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  1. Firstly. I hope they dont do this, I understand that its not really fair, but it is also unfair to take achieves away from people. I also wish (off-topic) that there was a map to show you where different trophys are...
  2. No-one uses glaives XD. They swing way too slow. And as a rule anyways; DPS:Physical Tower: Elemental
  3. Yeah, well lots of people dont HAVE set bonuses, especially while levelling.
  4. I've... never had any. Weird, although I do spend a fairly decent amount of time in private matches.
  5. +1 :squire: Need this, because i want to take my guy over to open, then hack in some mana, max out my stuff and see what i can do with it :P
  6. Yeah, i had a flamewarder which took up my entire player, i could not see him, and i had one that looked like the arm-saw from Van Helsing. Looked awesome, and i wish all weapons had scaling like that :P
  7. Maybe it was a really big update :P Or maybe, it got deleted. Is the computer shared?
  8. It's 12,746. WOW... i just realised thats not the shop XD ignore my last post.
  10. I'm just glad about the low detail 'build ranges'...
  11. Collected over 10 now, and they have all been the same size. Great... Anyone know if the same applies for the Van Wolf, and the other spooktacular weapons?
  12. Pretty much. Everyone WITH the achievement has put in the same amount of effort, yet are rewarded differently. THAT, is not fair.
  13. Has anyone seen an extremely large one? Or are them just all exactly the same size? I would be amazed if they didnt have differing sizes TBH
  14. Not all of them and I had 1 that I could equip on lv23 huntress. Though for the best of the best I would imagine you would need lv70. Thats 12,746,*** though right? not 12,746 :P I dont have ANYWHERE NEAR that much mana... So i think i will probs just get this for now. Any more advice would help though.
  16. Yeah, but piercing makes a big difference :P
  17. WTF DEVS... Seriously, that response was almost as bad as the ones i have seen from NFS:World... Please, give us a NICE, DEFINITIVE, ANSWER. Bugged, or changed?
  18. u want an animus Yeah, but there is NO way i am doing Insane Summit right now... And anyways, arent Animii a high level? I want this for my huntress.
  19. 0_o I just noticed that... Maybe thats a side-effect of windowed mode? TELL TRENDY. And anyways, I am going to find out its level quickly Right, lvl 30 Tempted to buy it for my up-and-coming huntress...
  20. what you screenshot a screen within a screen? 0_o I just noticed that... Maybe thats a side-effect of windowed mode? TELL TRENDY. And anyways, I am going to find out its level quickly
  21. hmm... Well, ive got it locked, so ill farm for enough mana to buy it.
  22. Think for yourself you brainless moron! THIS is why I regret giving out URL's. But im a noob, so I thought I would ask.
  23. Is this a good pet? I saw the extra projectile and thought 'Yay!' http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/649870992063722039/DDC9682BF7343E15B56B6BA41AC80E998EDC26BC/
  24. Celebratory! It's supposed to be random, but it really feels like whatever weapon I have will decide what the creeps are immune to. Agreed :P Although I am currently using a flamewarder, so even if Trendy hates me, it would be the same as my theory
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