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  1. I have found that it is actually easier to play it solo. I finished wave 14 without much problem while playing alone, but when 1 or 2 more players join, we lost on wave 13 because of the time limit.
  2. apprentice with around 600k dps, 87 in all resistance, good at repairing too add me
  3. 3 out of 4 players in my team got a 60^ giraffe yesterday after finishing a MM run.
  4. want A01 + B13 I cannot add you, there was an error. Could you add me? http://steamcommunity.com/id/rainyhk
  5. Need 3 people to fill the room, 3 of us will each guard a single corner, the remaining hero at the centre need to be a bit more busier, I would recommend the hero at the eastern corner help him out when needed. to enter the room, you should....... 1) have ranged dps, 200k at min, >1500hp, >80% all resistance 2) please repair towers at your vicinity, no one would feel pleased to run across the map to do the repairing for you. 3) share the loots with your teammates, greedy looter = kicked 4) Please make sure you will have the time to complete the run. If you really should go afk
  6. apprentice with 400k max dps, 2000hp, 87% in all resistance, specialized in repairing too:) please add me btw is it mixed mode?
  7. Requirements: 1) 100k ranged dps. (Melee characters are not suitable for this map, sorry) 2) >1500 hp and >80% in all resistance. 3) Loot only after the wave or you really have nothing to do. Share the loots with your teammates! 4) help repairing, if you casting speed is too low, you are supposed to bring a good imp with you. add me if you feel interested.
  8. nvm i withdraw didnt check the ammo size and reload speed sorry about that
  9. is the 26 the boost or the range? range of cos I won't be trading away one with 26 boost and 56^ if I had one. lol Will you take my offer? If not, I am going to give the guardian to a friend. Please be quick, thanks.
  10. what are the stats on the guardian 11/26/+1 hero speed +13 hero attack +29 casting speed +27 skill 1 +16 tower hp +14 tower speed +29 tower attack +16 tower range +30 56 ups clean
  11. btw, how do you get guardians with over 60 upgrades? Are they spawned in the shop after doing wave 25 insane mixed mode? thanks.
  12. low ammo and no reload bonus....... I still want it though:P 50m+whatever items you want check my post for items add me: rainyhk
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