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  1. That's not really a solution. PC version has text chat support, why shouldn't PS4? Most people have a keyboard they can use, not everyone has a fancier headset that comes with mute functionality, and to expect people to is unrealistic. Wireless keyboard cost: $5-10 vs. cost of a headset $60+. Mute functionality only helps you not make excessive noise for your teammates, won't do anything to help you not listen to ambient noise on their end. So it doesn't help those that don't want to listen to other people's music, etc.
  2. I rarely use headsets in any game for the exact reason Pashta addressed. Nothing more annoying/frustrating than listening to people breathing heavily, having kids or other housemates screaming, blasting music, etc. Happens way to often. I do wish this game had keyboard support so we could just type to each other. I actually had an apprentice today who used all the defense points on freeze towers and arcane barriers.
  3. I'd record that and submit it to the devs for fixing. I always get teleported to the starting point when the cutscenece for Betsy plays so can't get stuck. Now HOW you submit a bug video I'm not 100% on
  4. To be fair with OP every kick I've had in matches I was the one who initiated it. Bad skill I grin and bare but people just not contributing or going afk I don't tolerate
  5. Same here. Got title in mailbox, no way to set it or the hero accessories. Got the gems and costumes no problem
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