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  1. If they do a NM5 you will be complaining in 2 months that you are bored again. If there was a wipe I could not say I would want to come back for a while. I think honestly the best thing most players could do is not to play currently and wait till there is much more content.
  2. 1. Why are ignites only obtainable with oil flask + phoenix flame? There is the Blaze Balloons plus Flamethrowers that also light enemies on fire and the oil cauldrons on ramparts but anything but the hero combo does not give ignites. 2. With the high cost of defender medals will we see an increase in some of the daily missions medal counts + difficulty? Having to defeat one ogre or 10 rounds on onslaught is not particularly hard especially when you can stack them for days. 3. Have you considered giving bonus defender medals for getting defense medals? Say you keep your core protected the entire map well that's like +30% bonus medals that the map would give or getting 20 repair medals that's an extra +10%. Stuff that could add up to doubling what you would get normally. 4. Why does the scavenger collect gear and it only lasts 25 mins from when it's picked up and not 25 mins from when returning to tavern? 5. Could you make carnival loot stack to 99 instead of 10?
  3. Will we see an increase in the kick timer or an option to remove it in a private lobby? It's annoying to get kicked when I have to go do something in the middle of playing.
  4. Why do pets on other heroes in the hero deck not level like the characters do? It's already a pain to level any pet but I already have almost 8 max lvl characters but only 1 max lvl pet that I don't even want to use anymore.
  5. The problem with these costs are that they are helping keep burnt out players burnt out. The most I have played since December was to farm the Carnival(not sure if I should have even bothered) and farmed these medals which are causing me to not even want to do that. I'm 57% of the way to a 10k hero with my monthly and most of the daily missions since the patch and the weekend event. The pet leveling is atrocious if you want to play the game , you don't get pet lvls on all 4 hero deck chars yet chars level that way?, the NM3-NM4 jump is poorly balanced, older players had all their gear nerfed, newer gear is less exciting and other things I can't even remember. The grind seems to be for grind sake and not for fun.
  6. You can do 1000 medals in a day easily if you have dailies banked... If it's too easy/quick there is zero incentive to buy. A balance has to be struck between too long and too short, otherwise either Trendy gets no money (too short) or a ravenous fan base eats them for dinner (too long). The ideal spot is where it still takes some time but it still feels attainable. You have to remember who would actually buy a class in the first place. Trying to annoy the hell out of people who would never buy anyways is not a smart move in the same vein as making the pricing too expensive to the people who would pay cash. $15 is a might tall ask.
  7. Also you should figure out what a noob would get. How likely is a noob going to be able to finish a daily? The monthly? How about the fact they get 8 medals from Freeplay Hard throne room(one of the leveling maps). 45 Medals from 5 maps, possibly with rerolling all the dailies at a 200 rate and 50/50 on the monthly. At those numbers it would be 1350 Medals if 5 Freeplay Hard maps a day and 6k from dailies at 30 days. I am unsure what the NM rates are(I got tainted data when I checked the other day). Also there is some mystery challenges that were giving me medals. Hero Strike and Hero Siege were two I noticed, but I can't find mention of them anywhere..
  8. Logged in, saw the medal requirement for the AL and logged out. Becoming bored with my deck made me leave, why would I want to use that same deck to grind for 50+ days more to even touch the AL as a f2p player. I can't be the only one who felt like this and did the same. Same. I told multiple friends who played DD1 a lot and a fair bit of DD2 and they all said it's crazy. One of them was a mod During DD1 days. I will admit I am not NM4 I was close(ish) just barely breaking in until the loot revamp and my gear became *** and NM4 got harder.
