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  1. Please buff chicken to 100 upgrades. I need to dump my mana into something.
  2. What? I'm not even sure we're playing the same game? I want to help but I have no idea... I'm assuming english isn't the native tongue? This is the 14 1/2 step program most players took to get the current best loot: Start game, Level up, Then play challenges on medium-hard, Then play halloween on hard, Then play it on insane, Then play insane survival, Then play insane survival mix-mode, Then post a rage thread, wait three days, Then play Uber Monsterfest, Then pray you are playing during the one day where the best items exist, Then patch, Then play patched debuffed, then rebuffed, but not as buffed as was buff before, Then play Uber Monsterfest for a week, Get the best equipment.... ...until Nightmare. Do you work for trendy?
  3. I like these Ideas. Any way that could give us the info for what sold would be great. Even just a time stamp, so we know how fast it sold when we opened shop.
  4. My friends and my disconnect didnt just happen. It was a few days ago when steam wasnt doing maintance.
  5. I wanted to bring this back to life. I now thing every class and their skills has a good use. Except Mana Bomb. Mana Bomb by far is the worst skill. I could right click and do more damage without the cost of mana. Change the damage aspect to hero damage like perice shot and circular slice. EASY FIX
  6. It has happened to me and a lot of my friends in uber monster fest. Steam went down for myself right after wave 13 finished. I couldn't reconnect till the round already started. Didn't get a thing. Another Friend said he lost connection to the host while we were on wave 14.
  7. It seems that all mobs are immune to the deadly striker. I watched a goblin take 5 hits from one and it did not die. My ds does 12k damage and this thing had 2k hp. Anyone else getting this? It's a stealth nerf. Deadly towers don't kill anything put cost 8 Def units.
  8. im hoping for: stopped orcs from warping through baricades and 2 shotting the crystal. Jer said in a different thread. This will be adressed in 7.13
  9. False False Who made you thread king? You don't like 1/1 upgrade weapons and armor? Whats wrong with you?
  10. I like how we all said the same thing in three different ways.
  11. We're working on it, you can expect a resolution for this in 7.13! Thanks, Jeremy Thanks for the update!
  12. When can we expect the last minute controversial addition to the patch notes? They already stealthed them on there. Monks got the nerf Stick.
  13. Yup. pretty harsh, monk is too weak to go melee, makes no sense to me :( Hard to support well without great ranged damage. Don't you see? They buffed monk range to 80 per upgrade only to nerf it later. Testing patches is for noobs.
  14. I don't want to see 1^ weapons. EVER. also, ^ makes an item more costumizable. It would be nice to know when a weapon that is good drops. I've never seen a green weapon drop since they dont tell you how many upgrades it has unless you check it.
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