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  1. Dude learn expecations. This is actually REALLY good interaction compared to A LOT of studios/creators. Go try and find out what's up with cube world. You would have a better chance going to the guys house than to find anything online.
  2. Was thinking that the game is a coop game so resources should not really be hidden from the rest of the team. When playing with friends we keep on having to ask if the other has the mana rather than knowing that no we don't any extra to share.
  3. Our group has had that idea and tried it, and while it did sort of work, it mostly ended up being annoying trying to make sure no towers were in a 45-90 degree angle behind the blockade otherwise somehow a tower would be getting hit. It would really just be more nice if either Javelin throwers didn't have piercing projectiles, or blockades weren't able to be pierced. It would still mean you'd have to watch for them, but they wouldn't be able to just keep using them as a service gate to your towers. I think the blockades just need to reduce all damage to the defenses behind like 80% or so.
  4. I like 3, but with the lines on the bottom that one has and the crystals would be nice on it.
  5. Still nothing and I still want a lvl 5 Dungeon Defender badge already. Also another option is doing a contest and have fans do some stuff to be submitted.
  6. most of this cards come from games made by steam Incorrect. There is 7 card sets from valve and one is the summer cards. There is 100+ card sets released as of now not by valve so that is over a 14:1 ratio of devs that are not valve that made cards.
  7. I would think the DLC champs would be all over free money. I would go buy the cards to get a lvl 5 badge pretty fast.
  8. Well the mods can point the devs in this direction and maybe they will talk a little about how they plan to improve upon the biggest issues of the last game.
  9. Very good and important post, and we (the players) can't possibly stress this enough - regardless how tempting it may be to charge for maps - don't! Playing together with friends is a CORE element in this game. I would never have played 800 hours in DD1 without my friends, in fact I would have quit after 2 hours. If we can't beat the maps together because not everyone has bought all the maps, we're simply going to play some other game together. Heroes are fine. Accessories are fine. Skins are fine. Maps are not. Ya I want to point out that I did buy every DLC, but I took my biggest break after they announced shards DLC would not let me play with friends. I have maybe one person on my list at the time who would have bought it with me out of like 20 or so. I had to meet people in the game to actually play what I wanted too which you know was not horrible by any means, but it's nice to have friends with you when you want to. Well, the DD Facebook said this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=549174815114862&set=a.142098512489163.19082.107960282569653&type=1&comment_id=1685520&offset=50&total_comments=212 That is a big different for this type of game. I remember the war z devs talking about hacking too and look how that ended up. If they moved enough server side it might at least stock all gear hacking and then it's only client side hacking which is much easier to detect and if trendy does it correctly much easier for us to report. I will take this with a grain of salt obviously, but it seems they are at least trying to not gloss over one of the bigger issues in the game.
  10. All the other people who post here are as excited as I, but if the game still has persistent issues from the last game it will largely ruin the game. The issues I would love to hear answered are below. How is hacking of items, gear and stats going to be overcome in DD2. This one could really use some specifics like there is no actual files put on the computer for gear. In DD1 it was pathetically easy to the point where a friend showed me just how easy it was. Also hell I bet half the gear I bought was actually hacked since if you really look at the RNG and how **** loot was and how rare it was to actually get anything good it's hard to believe I bought so many good items. The next question goes right into the last issue which is the RNG(random number generator). In DD1 it was painfully obvious as you guys updated that the RNG was extremely broken due to how rare it was to find ANY gear of use after a while and was extremely grindy to find even crap gear. Will this be fixed? Are you going to actually stress test the gear drop system and log all drops to see into the millions the average gear? The main thing which was not all exactly your fault, but it was the biggest flaw of the game. With the megalomania that was the gear system Of DD1 are you going to actually plan out ahead for up to the level cap and beyond? The last big gear issue was definately the loot system in regards to items disappearing, garbage look and surpassing the