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  1. still 3 maps to clear a floor? hard pass
  2. maybe the real problem is you can never set a 30 DU wall and have it be enough to reliably do its job. if you need to put 60 DU down, you might as well drop 1 more damage tower and that'll work even better and you'll never have to repair anything :P (suck it dog, i'm back!) also another problem with walls in this game, is they're supposed to slow up the enemy to take more damage from the defenses, but upon reaching a wall all the enemies fan out and there aren't any enemies that AREN'T attacking really. if all the enemies are attacking then you're getting no value out of clumping/slowing rea
  3. it's tower defense, not fortress builder
  4. i don't mind the quantity. i mind the bank space they take up with infinite bank space i wouldn't care if it took 100 shards to gild :P DAMMIT... I LOST
  5. the itch is already upon me but see the problem is, i can scratch this itch on any number of other message sites i visit... so.... unless i accidentally slip up, it's an easy win
  6. but... how many posts would i have to make in that week for it to be valid? :Þ
  7. i don't see why the game host shouldn't have full rights to G and start whenever he freaking wants to... :P
  8. isn't ascension like mastery? once you've completed it, you're done. there's no point in doing it any more if the power level plateaus then where is the problem?
  9. for me? Auto Selling if items don't match your criteria it doesn't even bother picking them up, it just sells them for gold every wave can you imagine how fun the game would be if you never needed to look at item stats? you could just check to see if anything new was in your inventory every map
  10. anything "water" in the game SHOULD drench, otherwise it's completely pointless to label it as water that being said, it does not
  11. well, the idea is to nerf something down to USABLE, not UNUSABLE and the BETTER idea, is to nerf in small increments over long periods of time for monitoring. and BUFF the other defenses up to parity
  12. not trying to be mean, but i've been waiting for 2 years for them to divorce placement prohibition range from "aura range increase" it makes no sense that your placement gets restricted MORE when you buff your aura range. it's not even like DD1 where your auras couldn't overlap (which was dumb anyways, if you wanted the damage to not stack you could simply make enemies only able to be affected by 1 which is a more elegant solution which wouldn't annoy the players) it's makes even less sense when you can simply unequip your relic, place the auras, then put it back on to get the increase. so
  13. and where would these people get the gold to buy these shards, hmm? how is this "handed to them" when they had to grind to get them anyways :P people complain about the dumbest stuff. they don't even think through what they are complaining about
  14. basically you're saying that jump was added to the skill/abilities global-cooldown when before it was not ?
  15. the game is a lot better than it was before. that being said, there's a LOT still that needs to be fixed in order to make it a prime-time game i would personally remove the ability to take items from grey to gold. make gold drops worth looking for. further streamline the progression path by "suggesting" where players can earn upgrades to their current gear. bring onslaught down to 1 map (of course). add something that highlights gear with mods that are green bean level (and doesn't allow them to be sold without additional check). and do a balance pass on the crap defenses that no one uses b
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