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  1. 1. 172 2. Trollomatic Wyvernus. It is a wyvern that flys around dropping spiders. 3. A map where everything comes from down one path, but MASSIVE NUMBERS, and no towers. This would be so much fun with monk, you could clear the lane with four of you.
  2. No idea. Never used the autosave function, so I dont know if it works. Keep bumping though, DONT GIVE UP.
  3. Need a buyback tab, I vendored a Malificars... A GOOD ONE
  4. Wait until the SPS gets fixed. When they make its actual rate of fire the same as its tooltip, prepare for 3x DPS.
  5. 0_O How can anything have stats like that?
  6. * PvP: Players who pick up the flag cannot move, are turned into a magic missile tower based on the team member with the highest tower stats, and must be defended for a set amount of time before the flag is automatically capped Fund it. Actually a good idea, at the moment CTF is HTF...
  7. Knowing trendy, weapons with recycled skins that are obscenely good, forcing you to buy the challenge map.
  8. Shocked at this. We were told they would have new abilities, but they are recycled. MORE THAN HALF OF THEM. And you want to make us pay 3.50 for skins? Hell no. And the Warping Core content pack is just recycled maps...
  9. PvE: Fixed a bug where Dark Elf Warriors sometimes attacked towers. They always do now. All: Nerfed squire towers by 99%. All: Nerfed Huntress DPS to a much more sensible level of 300k. All: Made Chickens cost 14 mana caps to upgrade fully. EDIT: already added. All: Added a 99% chance for all Huntress weapons to have no cap on extra projectiles. All: Disabled the IRC. Survival: Decreased number of enemies by 99%, increased their health by 10000%.
  10. Someone with about 70 ups exported to open... 660mil to upgrade.
  11. Posts with no thought behind them are not wanted either H.a.n.d Naed.draagur
  12. What about... Wyverns carrying mages spawning ogres riding kobolds with archer gunners on their shoulders. Oh, and the dragon on their head, the mech on ITS head and the demon on ITS head. Sounds like a typical Trendy Nerf (TM)
  13. OH NO TWO PRINNIES Anyways, i've seen worse -_- There was a guy running around on open with a blasticus doing about a million damage per hit :P
  14. So... You are mad because your chicken is the same as everyone elses? XD You dont seem to understand that the 60^ change is a standard level. All chickens have it (i think). All chickens also have a minimum damage.
  15. DAMNIT I was going to use that picture -_- DOING IT ANYWAYS
  16. I think they can trigger the 'crystal is under attack' message, but I've never seen them actually do any damage to a crystal, even when doing their jump/spin attacks. Naaah, it was down to 3/4 health by the time I got there.
  17. Were they attacking a nearby tower? Nope, it was on Ramparts, attacking the single crystal. I had no towers that were being damaged by them. And I couldn't see any archers, but it was half way through the wave, so there may have been some stealthy ones :P
  18. Indeed, they can not. Are you sure? Because Ive seen them around a crystal, and the crystal taking damage, with only assassins there. So i guess it was either them, or an archer.
  19. dark elves attack crystals now? or was it their splash damage based on your tower placement? They always have I think... Their AI counts them as players :P
  20. OMG they are changing them to william wallace? Dont forget that in 7.12 they are surgically attaching 4 VW's to them, like Bayonetta, giving them kung-fu, and permenant Hero Boost. PROBLEM HOMELAND SECURITY?
  21. Thanks a lot. One thing you guys should understand is that the vast majority of your playerbase are casual players (unlike what you might think by looking at the most active forum posters only), and those are hurt terribly when losing progress. I personally know a guy who'd actually thrown his laptop through the window when he'd found that his Oblivion save file became corrupt after he invested, like, half a year (though not that many actual hours, as he's a very busy person in RL) in that one. As such, any data loss issues should be the numero uno, i.e., totally blocking. If I'll be able to
  22. thank god I got my couteau to 9.6k already :> D: I guess your the guy with the highest damage weapon :P
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