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  1. I keep having to reset this every time and 99% of the time I start on wave 18. I mean is this not the same for most people? Don't you usually always start at the same wave? Most of the people I know play the same content for a while and then switch and even then the wave is usually the same or near. Also if you wipe would you rather not bring it down a few rather than bring it up 10+? Why does it not save the wave between sessions and games? As for HC Isn't it easier to switch it when you know you want to switch it than to remember to switch it every time?
  2. No the skeletons do not hit like freight trains and they haven't changed in quite a long time. On wave 25 Aquanos NM, they swing at defenses for an insanely high damage of 133. In terms of players they do about 1030 damage on someone with 14% resists (while in the map). At 70% resists (while in the map) they hit for 360. Most likely something else was hitting you or a lot more was hitting you that you just didn't notice. I was getting instant killed by something for 90k hp with 90% resis on NM MM not in a drain.
  3. would have to agree aqua isnt so ad on mixed mode its just nm hc were u get the oger trickle but still that only takes 5mins per wave when afk soloing it, but mining complex is a joke u kill everything then wait for up to 20 mins for the ogers to spawn (yes ive had them that slow last night) Came to complain about this exact issue :)
  4. My guess would be that people are buying Mega Chickens/Cubes and selling them at a profit, similar to turning around homes in real estate. So expect a crash too.
  5. <3 Dingle. Bringing real data to the table as always What I'm perceiving as quality dropping is overall stats dropping and singles going up. Like I had a spear with 510 att, but the rest of the stats were low and like 150 ups.
  6. We can post all the screenshots we want, but random is random is random. The only way to have this verified is for trendy to generate 500k+ items from each wave, and check to see if there's any truth in our claims. The top armour and weapon item in each wave across such a large sample should be better than the top item in the previous wave. If it's not, they need to adjust the way loot generates. If it is, then we need to get back to farming. Well I yes I know what random is, but can something be random if there is a pattern? Again the screenshots show about the same as all my other runs have gone. The overall stats get worse, the upgrades decrease on average and everything else just seems crappier.
  7. Who initiated the trade? (You or Them) Them Were you the host of the tavern? Yes What did you put into the trade? What did they put into the trade? 6.2 Billion worth of tokens If mana was involved how much mana did you have before the trade? No mana If mana was involved how much mana did they have before the trade? N/A If items were involved how many pages/items did you have in your inventory before the trade? One item on the main page. Nothing else was lost. Was there any multiple confirming/unconfirming? (did the deal change and you added more items in) Both confirmed, no repetition, they disconnected. Bug happened. Did you notice anything special happen during the trade? (lag, other player joined, etc) Nothing special. Any additional details you have to what may have happened? We now both has the 6.2 billion worth of tokens. Identical. My item, the supreme spear is gone in the ether. Below you can see a second trade after the incident. We both have the tokens. When one of us adds a token, the other cannot add the duplicate to the trade. It appears as though the item is already in the trade even though it is on the other side of the trade. The hammer on the left was added. The hammer selected by the mouse is the duplicate. http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/2324/2012060800001.jpg I'm the other half of the trade. I offered 45 tokens for his spear(very nice spear) and then game shut down right after the trade and booted me to desktop with DD closed. I opened it again and the tokens were all still in my inventory, but no spear to be found. The other half of the trade afterwords. It shows my tokens as in trade via his side of the window.
  8. Minions have an issue getting up the ramp and while trying to do cliff's for the summoner achievement I could not get archers up the ramp for the life of me. They can sometimes go up after going back and forth across it. The other issue is you can't see the ping in this corner when trying to move minions. I can path there, but the green ping does not show.
