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  1. I think this sounds like a good idea. I don't really like the way Flamewarder looks (like a jewel encrested flaming Bayblade) and would rather have a hammer. Though having to max its levels first sounds like a pain. What about for the people who literally wear mana-encrusted armour? Theyve got nothing better to spend it on...
  2. You're asking a tower spec squire to play without towers? Thats like asking you to be CowardDude8... its just wrong. XD, who said im tower spec?
  3. Oh silly me. I didn't notice the thread was about hacked weapons and not about ogre crush insane :| I only found out he was using a hacked weapon on page 3 -_-
  4. I think there's a bunch of people complaining about how bad the monk's attack animation is. I don't think the solution to an issue should be, "well this sucks so it won't matter here!!" - I would rather them make everything look cosmetically OK before adding in a cosmetic feature that in my opinion would make the game look worse. I like knowing when I see someone with a certain weapon, that they are using that weapon. Adds character :D Agreed. But what if you find an extremely good weapon (Stats) that looks like a butter knife? or a pink hammer?
  5. Yes lol, the mechanic is apart of the appearance. If you have a sword that reaches 5 enemies deep, and you have a hi-five that only reaches 1 enemy deep, it's going to look diseased if you're swinging a hi-five 5 enemies deep when you "reskin" it. Have you seen some of the polearms for monk? they are about 2 feet longer hitbox wise than appearence. This wont lookany worse
  6. umad? Obviously its not a waste of time because if brave can do it, he gets every item I have and all my mana. You have 24 hours. Go You KNOW i only have a lvl 10 huntress -_-
  7. Do it on insane a lot. It' sone of the easiest challenges imo. But without towers?
  8. Lol, well you're not meant to no-tower the challenge. Huntress is made for DPS as opposed to conventional towers. Yeah, i know, but even with towers included, Huntress is still far and away the best class. I just dont like the fact one of the ranged classes gets the most DPS. I think melee should deal more damage tbh.
  9. On hard its easily doable with a huntress. As a tip, the ogre spawning from 1 o' clock tends to get stupid and falls off the wooden planks, so you can ignore him till last. Thanks, good to know
  10. We're all answering to this thread because your friend challenged you to something he did with a hacked weapon. Waste of my time. It is bringing up some intresting tactics however, so its not a waste of time.
  11. 21:55 - BraveDude8: Howd you do it 21:55 - Evilmaster09: got my squire 21:55 - Evilmaster09: hacked my damage to 999999999 21:56 - Evilmaster09: (on local) 21:56 - Evilmaster09: and killed ogres 21:57 - Evilmaster09: umad? 21:57 - Evilmaster09: but you have to do it on ranked 21:57 - BraveDude8: ORLY Yeah, pretty much.
  12. ? So if you have a gigantic rapier with a huge cleave range...you are going to reskin it to a hi-five for example that would literally be like your entire character model in size to reach the same distance? The items vary in size which effect its cleave size. He just wants to keep the APPEARENCE. not the mechanics...
  13. Eh, huntress runs pretty fast, and is known for doing 120k+ DPS. I'd say it's not that difficult, just gotta pay attention. Best part is the VW X-Rays, so you can sit somewhere and snipe them all. So basically, its impossible without a huntress. Nice balancing Trendy. You give the longest range class the best skill and the most DPS.
  14. Who cares about attack rates? just speed up or slow down the animation, and that would sort it out. Got a personal vendetta against this or something XD?
  15. Do it without towers and I'll do whatever you want for an entire day, even give you all my items. (on insane) AHA Mr. Jerk shows himself. Exactly how did you do this? Dazzle them with your brony-ness?
  16. Thise is the stupidest idea eveer!!! Im gona kill myslf if thise eveer happpens Get ready to then
  17. Yep i did it earlier with my tower build squire. Yeah, but with no towers?
  18. And yes, by no towers i mean no DU
  19. I suggested this a few days ago as well :P I found an awesome looking hammer that i wanted to give the stats of my flamewarder...
  20. What you would have to do is have 4 people, and everyone would have to be 40k+ DPS without cooldowns (i.e. Blood Rage) to down the Ogres in a useful amount of time. You'd have someone in the back draw/taunt both Ogres and dance around and down them, then have guys on the sides assist in the few extra seconds they have between spawns. It'd be a huge pain but it's certainly possible with sufficient DPS. You have to be REALLY tanky though, since the Ogres will own you if you get tagged more than a few times. Solo :P with no towers. Good idea though, handy if they ever add pure strategy to ch
  21. hmm, how would i delay them? fire off a few shots as i go around?
  22. EVILMASTER09 is the guy whos trying to get me to do it -_-
  23. Thanks again :P But any ideas for no towers would be nice. Would a high DPS huntress work?
  24. HOLY BALLS thats a lot of responses. And just to clarify, my friend is a giant ****, so he wants to do it WITHOUT TOWERS... But thanks anyways, ill try these out for getting my high five.
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