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  1. Kk, because I saw one on a huntress in Ranked, and it was 13/25 upgraded, so he cant have named it...
  2. Has anyone ever heard of a weapon called the 'Wildreth Avenger'?
  3. Agreed, it has a very nice art style.
  4. To the people who read this thread, what he speaks is true... The VW is used as THE only huntress weapon, and all of her buffs/nerfed are centred around it...
  5. You can? Useful for some i suppose...
  6. Aha thanks. I imagine then, if they are linked to the damage you do, more damage means more mana right?
  7. Thanks for the confirmation Pmasher!
  8. I'd assume this is what he means. How do Genies even work D:
  9. Why do you think that kidsmeal? Maybe the RNG messed up badly...
  10. Genie's can have multiple proj's? Maybe then... Or maybe its a bug, like giving a monk weapon reload speed :P
  11. Well if you re-install, you can leave it out, thank god, but you will lose open chars D:
  12. So what? But yeah, thats the general conclusion...
  13. Well if Trendy would fix the SPS bug, this would be doing 3x damage. But it needs a buff regardless, because it SHOULD be the ultimate DPS pet.
  14. Will the consoles be getting these patches and events that the PC version is getting? WHEN they get through the approval process... YAY PC
  15. Really stupid thing for Trendy to do, I hope they can get the UDK into Steam Tools at some point...
  16. Yeah, forgot about that... You could use it as a sorta test map though.
  17. I'm not sure where to post this, but i've had an idea for a 'Defend the House' map. Make one long hallway, with 1 spawn, chucking out as many mobs as possible. Make the rate of the mobs coming out gradually increase over time and you would have a good survival map. Any thoughts?
  18. For anyone who bought it AFTER 11/11, they have to JOIN a server with the map to be able to play it, and they cant get the upgrades i dont think... Or buy them, for $3 or 2.16
  19. No-one uses it anyways. VW says hai.
  20. Is there ANY definitive solution to this problem? And do we know the reqs?
  21. Gl to Valve on fixing the intrusion. Expect a delay on the CTF though...
  22. Kinda sad though, that the class that can stand across the map and shoot THROUGH WALLS has the highest DPS.
  23. Uh. I did Ogre Crush Insane solo the other day. There was only 1 Ogre per door, on any wave? Yeah, I swear there are...
  24. Inferior consoles must not infect the superior computer. Will not collaborate. Yeah, pretty much.
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