  9. hardly ever do we see loot past 26 to be decent. Even in chests, we only saw 1 supreme out of 5 or 6 mixed runs. That supreme was trash and an armour piece. Most the better loot is 21-25 for me. Yes. i get that Random is Random Me and fox did a Aquanos NMHC MM run to 30 and I took a bunch of screenshots of the best loot. We were both monk's and used summoner to loot the chests. We grabbed all the loot from chests and dumped at the forge and I took a SS of the best loot from them(didn't matter if it was bad). http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshots/?p=1 The first supreme on wave 25. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshot/577832503091501825 The first junk supreme on 26. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshot/577832503091774814 The second junk supreme from 26. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshot/577832503091777450 The crap supreme from 27 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshot/577832503091955541 The crap supreme from 29 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshot/577832503092445180 The crap supreme from 30 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshot/577832503092498947 The only piece of trans I kept for use http://steamcommunity.com/id/Red_Inferno/screenshot/577832503092187033 Yes the best piece of armour I kept was from wave 28, but it was also pretty much the best thing from wave 26-30. The trans weps were mostly garbage from all waves sans that 1 supreme from 25 which was decent. The thing to note is the loot started out kinda meh then gained steam till 25 where it dropped off and then a resurgance of 1 ok piece on 29(likely a luck drop) until the end where it all sucked. We did not get anything particularly good, but the run was at least money+ a new piece of armour for me :)
  10. yes, yes it can be. Everyone I talk to notices the quality of items drop off after 25 finishes. Me and 1 friend always joke at how craptastic the wave 30 loot is compared to what we just beat. You would think that wave 30 would even have 1 piece that I would say "Oh I can sell that" vs "Wow more crap". I look for very broad pieces of armour from anything I can use to anything I can see as a build that someone might like that can run the content. Like 3 stat tower armour with some decent stats etc. What I think is happening is that trendy setup survival to run for 30 waves back in the day and then retweaked it to 25. After they tweaked it they added 30 wave levels back, but the code that was used to increase the loot capped out at 25 and somehow it picks a worse percentage or whatever they use to pick better items. The loot in the chests after 25 quality drops by over 100% in the fact I have gotten supreme on wave 19-24 in chests, but after 25 I never see a supreme piece of armour in chests or as a drop. The only supreme armour I have gotten on aquanos was below wave 25 and the worst supreme weps I have gotten were after 25. I don't expect perfect supreme armour on every wave or anything, but I would like to be able to run the waves and be like"OH I can at least sell that." and not be super disappointed that the loot I just spent 2-3 hrs trying to get did not just turn to crap. I was also talking to another guy who I picked up some of my better armour up off of and he only runs to 25 and ya he gets better quality loot overall since he skips the other waves.
  11. For the new content/ summoner nerf. Also you are saying that crap loot from wave 26-30 pretty much every time and randomly you might find something good is normal? Also maybe the rolling over is the main issue. The chests is 99% crap and always worse and the overall drop loot is worse. This was the best loot from the last mixed mode of aquanos we just ran from 26-30. While this came from 23. This is the best pet I have seen since I started running all of aquanos. This was a random pet from doing shipwreck monsterfest out of the tavern. I also got 2 similarly decent pets from the few rounds of SMF I played.
  12. Survival is still broken so that wave 20-25 loot is generally better than wave 26-30. The only advantage to wave 26-30 loot is that there can be overcapped items, but still they are usually on crappy ones. Also the tavern loot from beating aquanos is usually worse than campaign on insane.
  13. I find it better to play with 1 person and run 2 afk's if I want better loot. The problem when making a game 4 man is you have to split the good loot 4 ways vs 2 ways.
  14. In the upper tripple spawn the ogre's are having fun humping the walls. The wyerns are derping out acting like vultures. The ogre's is inbound message kinda blocks the 1 wyvern. And I had djinn sticking inside of the floor's/ceilings oh the upper/middle layer.
  15. Indeed, although wouldn't that mean that your towers would all need repairs once you put it back on? On another note, to me... I dunno... I guess it just seems kinda off to "punish"/inconvenience players like that. It's not fun to be slow. We were teased a unique ability, not a major nerf for those silly enough to wear the new pet full time. Edit: I know some things are a trade off, but losing all speed bonus seems extreme. And I don't mean to sound whiny, just, meh... Also what happens when you need to use 4 builders+a summoner. So you have to replace and remember what rock goes to which class or name them by class, but then nobody else will really want em.
  16. yes it does Rock kinda sucks then.
  17. nothing else, a troll message at 15 you also get 3 random items like it says "You are overencumbered." meaning you are carrying too much so it kills your run speed you have 0 when this is equipped no matter your stats So rock makes your speed 0?
  18. I close the game and it still runs and with a constant 25% cpu usage and 250mb of ram. The icon is is no longer shown. I can see it in the processes tab in the task manager.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNbwTnomKyM http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=SIhbUDEzxFI
  20. Dunno I'm hearing they won't make any more content after shards 4.
  21. Dear Valued Customer, Please fill out the forms that have been mailed to you in triplicate. Please wait in the stasis chamber until we are done processing your request. -The GMan (The New Head of Complaints Department) oh I wish there was a stasis chamber.
  22. Dear Valve, I have a guy waiting to give you money. He wants to sleep soon. Please put the dlc on sale so I don't have to wait till tomorrow. Your loyal customer, Red Inferno P.S. Money
  23. I hope trendy tosses a message at valve.
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