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  1. I recently got alot of new gear on most of my characters, so I'll throw in another post 😊 Waller: 237k hp T1 (475k T5) Apprentice: 40% frosty power, 2490DP Monk: 299% purge, 2656DP Huntress: 3429DP (7% tripwire) My huntress is the newest to 50, so i havent got alot of tripwire gear on it yet. I'm currently soloing NM3 inc and manage to get to around wave 5/7 NM4 endgame. Still working on my huntress dps, but since i do mostly soloing my deck is kind of full. Feel free to add me if you think I can be a nice fit for your group. Also: I do not have a mic :/ PSN: MartinBuaas
  2. Got all classes with ~600 ipwr i got when i got carried nm4 😅 Farming for my purge weapon in inc nm 1's atm, and able to solo endgame nm2's IGN; MartinBuaas
  3. Feel free to add me aswell, PSN: MartinBuaas Still only able to solo nm2 but getting there 😊
  4. This was endgame incursion or just regular endgame? I've been farming gates, crossroads and liferoot incursion nm1 for a few days now. Still no luck :/
  5. Also: this is a unique drop, will this drop while playing on my hunter? And will it have increased drop rate while playing my monk?
  6. Hello, i was wondering where to obtain the legendary polearm with purge evil passive. I've googled a little but i only find threads from sept-oct 2015. Since there have been several patches since then, i was wondering if there was any changes in drop rate/location.
  7. Having trouble with split screen on the PS4 console. Was going to play with a friend of mine yesterday and went into social tavern to try to find out on my own how to enable split screen. Was easier said than done. I googled a few minutes and came across a youtube video saying i could be in either social or private tavern and have my 2nd controller on and simply press the big button in the middle (the ready button). Nothing happened. I googled a bit more and found a post here in the forum saying: "Go to the War Recruiter and hit the triangle button to select private tavern. Once inside the pri
  8. I hope not. It haven't even been released in Europe yet. I'd like to level my all classes to 25 myself, but we'll see if thats possible when the game comes to Europe. I think it's a bit unfair if the wipe happends days after EU release, since you guys have already got 8 days headstart. (Of course i can buy the extra gems to get costumes, but it's not about the money, it's about doing whats fair.)
  9. I just hope i can reach lvl 25 before the wipe here in Europe. Still not released on EU ps4 store..
  10. As said above, an estimated release date would be nice. I'd rather get a date than check PS store every 6-8 hours to check if we european got it.
  11. As the title says, are there any estimate of when DD2 gets released in playstation store here in Europe.
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