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  1. Hello been playing for awhile now and I have noticed on xbox one when I try to buy an item from the blacksmith I notice it will take my coins but will not give me the item I was trying to buy it has happened 4 or 5 times now
  2. sadly I think what happened was since I dont really check my bags and just sell all I think I sold them so yeah kind of salty at myself
  3. if you can sell them that sucks because I just spent like 50 tokens on keys...if they got sold I am going to be so pissed
  4. Hey, I recently got 50 wyvern tokens saved up and purchased keys for the lockboxes bought like 5 or 6 keys however I went to open a lock box and it said I didnt have any keys not sure if this has happened to anyone else but it is kind of irritating because I really wanted to use the tokens to get keys to unlock cosmetic stuff
  5. I agree with almost all of that except the monk not being as useful. The monk is very useful but only in groups solo he is lacking a bit. He shines when playing with a Huntress with the geyser shock aura combo. in my opinion the monk is meant to be played in a group since he is a support type so in that sense he is useful
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