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  1. Dungeon Defenders II: Protean Shift Preview

    @Absolutez quote:

    I understand that there is a percentage of the playerbase that has been asking for player shops or trading for some time now but it is a HUGE mistake.

    Diablo 3 launched with in game auction house and after about a year was not considered to have lived up to the success it was expected to have. When Reaper of Souls the expansion was released they made the difficult decision to remove the auction house from the game entirely and now there are devs who have openly stated their greatest regret was implementing it in the first place. Reaper of souls turned the game around and was met with a lot of positive feedback from the community. 

    Let me put it to you this way. Why should I bother playing the game if I can simply sit in the market place buy low / sell high, acrue gold eventually purchase the best loot for myself and suddenly I've entirely bypassed the entire experience and yet that's what trading does even if for most people in smaller doses. 

    It's about the journey NOT the destination. Trading is about players taking a shortcut to the destination and bypassing the journey, or to be more blunt skipping gameplay which should be the core of any video game. Everything else, all the other systems should exist to support it, never take away from it.

    But people play for different reasons.  After a while you may just want to buy that item you need or the resources you need. I mean honestly so many games just make stuff like this a needless grind. At the same time if you are playing with someone and you get what they need don't you want to be able to share it with them?

    Personally depending on the game I will go DEEP into trading and play on the higher end of the markets. I mean I ended up doing like $150k of tf2 trading because I like trading.

    In response to Absolutez

  2. Patch 2.4 Preview: The Sky City Bank!

    Um... this feels like it will do almost nothing to help all the issue of people wanting to play the game. I mean your user retention numbers have been fairly horrible since 2015. I checked and out of my friends list with 12 people at over 200hrs in dd1 there is only 3 over 200 in dd2, only 10 people on my list got past 30hrs . Only 40 people touched dd2 vs 95 on dd1.  I have mentioned dd2 to people I play with now and then with none of them really that interested, all of which played dd1. Every patch since 2015 has mostly just made the game worse with some slight quality of life improvements. The reason I end up "playing" is mostly just farming which ends up just being addiction(getting medals for characters) rather than fun. I have not really had fun in the game since 2015.

  3. Devstream 67 Now on YouTube!

    I have to say I am really annoyed that you opted to change the weekend event. I have not cared much for the 3x medal weekend as it meant playing and slowly getting them but then you opted to change that on the fly so I only bothered to login when my 3 dailies were ready and did 2 and logged in today and listened to the dev stream as the stream was not up when I was looking to watch it before. I like the mission madness but it needs to be known when these events would happen so we can prepare.

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