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  1. How many towers in DD1 were not viable after nightmare came? I remember using almost every tower depending on the map. The issue in DD2 is that now only a very select few are useful. Why use a balista when I can use a flamethrower? The flamethrower has almost no aggro and can attack from behind which kills the shield goblins. Why use a trap(any of the 3) when I can use a flamethrower? A siege roller just deletes the trap and the flamethrower just needs to be placed to the side and it can attack the roller + not take damage or lose mana. Why use any of EV's Beams when there is siege rollers? You want the proton/weapon to have them hit mobs the most and a flamethrower becomes more effective if you cannot just snake it through the path. As far as the reflect the air mobs like to stop and attack towers + it can be dangerous to use them as I have had flyers attack right through them and hit the core. Everything should for the most part be viable somewhere in the defense and depending on the defense rather than an actual handful of decent towers. I say this after today's nerf update.
  2. That's like saying every class in Diablo 3 is equally balanced because you can get infinite of your main stat from Paragon levels. It doesn't really work that way at all. Making something useable from the levels is probably still going to be worse than what already performs better since those towers can get the benefits too. Also that is like saying "go beat your face against that wall until you can break it. You might be able to break that wall, but will all the pain of doing that be fun or worth it?
  3. There was often real gear being traded. After a point it did get boring though in 1. The point of trading in 1 was to find new gear. I would not trade in DD1 anymore, but in it's hayday it was good. As for DD2 there is not likely to be any cheaters being able to generate gear. If there was a cheater they would have to be able to break the game servers into doing what they want which is much harder than editing some numbers on a local file. I ended up with 450 hrs because I have had DD2 since the day the first tower defense part has been out. A lot of it was spend grinding and had I knew at the times I did the grinding I would have probably spent my time doing other stuff. If anything DD2(and a few others) have curbed my interest in Early access titles, made me not buy them, reduced me kickstarting games and generally made me less interested in grinding. If anything it has largely precluded me from ever wanting to give trendy another dollar. I would love to get a refund on my 300 hrs of grind from DD2.
  4. If this is the game they want where you are stuck grinding in the most boring way possible then I am done with DD2 here and now. I want/need shards in Chaos 1, but it's a damn cakewalk now so I am stuck just farming to only get shards or go up and again only go after shards as I need to get to chaos 3 to get gear. If I start mastering Chaos 2 then chaos 1 is going to feel even more like a chore as I am mastering it. I never said I CAN'T get gear, but more so I don't want to. I'm a trader in every game I play and it's a main draw point for me. I traded a lot in DD1, Warframe, Runescape, Trove, TF2(to the point I have made over $50k profit), Archeage, Tera, Scrolls and probably a few more I can't think of off the top of my head. One of the fun things for me that gives me a long term goal is to climb up the economic ladder of a game. In trove I was high mastery(max for a while), in Warframe I am near max mastery, in Archeage if I was more interested in a payout at the time I would have left with like $300-400(ended up with $100-200) because I got land early and was churning money, in tf2 I invested a bit of real money to generate more money and after a point it was profits making profits, in Tera I played 2 events and ended up making like $70, In scrolls I nearly had 3 tier 3 of every card(27 standard cards per), DD1 I had some top tier gear at the point I quit and I was giving away gold as I sold steam gifts of DLC for the game, Runescape I played when I was younger and did not do it efficiently so I mostly spent the money on skills and gear, I have met a lot of people I still play/talk with from all my trading as I have been about completing deals. The thing is though that in DD2 has no reason to interact. For the most part the game is EASIER when I play solo. The only thing I can do to get friends to play with me is grind them through the content which ends up boring for both of us. As it stands the game itself is not fun, there is little reason to play it, the maps have gotten stale, the current balance towards towers seems questionable and I question why I Joined the defense council. I own 1854 games on steam alone and more on other platforms, why should I play DD2? As it stands DD2 is grind for grind sake and boring grind at that. Is DD2 a lowest common denominator F2P game? I have tried enough of them to know that they end up being ***. Maybe all gear needed to be wiped for this update? As it stands the experience is horrible and I am not even sure if wiping would make it beter.
  5. If man made it .. someone can break it ;) if not hacked items there is always bots that can farm 24/7, trading just makes it interesting enough for someone to make one :P... i personally have been involved with a bot program for Eve online ;) (just a simple mining bot i wrote many years ago now).. i know many people that have used bots for World of Warcraft i personally used a fishing bot once... tho i was always online watching while they where running.. Im not a huge fan of online cheating... but when a task becomes so repetitive and boring occasionally i'll think about it.. if its simple enough to do why not.. sit n watch it do its job while im watching netflix or something more interesting. The act of the grind makes it viable, you don't even need trading before people run 24/7 bots. If anything there is a lot of incentive to start making bots now as it would be seen as a even more insulated.
