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  1. Imho it's worth coming back, do campaign and chaos till c7. When you get to c7 stop there - don't get into endgame (or the lack there of), it's lacking content and very grindy, not worth getting into that part of the game.
  2. I understand your struggle CG, you are working on making DDA great and we are all hyped about it. If I can be honest though Prime incursions so far feel easy, mostly afk and with underwhelming rewards which makes them not worth farming. The rewards are the literal same from PRIME I to PRIME IV so far, which makes me think why would anyone run more difficult primes? For a different skin? For a little added chance on c8 amps which are worth close to nothing at this point? I don't think so. This endgame content doesn't drop any mats or shards which are pretty essential for making money/progressing at endgame stage (things like clusters for c8 5/5 progression or motes for resetting). The skins are nice but the drop rate it's low and again it's only the weapon, having a c8 5/5 weapon doesn't really make me progress or make me clear any harder content (also there isn't any content I can't clear, but that's another story). Gold/exp wise c7 draken is still better and faster so again no reason. What I'm asking is PLEASE make PRIME VI - Betsy hard content and with GOOD rewards. DON'T make it a floor 400 scaling with the same rewards as Prime I because in that case why would anyone farm Betsy over Prime I ?! Betsy is the final boss, it should have broken rewards and be hard/ not afkable even for the current endgame players. This is my advice of what Betsy should be: Scaling at floor ~900 + need to fight boss manually (Towers don't work on Betsy), only solo mode (no carries allowed), always legendary chest Chest with: 50% 5/5 c8 weapon 20% jackpot of 5mil gold 30% 10/10 random mod from curated pool 100% 50x stack of a curated c7 mats (amps or clusters or motes) 100% c8 shard Obviously this is just an advice, but it would be something. It would give reason to farm it over lower Primes and make it some sort of true endgame content. It would also be something to strive for all the players that aren't at that endgame level yet, which I think it's always an healthy thing in a game. Not everything should be easy and accessible because that makes gearing up pointless. Hope is last to die, thank you all.
  3. I agree with glint, and the system he proposed is actually pretty good. That said if it's too difficult to implement on a technical level, I'd advice, atleast on the short term, something on the lines of: 1 pristine = 3 shiny & 1 shiny = 3 plain And easy exchange panel in the UI (or an NPC) could fix the whole entire problem, atleast for now. The game will be in an healthy situation when, in no case, you need to go back and farm lower afkable boring content. This includes mats,shards and mods farming, going for challenging content should not only be useful but also beneficial (doing something like 1 pristine = 1 shiny, it's not good enough). Also while target farming for mats is great , I feel like rotating where mats drop would increase the fun in the game, doing draken resort/keep over and over for tokens is VERY boring.
  4. Was my first thought. Let’s also not relive the days of what DD2 originally was before the great debacle. >.< ;-) Read my post, I said endgame. Mastery it's not endgame, it's just a mode designed to give special rewards that will make your defenses ready for endgame. Also, it's pretty easy content since it wasn't balanced with the addition of mods. It's tedious because sometimes you forget that you weren't supposed to repair etc but other than that most of the times you can literally spam your main op tower/aura/node with some other defenses to make up for the usual 10 of the same quest and ezpz. Not to mention in mastery, replay from wave is bugged when the '10 of different' quest is on the map (which is present in most maps) so it's pretty annoying have to start again just because a boss went through while I was afking.