  9. They said beforehand you were supposed to get a slot with abyss lord. Unsure on medals as nobody could realistically have gotten it. Ya I did the math and at 175 medals per daily(average) it would take 69 days without any maps played. If you add in maps played and maybe the monthly it would likely take 40-60 days or 300-600 maps. Well, in DD1 the base game wasn't free... or two, the free alternative is....2.8 months of grind! That, and (BIG SHOCKER) not everyone will be able to complete that monthly, setting them back another ~month and a half. Whoops.It's not a 2.8 month grind. Ignoring the monthly, just looking at the other sources: Daily quests give 250, a whole month of dailies is 7500Map completion gives 5-25 depending on difficulty. There's a "super bonus" for playing 5 maps a day. Assuming 10 medals per map, 5 maps a day, that's 1500.Total: 9,000That makes it a 1.33 month grind. Add in the 2000 for a monthly, and that drops it down to 1.09 months. Yes, it's a lot of work. No it's 100-250 so 175 average. So 5250 and lets say people decide to actually play every 2 days that is 750? total: 6000 = 60 days Add in the monthly then 45 days. That is all including you have to motivation to play every 2 days to get a char 45-60 days away or a bit less if you play daily and do more. That is a lot of grinding. How long would it take to do all that? I'm the guy with 600 hrs in Warframe in 45 days and 1000+ hrs in DD1 and even I think it's crazy. I am the .01% of game players and now try to get more casual players to want to do that. If the game was fun, it wouldn't be work. But the game hasn't been fun since they added loot. I am dealing with it by not playing (and participating in discussions that guide design changes). Trendy knows that a good two thirds of the people who play the game don't even finish campaign. So they know there's a retention problem because the game's not fun. So what are you doing about it? Also the fact connecting to servers have been ass even with reduced players. When me and a friend farmed carnival(by 16 we were both ready to go find a razor blade) we had A LOT of issues connecting to each other, staying in party, game fully bugging out and having to reset to connect and time to connect being rather long sometimes.
  10. Paying $4 or less was acceptable in DD1, but for DD2 an unfinished game it's not worth $15. Now you might say go grind 600 maps or say you get all the other stuff 300 maps that is 300 maps when 25 maps for a monthly makes me wince. I still have 12k gems leftover from Defense Council and I would not spend 1500 on a character I am only moderately interested in. Defender Medals scale with difficulty. You should get around 25 medals per victory in Nightmare IV. Medals don't scale the whole 5-25 range. The problem is you don't have the content to make that many plays worthwhile. I am already bored playing 1 map when my choices are grind, grind or grind. After my loot I had pre loot change patch became worthless and we were struggling to get into NM4 which is largely boring even then. The costs make a Defense Councilor with gems leftover not want to even play. I am unsure if the cost was 6k if I would even care enough to grind it.
  11. I think the problem is you are trying to put a band-aid on the system every time and it never quite feels right. You make farming for stats feel like crap but justify it as it would take to much time and we would be stuck with it. Well we have to wait with crap loot either way because if/when you revert it and add more special stats we will have to grind for more anyways. I would rather farm for something that is awesome than to farm for a mediocre increase to get back to a spot that would not even get me enough to get into NM4 before.
  12. Bad trendy is bad. Who got ridiculously high and thought it was a good idea to nerf the special stats? You were supposed to be making them more viable by making them match a bit more..... That nerf should be reverted ASAP because otherwise builds are going to consist of looking for a bunch of the same gear to get to previous levels due to lowered stats rather than looking for different stats that are nice.
  13. Finglonger has been disabled from all future items. I liked Finglonger :(
  14. I myself have gotten 5 pets past lvl 10 and 1 almost 2 past lvl 25, but the problem is each character needs it's own pet and It took 5 maxed lvl chars and more playing to get lvl 26, 23, 17, 14 and 11 for pets. That is crazy. Would it take 15 max lvl chars to even get 5 of them a max lvl pet? Would it take another 100-150 more maps when I am already moving towards NM4 mid lvl gear and soon max gear in game? It currently takes 7 waves to lvl a pet 1 affection lvl. It should take closer to 3 as that way a max lvl character would be much closer to having a max lvl pet and a bit of extra work to get those extra levels on the pet. This is saying you keep 1 pet per char and never want to use a different one which means less trendy money and choice for us too.
  15. The issue with that is what If I want finglonger on a dps piece and finglinger on a tower piece? If it says meh finglonger is better on this dps piece and should not be on a tower piece it starts limiting what we want to use and can use.
  16. The issue is not how many slots we need but a method to do it. When you ask for 5 you will then ask for 6 and more chars being added would just keep having this happen. It's not a solution. The problem is NOT with how many slots you need but how the difficulty works in game.
  17. They addressed this in the last stream. They looked into one solution but it was not working. They might end up doing so in the future.