  6. You can't hack gear in DD2. You would need access to the server to be able to do that as the servers handles all drops and gear. While there MAY be item dupes it would basically be the same as any other game. While you COULD boost people to endgame that would in theory not be easy(unless you pay cash to someone). Why not start with trading shards, pets and costumes first then? That alone will make the game better and trendy could evaluate allowing gear trading. If some noob pays $100 to another player to get boosted to end game, that does not change my experience unless he join's my game and does not know how to play. I personally cashout of MMO's by selling all my stuff for cash. It pays for further games for me to play when I know I am done with a game.
  7. As it stands I refuse to play more as this is the same flaw that CCG's have, which is the grind for loot when it should not be this hard of a grind. I'm not complaining about the the difficulty of maps as I can't truly know until I get shards, but when I have already done 10+ games of chaos 1 and I got 9 shards that I do not want and 3-4 dupes I already know this is not the game I wanted. If anyone is to say "I should grind them myself" I can already tell you that I have already done my grinding and my supplies agree with me on that. The thing is that I am already getting extra shards, have near 12k medals and 47m gold. I have put my effort forward and I should be able use it to get to a further point. I don't like RNG making us it's slave which Is why I favor games like Warframe over mobile games. I know of at least a dozen of people who loved DD1 and everything DD2 has done has turned them away. I am personally unsure if DD2 can ever be good anymore as patch after patch the game gets worse in most ways and better in only a few. I have 12 people on my friends list with over 50 hrs in DD2 with 6 alone in DD1 at over 1000 hrs and another 6 with 500-999 hrs. The sentiment I have heard before this patch is the grind/easy difficulty being the main issue of them not wanting to play and now mostly just the not quite mindless grind. I know some like the mindless grind and the main issue is that I join in on that sometimes but DD2 is not quite mindless. I have been asked many times if people should start playing and my answer has consistently been no as the game always has some big flaw(the grind to lvl, the difficulty to get into endgame, the endgame getting to easy, the grind to get gear, the grind to get shards) and have always said maybe after the big next update and with this one her I again have to say it's not worth playing yet. With trading it might be at a point where it is good enough to invest time.
  8. This session error stuff has been going on for like 6+ months and still not fixed. It usually takes 3 times for it to time out to connect to a map for it to work. Why is this still present? If I try and go from one chaos to another I am more than not just getting an error and have to go to the menu or hub. I know my internet is not that great, but it's not this ***.
  9. You did not read. He said the charge, the ability one that you use with your character and not the defense.
  10. Is that supposed to be correct? I took a tower and buffed it with both and both increased it roughly 10% at max using a comparable gear on both the first tower and both buff's. That is without putting a shard on the either buff but that in theory would bring it to around 13-14%. Unless there is a better shard out there to use in the end game that's about the best it can get?
  11. The thing is they are going to create a ratio of medal to gold for upgrading and they could just as easily give us medals for medals spent if and gold for gold spent. Not really, there is a cap of medals, if they make us go beyond the cap they are basically saying "we made a cap system but now we made it obsolete!". They kinda have to make logic decisions and as sad as it is medals for gold is the most logical choice in the end. Now we just need to hope we will have enough gold. They can bypass the cap currently using the mail system. Instead of just dumping medals into our stacks we could have them sitting in the mail and we collect them when we want to use them. The cap still limits farming of them, but not using the ones that were earned. The thing is they are going to create a ratio of medal to gold for upgrading and they could just as easily give us medals for medals spent if and gold for gold spent. From what I saw on the stream, gold will take us much further than medals will as far as upgrading shards go (100 medals per up stack fast). Medals will primarily be used for character slots, new heroes and pets at the vendor (possibly pet affection still too). Medals for shard upgrades will be once you have most things medals can buy, it won't be my go-to currency for upgrading personally. So gold for our lost spheres makes sense to me. But once again, we need to wait and see how much we are compensated and what the economy on currency X and Y are like. Too soon to judge IMO https://youtu.be/LO3ymkQzBMQ?t=558 Check out at the time. It shows 903 medals to 2.7m gold. That puts it at about 2.99k gold to 1 medal. I know obviously that ratio is not final and at https://youtu.be/LO3ymkQzBMQ?t=678 they also show 105 medals to 105k being 1k gold per 1 medal. They are likely testing different ratio's and maybe weps will be a better ratio to shards on medals. The thing is they could fairly easily give us a ratio and obviously ~20k medals will only take you so far, well 20m+ gold will take you similarly far although letting you choose your options.
  12. The thing is they are going to create a ratio of medal to gold for upgrading and they could just as easily give us medals for medals spent if and gold for gold spent.
