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  1. The tooltips are very limmited for now. But if you read them in the abilitybook. It says that all of your abilties deal more damage to marked targets. Also number 2 ability can only be used on marked targets. Keep the marked bonus damage in mind when doing an Abilitypower Apprentice. If you are on a builder and dont have any abilitypower, the cast annimation is too slow and you will lose dps if you press number 2 ability over just keep autoattacking. Bonus info: A channeled rightclick mark targets aswel
  2. On the first spooky map: If you let a subcore fall the pillars next the the new lane entrance will get a glow in their eyes. Same if you die to a trick-chest on one of the different heroes showed in the skeleton-skin preview. At the same spot the heroes were lined up, the skulls on the floor will start glowing when a hero is killed from the trick-chests. Not sure if they have to die in a specific order. As for the clue, "4 step back 4 step forward" it could be something linked to the number 4 ability. The heal. It could also just be one of each of the heroes dieing and returning to live.
  3. Freeplay Hardmode Throneroom from 1-50 Insane untill you can handle NM1 for level 50 gear NM1 Liferoot untill you can handle NM2 NM2 Liferoot untill you can handle NM3 NM3 Liferoot untill you can handle either NM3 Gates incursion or NM4 Thats what I did atleast. Let me add that this is very repetitive and not much fun, but thats how I chose to play and progress.
  4. When you stand right next to them and you know your barricade is getting pounded by dps, and they lose their healthbar so you cant judge if they are about to die or you should run back and repair. That is the most annoying part of them imo.
  5. As the leveling system is right now, more levels dont really add much to the game in its current state. Hard, Throneroom farming is very repetitive. The loot reward does not scale to your level, after the stats got added you get some power for each level you gain. But with hard being the highest difficulty you can do, this does not change how challenging level is. So what whould an increase in level cap do? We would gain a few more stat points, we would need to put in a few more hours in playing the most efficient maps over and over. But untill lootprogression follows level progression I dont think this would add much to the game. Just my 5 cents.
  6. Depending on how you see this event. If you just see it as a festive event for the mood and having a good time, I can somewhat understand if people do not care about no NM4 difficulty. If you on the other hand play this as your main game, and want to do all the content and strive to get the most out of your chars. Not being able to progress within this new content, is a punch in the face. Players who belong to this category dont gain much or any replayablity from a few pumpkins. But from my point of view all is good, Trendy have responded and put in the hours to make everyone happy and have a briliant festive season in DD2. I just hope they have learned from this, and will continue to push out content for the new players but also for the veterans. Replayability is key for a game to last :)
  7. Greetings defenders. So patchday huh? I for one was really hyped and expected to put in alot of hours into this new content patch because Trendy and the community did a bang on job building up the expectations. So let's get to the first impressions: 1) No NM4 difficulty for the two new maps 2) Daily quests still disappear randomly 3) The maps are pretty, and have hidden mechanics that are pretty cool! 4) Decoration in the Tavern. So no Nightmare 4 difficulty. I don't understand why Trendy would not make this new content available for the highest difficulty. I personally purchased the games collectors addition because I like this game and wanted to support it. I understand Trendy will go for a free to play business model and they will have to make money from selling cosmetics and bagslots. But when I purchased the game I also expected new content would be advailable for all difficulties, especially the harder ones. As of now I played the two maps twice, got really disappointed in the lack of content I could actually get any progression out of since I have hit the power where I can take on the hardest Nightmare difficulty. For me and the part of the playerbase I probably represent with this topic, the NM4 playerbase. I dont find it worth going into a map I dont get any progression upgrades out of. Daily quests for me(and several others from twitchchat and the forums) still pop up daily when I enter the game. But disappear again after a map is done or a relog. Still having this bug with alot of new players comming in after hitting open Alpha is worring for their progression. Also keeping the newly released tasks in mid for next weeks monthly where we have to collect Betsy tokens as one of the goals. The maps alone will not add any replayablity to the game for me. They look fantastic and feel really cool to play with the traps and hidden mechanics. Bang on job on those to the team behind them! Having a big map with 2 x double lane, could maybe get a little tricky to fish after the right resistances but that is just a minor concern. Decorations in the Tavern and the whole spookytheme is cool and somewhat expected. Yes sure I am a Debbie Downer and might come of as negativ. But compaired to other games this is somewhat expected to be added in, and it looks alright and I hope it will get people in the mood for the season. My general first impression of this new contest is that it is a massive shame that a part of the playerbase don't get any progressionvice reason to actually play this content. There is no replayabilty in the two new maps before they get introduced to all of the difficulties available in the game. And that is a massive shame since the layout, artwork and mechanics are really cool and combined with the gearprogression of the games nature, it would add many many more hours of slaying evil and breaking bones in DD2. So what do you guys think?
  8. Same for me. Really disappointed this content is no use for the highest difficulty.
  9. Big flaw as I see it, not to make the two new maps (only new content in this patch really) enabled on the highest difficulty.
  10. But hey atleast they can show new annimations for Monk on the Dev streams.. On a serious note, Sure some of the bugs feel really annoying but remember this is Alpha there will be bugs and changes. 
  11. Greetings I just experienced a bug where an Ogre got spawn inside the right lane in Gates of Dragonfall map. The difficulty was Endgame incursion NM3. Round 3. http://imgur.com/yxxTD2o I was not close to the lane or the spawnpoint when the Ogre appeared. While the Ogre was stuck 29 other smaller monsters got stuck with him, but despawned after some time in there. I managed to hit him once with Squire #1 ability and he ran further into the spawnpoint like he was coded to walk in the wrong dirrection. (Me no stoopid!) He did not despawn 5min after being stuck without taking damage from my ability, I waited 5mins. He did not despawn or get unstuck 5mins pass I hit him.
  12. Feedback from previous devstream(s): Brad is a cool guy, but can he talk less about out of game stuff and use that non-stop going mouth of his, to enlighten us about all the cool work you do with the game :) Also maybe keep him out of the lightning questions, he doesnt seem to get the idea. <3
  13. I only join Private tavern ever, and have not been able to log in for a good hour or so.
  14. Lightning: Will we have an increase in Skeletons for the monthly? Maybe instead of Orgres in the two new maps?
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