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  1. I hoped onslaught was going to be this but onslaught is it's own thing and honestly as is does not really drive me to come back to the game to actually play. It seems like most of the game is just meant for short casual play. I was there back when the talk of a survival map on top of a grassy hill with the horde coming from all angles to get a core. It sounded amazing and still is something I really would like to play. As it stands I just have logged in every 3 days to get daily missions for barb medals and then after I get enough I will just stop bothering with even that again.
  2. That's before you get to the fact that fighting against a few of the chaos mobs is just tedious and not fun(more so on the tower front). I can't speak as much to if all the towers are viable but as far as the shards the towers use then there is really only one set of options per tower. The more special shards(tower doing something special when used ) are often pointless to use when you can just get more damage, radius or crit. Then there is the fact that the speed orb was removed(yes it was useless) which in turn means your options are down to 3 relics and it's not really a choice. The main issue overall is the game keep pigeonholing you into one choice for everything and then when you actually think about to build with it comes down to a few towers most of the time.
  3. After playing the update it just feels like more of the same, can't choose a map, defenses are forced by counters, *** gear drops and not much incentive to try resetting. It seems both this and mastery were focused on feeding addiction of the few hundred rather than getting people to want to play again. That's coming from a guy at max c7.
  4. You missed the best part , once you spend hundreds of countless hours reaching min acension , finding good enough gear , waiting for ppl to join your maps to play as a team which never happens, collecting gold , reinvesting in the shards and all the other mundane constitutionals you get to do it all over again! But this time wait for the drum roll 🥁 ....... it will be 5% faster with the EXP bonus ! And then repeat again !, your minimal acension will not get any better If you don’t surpass it orginal acension you initially soft reset on, so if you where ascension 500 unless you don’t surpass that your won’t get any extra or the other way is to beat the higher end floors for an amazing extra 1 acension. I was reading the soft reset and I was failing to understand what part was I meant to be excited about. They should of introduced better incentives like 1 permanent shard unlock per acient power and same could be implemented for gear. They could of added better acension bonus incentives reaching a particular threshold each time. On face value this Acient power system seems like trendy’s master plan for ppl to keep playing but no one is going to enjoy going up and down a hill for petty rewards and thus will ultimately discourage individuals to continue. I may be wrong but some needs to test out how long it takes on average to the time it takes to reach per acient power. I beat floor 55 and first of 56 but the issue is I have been running aura's and cyborks *** my aura's which ruin my defenses. It also feels like my EV is nerfed and I am supposed to use a melee char. For someone who could steamroll c7 before this just feels kinda tedious. Also best part is loot is like low c7 at 55 so I can't get more relics from there to fill in more heroes. If max c7 gear cannot just roll the content till 65 what hope are many lower lvls going to have? I don't get why we could not just start at the reset point if we were pretty much max c7.
  5. Ya while the reset is not a bad idea it also feels like the whole mode didn't hit the mark. The short maps forced in sucession is why I think the mode will not solve the issue, it's just going to feel like grinding maps rather than progress. If every single map was different for each floor then the idea COULD work but instead it just feels like trials 2.0 which is more forced maps. I already mentioned to a friend who was tepid about the update about the 5 wave, 3 forced maps per floor part and he also wonders what the devs were thinking, this was the biggest issues with trials. The forced builds and no map choice is what really killed enjoyment. I will personally give it a try on Tuesday, but I going in I'm over 90% sure that this is going to flop. Unless the waves being different is THAT big of a draw I don't see the appeal. It really begs the question of what happened to the survival aspect of onslaught.
