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  1. Wouldnt make a difference if it got wiped, the score would end up back there in 10 mins. Best thing for them to do would be for #1 runs to be recorded, and checked for hacks etc.
  2. has ANYONE been able to solo Ogre Crush on hard/insane? Friend of mine challenged me to, but I honestly dont see how thats possible... Anyone managed it? Edit: NO DU ALLOWED, just clarifying
  3. I bought a crap sword for 100 mana to get the 'to the limit' achievement, and i upgraded the block to 104%. Not sure if that does anything, but ill test it and get back to you.
  4. You don't need a matching set of armour, but you need EVERY SINGLE THING on your character to be maxed level. So wear that armour, as well as a max level weapon and a max level pet, then you will get the achievement. Hope this helped.
  5. Has ANYONE told you that dummies cant correctly calculate DPS?
  6. I'm pretty sure it just gets wasted... Wish it just ejected the rest out, like change :P So +1:squire: To fixing this.
  7. Agreed. We need an autofire. A LEGIT autofire.
  8. I dont mind it in open. Hell, you can use cheat engine. But in ranked? No. We play legit in ranked, then we get jerks who come along, hack and then lie through their teeth.
  9. I know its not important, but it would be nice. And why are you so unhappy about the bouncer tower? OP or NOP? (note: Why am i not surpised :P)
  10. +1 :squire: It would give tower buffers/defenders/healers a much better role.
  11. Add your friends on steam, and then have one of them set up a private game. Then just click on the arrow next to their name in the chatroom, and press Join Game.
  12. I dont want to combine MECHANICS of different weapons, i want to give the Flamewarden the LOOKS of that hammer. Because a hammer with the speed of a flamewarden and the AOE of a hammer would be broken.
  13. Bumpity bump bump, anyone got an opinion on this?
  14. Firstly, CAN I BUY IT! Secondly, that is an extremely good weapon, but if you have 0 pts in Hero Attack, you need to upgrade the physical damage to deal with fire guys, so to you its pretty much worthless, unless you really want to get R.S.I from spam clicking.
  15. Yes. Just yes. Guilds would be really useful, but i think the 3-4 people limit would probably get removed. +1:squire:
  16. I understand that its not a pressing issue, but if i find a good weapon, i dont want to put up with my guy waving an ugly club around his head for hours. DC Universe Online does this, and it works quite well.
  17. You could speed them up/slow them down, and it would still look pretty good. It has the added bonus of making people look like a badass swinging a giant *** hammer around. And the game wouldn't get cluttered with useless stuff, you would just use it instead of selling it, and you would still BE getting rid of 'useless stuff'. EDIT: Anyways, you appeared in a picture, so you must agree :P
  18. Best thing to do would be to make it so that if something is worse than what you have, you cant pick it up. This means that if no-one will get any use out of an item, the mana gets shared out.
  19. Have to agree with this, it gets a bit tiring
  20. I agree with mana being able to travel through obstacles, but not people. Too many cheap ways to exploit that.
  21. Agreed, i can run the game just fine UNTIL monks set up auras, and it murders the FPS. **** YEAH (i censored that, not the forum :P)
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