  18. Ya that's what me and my friends find ourselves doing. I have a blockade squire, damage mage with flamethrowers, dps huntress, AA monk and a blaze/poison huntress I am working on lvling. The issue is 5 sets of gear all looking for specific gear is hard to do even with lots of free time. I have over 50 hrs in the past 2 weeks most of which is since the patch. The only issue is that hearty blockade being an uber would make it even harder to keep builds alive as you are supposed to use the dmg shielding as it can keep your build alive. The other issue would be wyvern tokens. I mean I have only really gotten enough before this monthly to get 3 ubers. I don't mind a bit of a grind but a pure grind is what starts to ruin the game. The gaps between you getting anything of note are huge and that makes it boring. A lot of the game is just off. The campaign was easy, lvling first char to 40 lead to the 10 gap between it and 50. Getting gear at 50 involved grinding, then nm2 grinding, then 3 and now 4. There is just so much grinding and while some great moments and nice moments of loot in there they are far and between. The reason the loot simulator games work is you have goals you are working for and you can actually work towards them even if it's only find better loot.
  19. The issue is with how it works now it's much worse than DD1. Also Path of Exile manages to do it without making it too easy to get specific stuff. In diablo 3 they just added a similar feature not long ago that made it much more playable. The issue is that even throwing your face at grinding does not even yield great gear. The other issue is that the current method just is not fun. You find a perfect piece of say DP/DC but you want a increases range ability on it you now have not only multiple variable to go through but also having to get that stat on it while playing as that class. My friend and I are just moving into NM4 and it's already quite miserable to do all that grinding we just did in NM3 again to find correct gear. In DD1 you had to find the correct 4 stats or the best 4 you could get and it would work on any character. You would put say plate on one char and mail on another. In DD2 it matters little when you need those traits and it feels like you make no progress even though you get ***loads of loot. The fun was actually finding viable loot yet 99% of the stuff I find is not viable, not usable and not even useful if I have to go up another difficulty.
  20. The issue with gear is you want the special stuff on it like Hearty Blockade, Pyromania, Defense Crit dmg, etc, etc. With the current system it's hard enough to even find the 2 stats you want on it let alone the extra traits. I'm working on a wall squire and finding good gear with hearty blockade + Hero Health/Defense Health is miserable especially grinding away at NM3 gates incursion. Between 3 friends and me we have roughly 4 lvl 50 chars each all requiring gear and each of us is lvling another char still. This all means we have to play easy content at the max possible just to grind it out as we can't run DPS chars and get gear for 3 of the other classes. You need so many combinations and you want to find them. If they add more cool traits it will make finding other stuff even harder which will be even worse and don't even imagine more classes. What we need is to be able to take traits off of gear and add it to other gear that you are looking for. Say if I want Hearty Blockade I would have to find the correct percentage and try to pull it off and then I would add it onto my piece that I want to keep. This could be something in the way of socketing or something to imbue the item with the trait. This type of solution solves a lot of issues with searching for gear, allows a lot of side progression and the ability to add more random traits into the game without having to worry about too much possibilities. Adding the ability to remove the stats from gear into a scroll or something and then attach it to a new weapon would fix a lot of the toxicity in having people unable to do content correctly. It would mean needing to have different drop frequency as you don't want to make it as easy as it is to get a stat now but finding traits would be sooo much more enjoyable because you know you could possibly take it. The other part too is that it could be a drop/incursion/onslaught reward too. The scrolls would be rather tradeable too if it went that way.
  21. The thing is that once you get even near 1 lvl 50 you start to get lots of eggs. You can't even hatch an egg until after you kill Betsy either at lvl 20+ depending. By the time I got to the 30's I already had a stack of pets. Now I already got like 30 hatched pets. You also don't need to go straight into the exact pet you want right away. You will need a few pets for the multiple classes you get. Also I think the instant hatching kinda ruins it too. Should be more like 1-2 hrs to hatch and maybe 12 hrs if they add the smaller hatch timer.
  22. The 48 hrs is horrendous with instant hatching. I got 38 eggs currently just from today....
  23. What is up with the looting system? It's really crappy now. I thought the old man was supposed to pick up loot but now all it ends up being is just a bunch of pillars on the ground. Why does the old man not pick up loot per wave? It kinda ruins looting when you have like 100 items on the ground and you can barely see anything. I don't want to have to pick up junk to sell just so I can look to see if something is junk.
  24. Will there be anything more common that is bigger than the ogre? Will there be multiple orge maps? I know I would like to see them show up more to make some maps harder.
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