loot cap at the speed of light on 4 person in higher levels. It was impossible to find better loot that that which you already had from a quick glance since 99% of the time the green dot, blue dot, yellow dot or whatever dot you were seeing on the minimap or showing on the screen was likely just junk that the system thought was good. Are you going to fix the method in which the loot drops to say custom loot filters or loot collection thing? Adding a collection secondary(or third) pet that can collect gear near you for you and transport it a chest or something so everyone can see would be a good way to fix some of it and another would be letting every single item stay on the map. I know that having every single item could tax worse computers so I think something like junk gear is collected to a chest and good gear that meets parameters set by the person who is the host and set by players could be useful. The issue is that the game IS all about the loot and as such it needs to be supported fully unless the standardization you mentioned pretty much removed one of the fun aspects of DD which was figuring out what gear you did want. The last questions I have are about the levels, modding and save games. Will there still be modding in DD2 eg custom maps and modes? If TF2 is anything to go by THIS IS the only way DD2 can truly try and stand out from the crowd without having to spend millions of dollars to develop an ever growing amount of needed content. You say the MOBA will launch with one map(idk if that is beta only) but if you meant release fully with one map the game is not going to have much of a chance at all. The other question is likely one of the biggest which is the maps. Will you be charging for maps? Will any of the maps be restricted to only players who bought them if you do charge? If the answer is yes to either then you are going to have a hard time trying to keep players playing. When I want to play a map I am likely going to play said map and if another friend can't play then I'm not likely to play with that other person. It pretty much segregates what friends can play with each other and that what can kill any game. Another game that could have likely thrived due to modding would have been sanctum, but it floundered and was lacking in maps, features and that most games were very long(we played 5 hrs before for one game and still lost near the end). One thing DD1 did great was variable times for various maps, but when you got more invested in the game it required even more time to actually accomplish anything which turned off a lot people. Are you going to solve the time issue? If there is anything you do now I suggest coming up with a way to save long games. I would try and have it send position data of where everything is and send that to the hive server then allow them to dl the last version, but require either the same people to rejoin or having the towers replaced with the exact same ones of another player automatically in the same position. It would be like " You had A class, B class, C class and D class in the last game. We notice that 2 of you are back, but Class A and D are missing. Please select 2 characters from your current game to fill that role.". If you still allow active swapping then also allow them to use their other characters and have a confirm on the other persons screen. In Very long games I would lose players near the end and if the last person you really needed is now gone or they were the host it would become nearly impossible to finish some games causing you to lose the work you did as a whole due to the fact you can't get to the last waves or last wave in a lot of cases. As someone who played 1000 hrs worth of DD this issue happened quite often and often caused me to have to exclude people from playing with me due to them not having enough time.
  11. I doubt a petition would work due to the fact that it seems this not even a support issue, but a monetization and updating issue. Look at all the MOBA's you just listed off. All of them are PC exclusive for various reason, but all of them update weekly to change and fix stuff do they not? On the current consoles that is impossible to do due to costs and work. The other thing is the new consoles which are believed to be out before year end will release and most features on both are still shrouded so I doubt they know how well they can monetize and release on the new ones and as such have not announced any plans to release there. There could also be technical reason why they do not wish to have to do up ps3/360 ports again. The game has only just been released so we don't know much about how much power is needed or anything for DD2.
  12. Ya the new achievements aren't working still. I got sky city last night and today I did again still no achievement.
  13. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/938122907053929134/22B5D81E173EFAFB8658F7E2220FC0C5D4C37B4C/ Tested it on a friends staff in open. edit: Also it's dark blue on minimap.