  6. Wrong. It can do A LOT of harm. You are pushing the product to the door and saying "this is our vision and we are happy with this" which is going to turn a lot of people off. It is also a lot of pressure to push the game out the door no matter what. This all likely stems from them making a deal with Microsoft to make a few dollars and I will bet you it is going to end up costing them a lot more than the few dollars are worth. How do you also call Trendy that small of a company either? They would easily be considered mid-sized And how does that matter to any end consumer who is not invested? You mention team size on scope of a game not quality. I'm not going to spend a lot of time arguing this, I could spend hours trying to debate this so I'm just going to leave this here. In a day and age where every developer and their dog puts their game in 'early access', and 'closed' or 'open' and 'alpha' or 'beta' as a buzzwords to attract attention to their game, these terms have become nothing more than either a) "we know it's barely playable, but come play and spend money on gems/coins/tickets/currency/founder'sedition then come back in 5 years when what you played is unrecognizable" or b) "we know our game is practically done, but hey, early access with exclusive benefits has a good ring to it". If DD2 sinks because they released a premature game, then congrats, they did pretty much everything wrong. There are numerous issues that coincide with dozens of other 'released' games that ultimately failed. I unironically see tons of parallels to the reason why DD2 is failing... with Firefall (wow, who remembers THAT game!?). The reason why I say that releasing the game now won't hurt them is because the damage is already done. They have a deadline that they have to meet and they probably won't make the bug fixing and balance cut. Going from Early Access -> Live means almost nothing now-a-days, unless you have a large following. The damage was done when they gave themselves a timeline to release the game (which probably existed in the development pipeline as early as when they announced Trials). They never had a clear and concise design plan for DD2. Synergies and no Synergies, Passives and No Passives, Map balance and Mob Design and How much can we control and How much freedom we want to give the players. They dug themselves a hole when they conceived the development timeline for trials and release and then they didn't give themselves enough time to dig themselves out of it. They never stuck to their guns and just balanced the game when it was fun, they constantly flipped entire balance tables when balancing and never got the game to some place healthy where they could build from. tl;dr It won't do harm, because the harm has already been done even if the wounds haven't fully shown themselves yet. I promise you they had the 'June 20th' date probably before they released Trials and they just didn't make the deadlines and rushed the game. It's happened so many times now, it's a story that falls a mostly deaf ears. That was the proper argument to be had there. I guess my point was fixing the game was their only hope of going anywhere and now they are just going nowhere fast. The only hope they have is if by some miracle some random foreign market latches on and has lots of money to spend(not likely). I also suggest all who even think of dropping a cent on this game going forward to play until chaos 1 at a minimum before spending.
  7. Wrong. It can do A LOT of harm. You are pushing the product to the door and saying "this is our vision and we are happy with this" which is going to turn a lot of people off. It is also a lot of pressure to push the game out the door no matter what. This all likely stems from them making a deal with Microsoft to make a few dollars and I will bet you it is going to end up costing them a lot more than the few dollars are worth. How do you also call Trendy that small of a company either? They would easily be considered mid-sized And how does that matter to any end consumer who is not invested? You mention team size on scope of a game not quality.
  8. Yes but you only get 1 chance at saying "the game is ready" and as it stands the former DD1 players I talk to and tell about all the current issues really do not want to even touch it.
  9. We have all these points that have not been used in what 11 months? Why not even ask our opinion on it? You could have still released and ignored us but I think the vote would have gone in the favor of not releasing yet.
  10. I 100% agree. The release is just saying "This is the best we could do." The extra content is saying "we had more idea's that we wanted to keep working on the game to do stuff that was either out of scope, fix stuff or the game was successful enough to continue on." The problem is the early access system gives the devs a bit too much feedback at times and has them second guess multiple times over. I mean how many times was the UI redone? The old forge was removed, the upgrade lady was scrapped, gran master got a new job, wyvern tokens got retired, the campaign got fully revamped, the lvling system got changed multiple times, the hero deck got revamped multiple times, the sphere system was trashed and much more. The devs did a lot of work and I do not doubt that, but the end work is still not in a good enough to put forward state and while I may sound like an armchair developer I am speaking from a consumer point of view. I have 114 friends on my list with DD1. 6 on my list have over 1k hrs(I also have 1k+ hrs). Another 6 have 500-999 hrs. Another 11 have at least 200 hours. Now compared to the completely free DD2 I have 51 people on my list that have added DD2 to their library. Of those 24 have less than 5 hrs. Of those 4 people(and me) have 200+ hrs. Only another 7 have at least 50-199 hrs.
  11. While you say it's not the end, your launch is your best foot forward. The main issue is you seem to be pushing the game out while a lot of people are still unhappy with elements. I have a decent sized list that will be posted in the next few days of issues ranging from minor to to wall issue you mention. If this is the best foot forward DD2 has, then it's going to be a big spike and then rapid exodus. The gameplay is not as smooth as dd1 was and honestly 3 months might have made all the difference in getting a good game out as a lot of it is more minor things that will stack(other than the walls). With a release now you are going to lose A LOT of potential customers(people who buy stuff) because they will try it and never come back.
  12. Please shove the Orc *** that leaked here. The left side of the pic I could not move past.
  13. Yeah i like it too. One problem is that you have to be nearly lvl 1000 to max out 2 defenses. So right now i can only hybrid things like walls or utility towers. That is where extra heroes come into play. Also I want to give Trendy props for getting the loading times down massively on the game. The load time used to be 1min at the minimum if not more. That was with a SSD too. The other good thing they got fixed was the connection issues. I was unable to connect to another map for at least 6 months without having to go to tavern. You may think that is not that bad but I also had issues connecting to a tavern/map where it would stall and hang for 1-3 mins then do that anywhere from 1-3 times in a row.
  14. She leaked from that.... The right side is blocked so she was able to walk past the left when she really should not have.
  15. I'm only near the end of Chaos 4 but the big issue is I cannot tell if there is still better gear to get or if I should even bother with upgrading any of them. There needs to be better ways to tell if you are maxed out for a difficulty. The good thing about ipwr before is you would know what the max gear a difficulty was.
