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  1. Been walking around and checking thru my heroes to see what items have been changed and I cant for the life of me find where the daily missions are.... So many things aren't labeled or explained and I just left to google answers until I remember how to do basic stuff like create a new hero. Edit: Also I have 500+ wyvren tokens and no idea what they are useful now that everything has been changed to defender medals... also why change the currency in the first place
  2. how many characters are there now? i only have the original 4 and the first guy released. Im assuming you would still need to get multiple of the same hero if you wanted to have tower builds for each tower on a character. Sounds like a ton of grinding just to get ready for the "fix" that makes the game playable again. I'm pretty sure that same magic "fix" was teased around this time last year and it looks like it was a very successful year for dd2.
  3. Okay hold the phone for one second. You were one of the old streamers of the game for trendy back when the game launched. When did they actually hire you? It had to have been after the first wave of cuts at the studio when butter got canned so I'm just confused they have a seemingly very high turnover there. Since I posted the thread i've had the one person streaming the game on another monitor and it looks like an impossible heap to try and balance. So many heroes with 4 towers each and dps builds for most against tons of different enemies (and more coming). Any tweak to that will seem to t
  4. Not all of that information is accurate, we've deviated from that plan a bit, but there's some big new updates coming up soon for Dungeon Defenders 2. :) That right there is the single most worrying thing I could have read. Basically sounds like the same approach from before where the devs all have ideas on where to take the game and whoever makes the strongest/loudest argument will get their idea worked on until the next "better" idea comes along. That was at least the picture that was painted for me by some people on the inside when I was still playing the game.
  5. So as the title states I was one of the old original players of this game last year and was pretty active in the community with figuring out end game strategy and teaching people the systems of the game. Anyway I got upset with the direction the game was going and quit playing cold turkey at the start of April and haven't looked at the game since. I went back to playing league, got into diamond, got mad at league and stopped playing, and now I'm here again. I have no idea if any of the players I used to play with are still around and can give a synopsis on the current state of the game. The fe
  6. Might check into shellshock interaction with him tonight for grins to see what's going on here. A lot of gribs past problems have to do with him having an absurdly set collision cylinder. I've seen this little a-wipe go through two tightly placed baras before that covered an entire lane opening (and by tightly placed, I mean it was literally impossible to get even the monk to squeeze between em). I pray I can't recreate a clip through scenario but if I do, dat little turd is getting reported for hax Has happened to me 3 out of 3 times when griblok spawned in the mid lane on gates. Also not
  7. I have noticed that griblok is being a little more annoying on gates than in previous patches. I have had a few runs on the map where he basically clips right thru a barricade that nothing else could get around. Seems like he sits on it and doesnt aggro on the wall for about 5 seconds then just clips past it. It may have something to do with the stun mechanic on the cannonball towers since I haven't been able to use them in proper nm4 maps due to hero deck restrictions before.
  8. I'm sure you have way more business sense than i do so go do your thing. At this point becoming successful in the streaming market is starting to approach winning the lottery in many cases and to me that sounds like a terrible way to try and make a living.
  9. I dont think that is true. You want to grow a stream from a game that doesnt get stream much. I gotten 100 followers in 10 days. I am pretty sure that isnt good but it is certainly alot better than when I did it in other games. If you start in a game like hearthstone or dota you get 0 cuz there are just so many other opinions. I'm confused where i said you had to pick from one of the biggest games that are already over-saturated and have a incredibly high barrier to entry. If you actually wanted to grow a stream you would find a new game on launch and marathon it to have the best content out
  10. That would be because all the good quality streamers of the game have long moved on to something with an actual viewbase. If you are actually trying to grow a stream, playing a game that has an extremely small player pool will not help much at all.
  11. After the carnival is over is global loot (i.e. looting dropping with passives for heroes you are not playing on) still persist in the game. If it is going to stay in can it at least be looked at and have the gear much more skewed to roll for the hero you are currently using? Right now farming is a *** when you are trying to get a specific piece with a certain passive.
  12. If you can't afford it then I guess you have to tell yourself that. As someone that builds my own computers I can assure you that the rig I have currently is worth a lot more than what you have from apple. A quick lookup for an iMac shows the 27" model currently has zero configurations that even offer a desktop GPU solution. That is ridiculous if you are looking for anything that can drive enough pixels to power a 27" 4k panel in a game at a decent framerate. Also if it is anything like the iMac i wasted money on when I started college, it probably thermal throttles like crazy since apple c
  13. To be clear it's worse hardware at much higher prices
  14. No current plan for them to develop anything for mac. Should probably find a different system to use if you are looking at playing games. Edit: for clarity Trendy has said they plan to have a mac version eventually but that's probably over a year away from happening since they aren't even going to release the PC and PS4 versions until the very end of this year at best. Enjoy the Mac vs PC crap below
  15. At the risk of posting something relevant to the actual topic of the thread i figured I would try to add to what gigazelle already posted about farming tickets on harbinger. I started doing this less than a week after the carnival patch and have probably found the best method for the least amount of effort for farming tickets. Using whatever manner of tower dps you want (i use 1 serenity and 5 cannonballs per lane and 3 anti air for the kobolds) setup something to clear the waves while you are afk. I then mathed out how much dps I needed to do to the harbinger to finish the wave in around 90
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