  5. Right now as you progress in DD2's endgame it's all based around onslaught and resets. Resetting is basically just doing 30 onslaught floors over and over and climbing just scales up the hp and dps of mobs. It can be difficult at first but after 50 floors when you understand what defenses, shards and mods to use..there isn't much left to do other than repeating the same build and tricks for the remaining 949 floors.We all know that this modes aren't particularly challanging nor they present some sort of skill floor; it's all about having that 10/10 mods stacked to increase your raw dps to counter the scaling. Sadly this process it's very repetitive and isn't really fun, doing 999 floors by myself (since nobody is gonna join a game at floor 237 or whatever specific number of floors you climbed) is very dull and the experience as a whole just looks as a time waster rather than a test of my skills. I'd even argue that onslaught leaderboards doesn't really reflect on who has the most knowledge or most skill but just who can play 18h a day doing very repetitive content. My question is: Is there any intention to implement skill-based game modes in DD2, rather than grindy, repetitive tasks? Just having a placement system would be great, like if I can clear floor 400 with my current defenses I don't understand why the game wants me to spend 1k hours to reach that point. Most games have a placement system based on skill these days.. I can see Trendy trying to make content a bit more engaging with draken keep but still I feel we are very far, igniting torches doesn't really take skill, it's just a way to avoid people afking which is ok but again not very interesting nor challanging.. Just as an example, lately i've been dropping/buying 10/10 mods for my HH barb and now that I'm almost done with the build I don't even know where to use it because content just isn't challanging - what's the point in having an immortal barb with 2.2mil Hero Health + life steal + turn the tides, to use it in c7? Just makes me sad :( Also, talking about repetitive content I think we are in need of a change in how shards and mats (mostly plain motes) are dropped. Making players afk c3 and c4 over and over to be able to progress it's very painfull and makes me wanna quit.
  6. LAWLTA stayed: “players have been asking for new enemies/mini bosses/bosses for a very long time” ; I would love if you could point out where you jumped to your conclusion? Did you even read LAWLTA’s response? Also, to further backup that point, I welcome the inclusion of bosses into onslaught. It Spices things up and requires you to develop new strategies. And if that’s too hard, then maybe tower defence isn’t for you. Lawlta could've just said the players wanted the game to die and we have no way to check majority of that so I'm not even going to bother with the first paragraph lawlta posted. The second paragraph he said "Players want engaging epic moments with cool rewards" The dragon looks cool flying around, but is there really cool rewards? Not really. There's also not much engaging except for sit on one spot with a ranged hero and shoot the fires so your defenses continue to work(pray you don't get headstrong assassins). If anything this is just tedious not difficult. This looks like an incursion, I wouldn't mind if the boss just came out of a lane like a normal boss; but you're forced to do this incursion every 10 floors for no real reason. This just seems like a 'you can't afk' floor just like the original release of siege rollers. To tell him to say 'don't play tower defense' is kind of a dumb statement because it's not the game he signed up for. If he wanted incursions he'd go play those. I don't know much about him but he said he does onslaught pushing, why would someone in late game content want to play tag with a bonfire in this new minigame? the new boss is whatever but to force this game of incursion tag every 10 floors and in chaos was not a good move in my opinion. Instead of making an incursion dead content they made the brand new map dead content because everyone is going to play the other frost map so they don't have to play minigames. Yeah I agree. I think the real problem is how onslaught was designed, not only after floor 80 it's really un-rewarding but also you'll be alone for most of the time. Incursions on onslaught would be ok if you would find a party of 4 people easily, but honestly why would I want to play a non-engaging mini-game at floor 184 by myself? No thanks. Only games that cater the social aspect can survive, and dd2 has done that pretty poorly. After 5 years there is still no way to DM someone, like really? And of course majority of people are not incentivized to climb, when most of the content will be alone climbing.
  7. Yeah every major patch they add more and more items to be stored but the inventory space stays the same :( I agree with you, SHARD storing should be reworked, and partial gilding shouldn't even be that difficult to realize on a technical side. It would be just adding some counters on our maxed shards, that easy. Shard vault would be a band-aid behind a paywall, but reworking how they are stored would actually fix the problem. I get it, it's funny messing with someone trying to bring up a problem on a game. From what I can see, anyone that has put 500+ hours on dd2, does have atleast 10 bank tab + 7 bags which is a LOT of money spent on inventory only (60$+ if you're smart and you grind it with multiple the gem mines, 90$+ if you buy gems), I feel that's a lot of money to spend on inventory to be 'decent'.
