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  1. so i guess its time to quit again and wait for another content. played for 48 hrs total (so 48 hrs in a week) since the new content came in and now i cant find any motivation to play after this patch... well good thing i didnt buy dryad and just used the DM to upgrade my stuffs since i used up all my gold from upgrading since chaos 2 to chaos 4. we can only use a handful of towers to delay a lane from getting destroyed while we kill 1 lane at a time. from tower defense to hero defense with a tower support.
  2. i was able to solo c3 by using flamethrowers and manual dps from my AP build AL (spam 1st skill then occassional 2nd if it gets too crowded). if i could get some decent legendary items in c3 i might be able to do c4 solo on specific maps
  3. try to do chaos 1 run then check it yourself. time wasted asking here is almost the same as testing it there so might be better to try it while waiting for someone to answer. dont have dryad yet so i cant help you sorry
  4. weapon manufacturer are only good in Chaos 1 and below. beyond 2 is useless because it gets stunned by those emp mobs. also they scale on DP and the weapon you get base on your hero damage i think. max attack rate it can get is 0.75 per sec (1.5 base attack rate)
  5. Chaos 3 armor rarity: powerful primary : 1140 secondary : 740 rarity: epic primary: 1149 secondary: 766 relic rarity: powerful primary: 3552 secondary: 1480 rarity: epic primary: 3675 secondary: 1531 rarity: mythical primary: 3763 secondary: 1568 Weapon rarity: powerful Primary: 1768 Secondary: 1179 rarity: epic Primary: 1838 Secondary: 1225 rarity: legendary Primary: 1962 Secondary: 1308 all are in this imgur link http://imgur.com/a/G3Zfb at first i was really afraid of doing chaos 3 because it was too hard. but now it is quite easy to me. i just need to get the throneroom map and then j
  6. weapon drops are based on your heroes current stats. just finished chaos 3 and got a 700 stat weapon for my squire because i forgot to equip him some armors (only have his weapons) and the only one at my deck that time was AL the other 3 slots are vacant/empty.
  7. i dont know if i got the vampiric (restores 1% hp per attack) in chaos 1 or 2 so yeah i think with so many shards available it is really hard to get them. i really hope they fix the shard RNG like only those who are available to you and not those who are not yet unlocked like mine which is full of gunwitch shards and then lavamancer. i rarely get other hero specific shards like the 4 basic hero and EV2 + AL
  8. just now i got 2 in chaos 3. lost because i cant be in 2 rollers at once
  9. this is what im talking about and then this is almost the exact same wall placement without mobs hard to progress with these mobs passing through walls
  10. changed the title since there are other mobs who goes through wall ok i have been trying chaos 3 for a while and i always lose to these EMP mobs (the one that disables traps/aura) and i have seen that they walk straight through walls (its as if they are walking through an invisible wall and going sideway while at it) instead of attacking them. i can manage to clear chaos 3 but not complete it because of these mobs that simply wont attack the walls and just run like there's nothing except getting the core crystal aggro. also they are the first to go near the wall and not some where 10 of
  11. this patch i love the weapon manufacturer from EV2 because it is easily one of the best defense unit you can have for chaos 1 IF you dont have dryad that is
  12. those EMP mob stuns trap/aura and that includes the reflect beam. aside from that they function normally to walls. but yeah projectile sometimes goes through the wall and when its align with the core, hits it and you wonder why it takes damage.
  13. for me i see the range mobs (the throwing spear mob) can reach the core by hitting the walls. even though its a bit far away from the core. and also i see mobs getting past the walls due to unknown reasons specifically the EMP mob.
  14. i think he means how long a defense unit stays useful in the game. so EMP orcs basically destroys aura and traps because they stun them for like 5 sec+? guaranteed so 1 whole round of wasted DU for that tower/aura TOPIC: cant even go to chaos III because i dont have good shards to at least survive there. chaos I i pretty much afk farm there (Ascension 13 atm) using weapon manufacturer and some skyguard tower for flying units. i dont afk when there's a siege roller but aside from that it's pretty much a good way to farm chaos I shards. Chaos II i can still survive also but need to play it o
  15. so yeah... without the passives before the patch, it's really hard to find good gears. also since the patch came out, i keep on getting gunwitch shards even though i haven't unlocked her. also feels like the game is forcing you to go pure towers or towers that penetrate like ramster or flamethrower tower. traps and aura are pretty useless on chaos II and maybe III to V. without those pesky trap/aura stunner mob i think weapon manufacturer is the new aoe dps? since i deal 16k per 0.65 sec or roughly 32k per placement (50k+ if its close to 2 placements). anyone have some good combination t
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