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  1. Where the hell is the PSN EU release!?!?!? Maybe one day Gerke we'll be able to make our own games. Giving us every right to be impolite, discourteous, disrespectful, impertinent, tactless *** holes. No longer bogged down in life by the ideal that when somebody asks you a perfectly reasonable and polite question, you should feel obliged to answer them. In fact I might get started early, when my wife asks me when I intend to set off and pick the kids up from school, I'll happily walk straight past her without a word. Maybe even spit on her! God bless you Trendy boys, you truly are pione
  2. "Still going through the last steps of certification... at this point we're just dealing with some last issues regarding the purchase system and a few last details. I'm sure a lot of you keep on coming here and it must be a bit frustrating to get the 'almost there' response so often, but believe me when I say not even we would have anticipated it would take us this long. Obviously this won't happen with our future titles (this is our first PS3 game). Andres will post as soon as we're finally finished" This is taken from a forum for the upcoming game Rock of Ages. Its an indie game from a
  3. There is a similar game due to be released on the PSN soon. Rock of Ages is a tower defense game made by a small team. The game was released on Xbox and PC but unfortunately delayed on the PSN. There is a thread on their forums asking about the release date, which has been answered by them on numerous occasions. They obviously cannot say much each time, but when they are working on a bug, or have an estimated time for submission, they make an effort to let people know, and on a regular basis. Its understandable there have been so many forum posts, and it is impossible to answer them all.
  4. Can we get an update on whether or not the game has been resubmitted to SCEE yet? This was posted 4 days ago and can surely be answered with a simple yes or no. I'd hoped we had turned a corner when we finally got a response from JPeters, yet we are back to being ignored once again. All we want to know is why is this taking so long and how much longer will it take? Please don't insult us by claiming you are not ignoring us. It takes no more than 2 minutes to answer these questions, yet we are expected to believe nobody has been able to spare 2 minutes in the full week since our last respo
  5. Here's hoping JPeters is working this Monday morning, and we'll be getting an update. This week could be the week people! 3 weeks this week since the US release, how much longer can we be waiting? Not exactly getting my hopes up though.
  6. Can we get an update on whether or not the game has been resubmitted to SCEE yet?
  7. Thanks for the response Joey. Even if its not the news we are all hoping for, its still good to get an update now and then. I'm sure there will be a lot of people who'll appreciate this.
  8. Could blatantly refusing to acknowledge a person's genuine request for information on a topic not be considered rude? I refer to the post 'EU Playstation Network release' under console technical support. Pot.... Kettle.... Black.
  9. I'm sorry but what am I missing here?! JDanford, who appears to be the main representative for the Trendy team, has made numerous posts since this thread was started. Yet doesn't feel any need to answer this question. Posts like... Halloween weapon vanished... Quick Question for Trendy Staff! (About the Halloween Challenge Map)... Number of attacks an enemy can take per second cap intentional?... These are all considered important enough issues for the immediate attention of the staff at Trendy. There are literally 100,000's of people still waiting to play the game across Europe on the P
  10. Thanks for the responses guys. But I'm finding it really difficult to believe there has yet to be any word from the developers on this post yet. After waiting all this time for the game, surely we deserve updates on this. Updates that should be made daily, not weekly, monthly etc... There's no denying this is massively Sony's fault. Their structure for releasing games is a shambles. But the whole situation is being dealt with terribly by both parties. I'm sure that people could forgive whatever reason there is for the delay. But what is unforgivable is that you appear content in ignoring s
  11. Could someone please tell me the best place to find information on this? Whether its a SCEE website or on these forums? There was one thread which has now been closed, with Finally saying as a closing comment "this has been answered daily". But the last post I can see under news and announcements was on the 20th. Any help please?
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