  14. What price would you put on a piece with 3-4 useful stats that spawned over 300? That sort of piece is quite rare, and for the person to not want it is even more so. 600M mana = 6 waves if I dont bring in AFK's. Selling rare pieces for 600M mana just dosent make sense NOTE: I dont actually use the AFK shop for exactly this reason. PS The only people who should want a piece like this should have no problems getting the mana. People looking for high quality pieces at the low end of NM are just wasting their time. This is also my problem. I make 2b or so per run of aquanos NMHC MM and that is without talking about Armour/Weps that I pick up. It is hard to find good stuff and I know it and pay higher and higher prices if they are good. I sell stuff in my tavern shop from anywhere from 60-600m depending. The best pieces of Armour I can't stick in the shop because they are worth more time than 600m of mana. The last piece of supreme Armour me and lul got is currently bid at 190 tokens which is what 38b? The last piece of good sup I bought was at 240 tokens+ 2 lower end sup items. I paid over 48b for 1 piece of Armour because it was and is still that good. Now the problem I run into is the system to sell/buy items is very much crap and involves going through afk shops and looking on the ground and hoping I can find someone or searching the forums and both are slow and 95% of the time the items are way below what I'm even looking for. I want an efficient way to find things that are at the very top and that's why I would like afk shops to be able to accept my tokens.
  15. It's nothing to do with rollovers, actually. Try reading the posts explaining it. But simply put, higher maximum stat range = higher chance of negative stats. As the maximum quality goes up, so does the rarity of top quality items. It's built into how stats are generated; a stat over 150 has a 50% chance of becoming negative, so the higher the chance of an item getting stats over 150, the higher the chance they'll be negative instead. A 10% chance of a stat being over 150 becomes a 5% additional chance the stat will be negative (leaving only a 5% chance the stat will be 150+); a 90% chance of a stat being over 150 becomes a 45% additional chance of the stat being negative. Naturally, the chances of stats being over 150 goes up according to the range the stat can generate in (all stats are generated as a number between 0 and 1, then multiplied by the item's base range and wave/HC/NM/MM etc bonuses, so increasing the multiplier linearly increases the chances of stats being above a certain point) It's not a bug in any sense, just how it's been coded. Whether it's fair is another issue, but there aren't any bugs. It's kinda disheartening to learn that you work your *** off to get crappier loot. My shop loot from wave 30 just last run was 3 pets all 40 ups or less and everything like usual was crap. The overall loot from all of the run 1 piece of sup armour(from a chest) and bunches of crap trans and a few sellable items that noobs would love.
  16. not really. still does good stuff. you dont have to be at the computer to sell stuff. so i can leave my computer on while i sleep/go working, and when i get home i see i have 20 virtual tokens. that is better than 2b mana even if it doesnt create psysical tokens, im gonna be happy about this update That is good and all for your cheap stuff, but what about my items that sell for 2b-30b+?
  17. Exactly. If we can't trade then the idea is pretty worthless.
  18. Would be nice to be able to set our shops fully afk so we don't have to attend them/start a auction to try and sell the higher end gear. It would also give shops use for the higher end users so they can buy gear ingame too without having to find shop owners who are around or hope they will add you and respond.
  19. I don't see them doing this. You will just be able to max out more stats with a higher level. Problem is with my tower chars I already got 120,120,120,115 in the 4 tower stats. The only other thing I could do is shore up the run/casting, but my armour usually gives me more than enough. With a dps ev I only use health, dmg and stat 1 so the extra 115 goes to casting. With a monk it goes 120 in health, dmg and skill 2 and 115 in skill 1.
  20. What I got from Dingle's post was that the even though higher stats were possible at higher waves, the potentiaol for rollovers and high negs outweighed it in overall count. So that you may ge a better piece once in awhile over wave 25, but rarely, and you will get more good gear at waves 20-25. I could be misunderstanding though, which is why I asked Dingle for clarification. As far as the green tags go, that's a favorite topic of mine, having started a couple of suggestion threads on that. IMNSHO it has never worked well or been very useful. Looting, looking for upgrades, poring over a full item box, are among the most tedious parts of the game. But that's off topic. :) Ok so then the loot does get worse, but it's the fault of the rollovers. Now the next question is why has the issue not been fixed?
  21. Ya I got that after trying to start the game right after we finished and it pretty much meant I had to restart DD and lost all the people in my lobby.
  22. Awaiting final approval before posting the Digest. Not too much longer now. :^) You guys run on valve time?
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