  13. I'm not even arguing that gold should not be useful, that spheres bought with gold should get gold back or that we deserve all this extra stuff. I just want equal medal for medal back on medals spent on spheres. Then it would be my choice what I do with the medals which may or may not extend to using some on gear.
  14. Sorry but you are wrong. I watched the devstream and the shards do allow you to upgrade with medals. There is quite literally no reason why we could not get medals back. There is no reason they would have added medal upgrades if they did not plan to keep it.
  15. Actually no they should in theory be able to credit us with defender medals without changing the cap. Create a script that counts up how much needs to be credited then send mail messages in game with 2500 medal chunks and one with any remainder. That way we get exactly what we should get back and they don't have to mess with the cap at all. They are already going to make a script to calculate giving us gold so why not just make a fully fledged one that properly compensates us?
  16. Gold IS maybe easy to get but we have no idea of how easy it will be to get it in the future after the update. And even less how much we will need that gold. I do share your frustration but if defender medals end being used only for very few things such as unlocking heroes and gold end up being super important, it's best that we get gold indeed. The issue is that does not make sense. You can already upgrade gear with defender medals so why not everything else? Without the spheres that is a massive gap of medal usage. I mean as far as gold I myself should at least get 2m back from the spheres I bought with gold if even at a 1:1 gold ratio. Why don't we make this a vote? Why not make it a community decision as it impacts the community?
  17. Fair enough, but i feel that currency spent on hero upgrades (spheres) should not be available again for buying heroes as that is a decision the player has taken already. Therefore spheres should be reimbursed into currency for hero upgrades only, in this case that would be gold as wyvern tokens are obsolete and medals can be spent on heroes. Also Spheres purchased with wyvern tokens should definitely not be turned into medals as that would go against the very premise of the wyvern to medal change last year. Anyway, just my opinion guys and what I deem as logical in this rather subjective matter. Well the problem is that the devs have been working on this update for quite some time and they could have given us a heads up. I actually have very little to no actual playtime on some of the classes and just bought the spheres for later use as I figured they will still be useful. If I had any clue that they planned to remove the sphere system I would have used at least 15k medals for better use. As for the wyvern tokens I would just like the effort put into more useful stuff for me. As for gold I can farm gold a whole lot easier than tokens and I bet you tokens will still be usable for upgrading. As for actual farming of maps I have done near zero to get tokens and almost exclusively did dailies over the span of the past year. I would almost ask for gems back on a few slots I bought with gems , but that would likely asking too much. I bought them with the expectation of wanting more slots while I bought spheres with the expectation of them being useful later. I honestly have only really farmed with the intention of future play. I have honestly thought the game was in a trash position for quite some time and been waiting for these big revamps. That is not to say that trendy has not made great progress on getting some stuff done, but the gameplay stuff just has not worked up until now in my eyes. It should be rather evident I was interested in the long term of the game since I ended up in the defense council. My only regret is I really could not contribute enough in the defense council. A lot of the time there was not much to say about it that other had not already said.
  18. I spent countless hours farming all the large spheres that required defender medals. I bought 2 of the uber spheres using wyvern tokens back in the day too and while I would not care if it were tokens or medals, I don't want gold for that work. If I wanted to farm gold I would have farmed gold and that is not what I did. The uses for gold are very limited although it should be my choice if I want to work on maxing more pets, buying the other rare pets, buying lockbox keys, forging or saving them for better uses. The only issue is that the cap would need to be increased and I think many would agree with that now.
  19. No. Also why is it that the daily missions can't be rerolled after 4 days? I did not want to do my dailies so they sat for like 6 days but I could not get better ones because it would not let me reroll.
  20. The problem is you are going against your core principal. Letting the player choose what they do. All these new missions are restrictive and annoying. Why did you not talk to us about this stuff? You know you have defense councilors and countless players who could have told you from day 1 that the time you planned to spend on this was a waste. Why don't you mobilize the community to create these for you? Otherwise it just seems like you are trying to dictate what the players do without seeming to have a grasp at why they would want to do it. The game is currently boring to play and the one thing that let us get medals casually to have classes for the future pretty much got nerfed into the floor.
  21. I don't think I like the daily mission rework. The problem is I was already BARELY wanting to play DD and these new missions make me want to play even less. I also loath the reroll as you can't pick anymore and I liked the option of picking something that was more interesting to me. The big problem is the new dailies just feel more like a grind. So today is get 5 castle maps, tomorrow I 3 incursions and the next day I get 5 more castle maps then I have 13 maps I don't want to play to get any medals that is worthwhile.
  22. Why could you not do the decrease in EV price as promised this week? You said 2 weeks after a class is released it's price would decrease. I maxed out on medals yesterday and wanted to play EV this weekend but now I am stuck not wanting to play or forced to waste 2k medals that SHOULD NOT have been an issue.
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