeah from the looks of it they are gearing super loot for survival waves rather than hard/insane campaigns - which will kill off a lot of the "fun factor" imho... Oh well, I guess I might actually buy Skyrim :( Kind of my opinion as well. I don't really care to spend that much time getting to higher waves and don't won't to hold anyone back by having sub par gear.
  12. I saw some pretty good stuff yesterday, but I swear the loot drops today are worse than they were before yesterday. So if you didn't take advantage of farming yesterday, good luck.
  13. Putting it in your inventory could lead to full inventory and loot rotting as well. I think a queue type system where green loot was pushed to the front of the don't decay line if non-green loot was available would work.
  14. Yes you will. Out of pity, I will give you 1 mana for your entire setup.
  15. Women can't be Monks... BLASPHEMY! Pretty sure that is a dude.
  16. Here is the deal, the absolute best gear is obtained from survival/strategy late stages. I don't mind re-gearing, but I don't really want to sit through boring lengths of gameplay without a break. So I probably won't bother much longer. This isn't a slight on the game because if you factor in value, this is one of the best games of all time.
  17. I've not tried insane yet, but I've done a few hards and the geiers were about the same as usual. However, I found one on the shop with 46 ups, 161base damage, and 126 ranged damage. All positive stats. Crazy loots all around.
  18. I have 217 hours played, I farmed plenty and had plenty of my items ruined through nerfs, but the game needed these changes. If You can't see that, I'm sorry. But I'm actually looking forward to the 7.10 changes and excited to actually looting random weapons hoping for something worthy. I've wanted a viable light saber since the first one dropped. I'll be farming random **** until I get one.
  19. Can you elaborate on why Trendy thinks that running the same challenge over and over until we get an "acceptable" Pre-named weapon with random stats is fun? Keep in mind that the same challenge = same map. It's no different if we're farming mana. We're "forced" to run Glitter because of the amounts of Mana that drops there. I'm probably not the only one that doesn't quit because we're bored of your game; we're quitting because we're bored of the same map. True enough. Sad to see my friends list full of people not playing DD anymore.
  20. Any idea how the vendor quality on items is determined? I get my best stuff from the vendor after doing hard or insane spook.
  21. With bad luck like that, I would invest in meteor impact insurance.
  22. Does the set bonus affect resistance? Yes. Do not go into pvp without at least maxing physical resist while using the set bonus.
  23. yea probably but whats the point he could just stand at the corner shielding to be god This is true, use it as feedback. Squire is way to survivable in pvp with full resists and block.
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