  16. Don't worry: The updated Incursions will come out before any additional Chaos tiers. Onslaught when? Also we ever going to get that grass hill onslaught map? or any other maps anytime soon?
  17. Super well said. Thanks! Now tell me, how can we grow DD2 playerbase with this type of thing? Even experienced players are having a hard time to figure this BS out, now think about new players? Without loot progression, most will quit playing during the first week. The system itself isn't flawed (geardrops based on heroes), but the explanations (or rather, the complete lack of them) is hindering the system from working as intended. As is the fact that it's not based on the highest hero(es) and punishes people for not spending extra time removing heroes from the deck. It would prevent leeching and people jumping to highest tier instantly (what's intended to do) if people actually realised it was pointless to leech a c7 in campaign gear, for example through a simple message somewhere. As it is now however it's a really stupid system. And the fact that there's still no explanation after a couple of patches since trials update is mind boggling and shows a remarkable level of stupid from the developers. Or they're looking for new jobs and don't mind Trendy going bankrupt. You hit the nail on the head. If I can fairly easily avoid a system but I have to do something kinda annoying, why have that annoying step in the first place especially when it does not make the experience better?
  18. I changed up some stuff, spent like 12k+ medals on shard packs and beat my first chaos 4. All the drop loot was crap then I go to check the legendary chest! I must be able to get an upgrade as since they converted loot I have found 0 better pieces of loot as I already had nm4 loot. The legendary pops out and.... it has 300 attack power, the blue next to had over 700. I don't even. I found out it's because unless all your heroes in deck are geared you will get garbage, why is that even a thing? So I have to use all my builders and then remove them so I can actually get better gear? This is just needless grinding. I already have the good loot so why can't I just get more of it? I understand part of why this was implemented as to block people from just joining a chaos 7 game and getting good loot, but why do people who have decent gear have to suffer? I keep trying to like this game and every time I play I ask myself why I'm wasting my time here.
  19. If this were true, it would be pretty rare for anyone to complete a map at C4 or beyond. I never said it was every game, it's enough to make it an issue though. For a casual user this can easily turn them off and for someone who is not that interested in coming back it will just push them away. The other issue is that the game is forcing meta.
  20. Not necessarily. Everyone has different tastes so a good game to you might be different than one to me. I'm not gonna judge what others consider a good game, but to consider the game bad because enemies are being smart doesn't seem fair to me (even if it's unintended behavior). Sure it's probably not intended and will eventually be fixed but I don't see it as a "fix this or the game sucks" thing. As long as there's still a way to get around it, I'm okay with figuring out that way (in fact that's one of the reasons I play games like this, I like to solve problems). There is more than 1 way to stop a skeleton from dropping off the ledge, and 1 of the ways costs no more than the "normal" way (just move the barricade to a spot where the skeleton isn't close to the cliff). The problem is that same as the lady orc's the skeletons can and will walk over/around barricades no matter the setup. I have had them walk straight over my barricades as I watched. I mean this is only 1 of many issues with the game. I still cannot continue matches as it bugs. This is almost 2 months after I sent logs in without an email back or anything. The only way I can get consecutive match wins is if I watch for it to bug out even further and then put me in a new empty game after I click continue. It takes the majority of the time I launch 2-3 times to get into a match which means 1-2 mins of waiting per time to just get it to stop bugging out and connect me. This is game breaking time wasting bugs that ruin the fun. When a lady orc climbs over my wall it does make me go "ah shucks, I guess I could have done better" It's more like "*** that ***, why am I still playing?" edit: This is a f2p game and you need people playing and caring about it. As of now nobody I know wants to play it. Me and 1 friend keep trying to play it but every time we do we just don't want to play it anymore. I know 3 other defense councilors that do not play at all. Since I try it a lot I get asked if the game is worth playing and every time for the longest time I have had to say no. I started playing Orcs Must die Unchained yesterday and I have been having more fun with that than I have had in DD2 in a long time.
  21. isn't the goal to end up with a good game? "good game" is subjective. A good game has consistent gameplay. The skeletons need to be fixed too. The mobs while their objective is to get to the core they need to break the defenses first. That's one of the reasons it's called tower defense.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adf66dRs-yY&feature=youtu.be I sent the vid to isom via skype and to the logs[[63962,users]].
  23. I have sent dev logging on this march 2nd. I have enabled it and been testing it. I got vid of the weird janky connecting + logging of it all happening. Working on making the vid cut down and will send it into the email again and I can send it on skype too. It does the same exact thing on solo on private as it does on pub.
  24. I'm surprised you even wanted to invest time. The game is fairly mediocre as it stands. I just wanted to login to check out the skins.
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