  8. Get the gem mine and buy more bags :) I'm just messing with you. On a serious note though, I also had a lot of trouble with 4. Not so much with 6. Now I feel like I have space that I don't know what to do with especially now with the new sorting and mod quality on items. I do get rid of anything under 7. I found the 1-3 to be clogging a lot of space. I also am going after only a select few shards for gilding but keep at least one of the others...just some ideas until something else is done. As I said on the OP I already have all the bags, the problem is how deep are you into the game. If you have space it's because you are not saving shards/mods for multiple chars/defenses. Let's say I'm trying to guild my gunwitch dps shards, 5 equipment pieces x 3 shards each x 10 copies = 150 slots. That's already 2 and a half bags full of shards for ONLY my gunwitch. And I'm not considering the fact that at some point you run out of money and you need to keep them there until you have liquidity. Consider that atm i'm trying to gild my monk dps, gunwitch dps and several shards for my defenses. You can easily understand how all my 4 bank tabs are full of shards and how clunky I feel after spending 35$ for inventory space...
  9. Before I dive into the topic I want to congratulate Trendy for the steps in the right direction that were taken in regard to MODS filtering. Very good job! (: Now I want to talk about inventory menagment and QOL regarding the inventory. I do understand the need of giving one bag to a starting player that, with the amount of items you drop in DD2, will certainly feel clunky and incentivize them to buy more bags, that's totally fair it's one of the ways to make income in a f2p game. This system would be great if after maxing out bags you would feel like the nightmare of the scavenger would be gone and as a whole the inventory experience was a confy one, but sadly that's not the case. I have maxed out my bags and I have 4 bank tabs + a material tab and I still feel overwhelmed and the inventory management as a whole it's very clunky even after spending the amount of money I did on bags+bank only. I think the biggest flaw on this system is how MODS and SHARDS are stored into the inventory. SHARDS:Shards in end game require you to have 11 of the same to gild it and since they can't be stacked, they require eleven slots which is ~1/5 of a bank/bag tab, considering that it's a slow process to find eleven and there are a LOT of different shards that needs gilding you can easily understand how that will overwhelm your inventory space in no time. All I can say is that my 4 bank tabs are full of shards. I recall LAWLTA saying that the way shards were coded doesn't allow them to be stacked, or rather they would need to rework the entire thing to make it work so instead of stacking them I would like to propose a different approach. What if we could put the same-type of shards inside the upgrade page, e.g. instead of being forced to keep all these shards in the inventory until we have 10 of the same, we would be able to just put one at a time and then once there are 10 inside, we are prompted with the payment to gild. MODS:The MOD system is changing but one thing remains true, a good portion of our inventory is filled with useless gear that has only one good mod inside. That's great at the start but after a while this items start to pile up, in my personal experience I have 4 bags full of 7s to 10s quality mods (this over the course of two months) but no way to stack them. Some of these I'm keeping for the future, some of them for selling etc But keeping one mod per item is a really clunky way of storing MODS. I could do like some people do, thay delete everything that is not a 10/10, but honestly that would take away the fun from the game. Having a 7/8 I can throw into a tower for testing or trying a new build etc is FUN. We either need a system where we can stack them (like a mod tab or something) or change the current system of thinkering which detroys the item where the mod originally is (I would totally spend 75 medals to stack 3 mods on a campaign item; but as of now that's not possible since if at a later date you need those mods in a different order/place you would need to destroy the other two..)
  10. That first part was very clear you wanted to be a smarta$$, because you know I'm right. People lie about what they get and you can't get a conclusive set of data after 50-300 rerolls. Nigiri, your little bromance, has the best view of things right now because he has been recording every quality roll he has gotten. Even with that he still hasn't rerolled enough, if his next two are both 10/10 then that will skew his data drastically hence the need for a large amount of rerolls. The rest is just you being you, a negative nancy, it's not even worth the time to read through it and give a response, especially given that you claim to not even play anymore. I wonder if that is another lie from another random person. I like you glint but damn are you really gonna argue that the rolls are not low? If the chances were reasonably high or there was a pity timer Lawlta would've called my lies, but clearly the rates are designed to be low. It doesn't take a genius to make a little probability calculation to understand that there it would be a 'meteorite on the head situation' if after 300 rerolls you get ONE 9/10. Do the math. In my personal case I've rerolled atleast 50 times and never seen anything 5 or above. Yesterday I did 15 rerolls it was literally: 1,1,1,2,1,1,1, etc The way this system is designed it's demoralizing.
  11. I agree, things can always be better, but this thread is targeting mod rerolls, something we just got and in less than a week are already crying wolf about chances at getting certain mod qualities. Unless I'm missing something I do not believe it possible to have already gotten over 1000 tokens to get a halfway decent look at chances much less 5000 or 10k. Lawlta said Trendy is looking into it so that's great but I notice that every patch is always this knee jerk reaction from the community and they haven't had the time to do the requisite testing on the thing yet. That also had an end, once you had enough asc to fill out every talent (I had this) the game was done. Now you are just going for a higher number (leaderboard) than anyone else, but the game was over you win. Same concept as floors, once you are done resetting and have asc to fill out the increased talent caps, game done, what else are you going to do? Climb floors till you are the highest, they are doing this now, it has no point there is no reward, you gain nothing from it. The "progression" we have now is get max c8 and max mods, this is the only thing that hasn't been reached, it does require grinding for either materials or gold to buy them, but once you have your powers and talent caps the only thing you can do is get stronger. We don't need 1k tokens to understand the chances are insanely low. Why? Because multiple people reporting that after 100 tokens the best they've seen is a 6, you can clearly understand it's not a problem of luck nor is a problem or 'mah 10/10'. Literally anything 7+ has a VERY low chance. Also the whole argument from your previous post it's pretty ludicrous. The community never asked for more grind, they asked for content. A game should be fun to play and engaging, if said game it's unable to do that it will, at some point, die. And the steam numbers tell a pretty clear story. For example while i'm writing this, I'm stuck at afking c2 because I need Encroaching Flames for my flame auras and plain motes to upgrade some mods to 'ADAPT' to the balance (since I has to re-do my whole setup) . This is not content, this is a chore. Thank you, I hope for the best. (:
  12. As the title says, the newly introduced items for rerolling MODS are just insanely low chance. I've used more than 50 and never seen anything above 5/10. Multiple people from discord saying that they used 300+ and never seen more than a 8/10. It seems pretty clear that it's not a case of being unlucky and we're not even talking about 10s, anything 7+ seems to be very low chance to the point where it's probably easier dropping it the old way than wasting time doing the new map over and over. I get that some reroll items are dropped in onslaught etc and that's a nice bonus but if I wanna target farm rerolls it's a waste of time. Let's assume the chance of rerolling a mod into a 10/10 it's 1/300 (it's probably less but let's just pretend). 2 rerolls per game x 150 games x 5 min a game = 25h doing the same map for a CHANCE at a 10/10. That's more than half of a weekly full time job, I think that's ludicrous, and remember this is all for ONE mod! This new reroll system was sold as a way to 'target farm mods' when in truth it's just an added bonus like playing the lotto that doesn't really allow MOD target farming. You're literally trying to fix an RNG problem with RNG... If the very low chances are intentional, atleast you guys should implement a pity timer e.g. after 300 rerolls used you get a 10, because with the current low chance it's pretty easy that some players will never see a max mod after 500 rerolls; but you probably tested this already.
  13. Yeah I agree, this would also allow players to adapt to balance changes like the one we are experiencing. Right now the only way to adapt it's to literally destroy a mod that it's not meta anymore, or try to drop a new 10 tenacity,rate etc whatever mod you are re-using. Please give players a way to adapt to the meta without losing tons of gold and grind time spent on it.
  14. That's not the point tho, just because you are ready to spend 3k hours resetting doesn't make it fair that other people were reaching the same goal with 1/3 the time. It's literally impossible as of now to reach as high as some people have with the same time commitment. I feel this is a bad design choice that will probably make everyone leave at some point. It's the classic, too bad you weren't around when things were ezpz
  15. The problem is floors are not comparable in that way. 3 floors map and no replay were annoying and still Resets were way easier before if you knew what you were doing. The problem with the new system is after ap 31, doing from 50 to 80 takes an enormous amount of time. Can you image having to do the old floor 160 skill wise during resets? As you said people were struggling with full gear at 114. And all the mats required weren't even a thing since no mods existed, it was really ez mode. The introduction of mods changed nothing for resets since one medallion is 2m of upgrade cost, so at best you can have ONE decent tower.. Clearly the leaderboards for AP resets speaks loudly about this, people that don't even play the game anymore are still top 10 lmao
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