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  1. Resetting now also resets your pets, but after the update it won't.
  2. The addition of the materials in general was something that was brought about by design, but most people aren't so happy that they just clog your inventory. Unless the goal is for people to avoid the modification system just making people put up with the space issues is rather unfair. A solution to that, everyone gets a 25 slot material vault that can be upgraded with gems or medals. It could even be something that could be uncapped to a degree? A few options 25 base increased by 25 until 99 then increased by 50/100 until 999 by medals 25 base increased by 25 until 99 then increased by 50/100 until 999 by medals then beyond by gems 25 base increased by 25 until 99 then increased by 25/50 until 500 by medals and increased beyond by gems I mean overall the cost could still be the same amount of gems but the option to use medals.
  3. The 3-floor thing is the main reason I'm not pushing high floors. I pushed to 81, does not feel good man.
  4. Well the idea was more you popup the inventory menu and then press something inside of it to switch your deck in and out. The f keys would just be an easy one to setup for pc, as far as console it could be some button combo to switch out the decks to the next one.
  5. i saied the exact same thing a few months ago ... i just hope this idea get's more popularity and it's added to the game ... Deck Presets F5, F6 = 2 Presets already. Ya I'm using like 6 characters as builders currently depending on map and what I feel like plus a dps. It's such a pain to keep swapping in chars.
  6. Honestly I think it would be better to just create deck presets. You create sets of 4 that you can quickly swap between via like a dropdown/ scrolling menu. You don't really need more than 4 out at a time as that would just clutter the menu more but if you could press like f5/f6 in menu to change to another deck would be nice.
  7. The vendors SHOULD still be able to sell lvl 5 mods, just remove whatever was rerolling loot on login. You have to finish a map or wait 1.5hrs to get a new set of gear in the shop.
  8. idk I'm pretty good about not selling the good stuff but since this update my inventory has become a mess and a good near perfect pair of gloves I wanted to use got sold. It hurts considering I still have not found anything close to them :( I sold a perfect lvl 5 Def rate mod to a guy for 60m, he accidentally sold it.
  9. I don't think the tax itself is really even an issue, the issue is that you are forced to pay it no matter what. There is not enough trade slots to warrant buying just for storage. Even if someone did, isn't that their choice? Why should the tax not be ignored after x amount of time though? Most game that make you pay to list are also listing on an auction house meaning every single person in the server gets to see the price and you can gauge a price. If you are comparing to warframe then they don't charge you ANYTHING unless you trade it away. If we cannot get a gauge on the price, then how are we to sell stuff? I understand why you want there to be that penalty, but not why it needs to have no chance of mitigation.
  10. "High priced" is relative. It does not matter if an item is listed for 10m or 1m. It matters what people will actually pay for an item and no one knows what the price if items are going to be until the economy gets fleshed out. And even then once it does balance out, an item listed for 500k could be "high" when its average could be 450k. So again, "high priced" is relative. Awful feature when we have no visibility on the average price for items. It should be changed to like 12-24hrs and then the fee is removed for relisting.
  11. Honestly as someone who CAN go hardcore on this game game but has near zero motivation to even play it. The gilding, dusting and shards being lost on AP reset is not going to help the game. If anything what they should do is reset all your levels on shards to 0 when you reset plus they get locked away and you get to use/lvl them once you hit the chaos lvl required to use them. That way it solves the 10 shards part. The benefit guilding is that you can use them right away after AP reset, they don't reset and they are stronger. Those of us here are the 1% of the community as the majority do not go on forums. Those of us on the forums who actually have played a decent bit are the .0001% of the community and currently that is not that big of a community. This is a damn free2play sequel to a popular game, this game should be a lot more popular than it is. Now why should the majority of people even want to reset? Also 10:1 should be more like 3-5:1 for dusting. If they want to add trading then maybe increase it? If you factor in trading it would probably balance out demand with supply.
  12. I had to REALLY dig through the old streams to find this part that I have mentioned for a while. It's about 1 min 20 secs Will we ever see a true survival mode that is more than 5 waves back in dd2?
  13. Well they have already changed gear so it can be upgraded so your c7 or c8 gear will not be obsolete if c8, c9 or c100 released, you would just have to finish upgrading it. I mean stock becomes obsolete if a company goes under too and having 1 million VCR's today is not something that any sane person would want. This also leads to the question of "what happens when a company can't/won't support a project anymore?" which is an interesting question. What if say DD2 was no longer profitable to continue on and trendy had blockchain based items plus a community/legal expectation to try and find a way for them to live on? What should happen if a game dies? Also a point I made posts back was that say DD2 shutdown and COD #52 said "we will give you a free something in our game if you send us one of your items from DD2".
  14. Sorry, but you are 100% completely wrong here. Blizzard has End-User Agreements that specifically state that the content, virtual items, character accounts.. are all their intellectual property. You own NOTHING. EXACTLY! The point is that the ownership of virtual content DEPENDS ON THE DEVS DECISION, not on the use of blockchain. It's not blockchain that allows any of that, it is only the willingness of devs, they could do it even right now without blockchain if they wanted to. Ya but without using something as the middleware there is not a high chance individual games would implement stuff like it. I mean steam has been that middleware to a degree, but that's only somewhat of the solution and even that does not really work well anymore.
  15. Sorry, but you are 100% completely wrong here. Blizzard has End-User Agreements that specifically state that the content, virtual items, character accounts.. are all their intellectual property. You own NOTHING. This is 100% true. In MOST games you are eligible for a non-refundable perma-ban if you try to personally profit off of someone else's game. Hell, Nintendo has sued and won against people for streaming themselves playing a Nintendo game before. I do not think you truly understand what is being proposed here, and recommend you read the article I posted at the top of the thread. I am cool with people sharing their views. You can think the idea is bad, or stupid. But some of the stuff you have posted here is just factually wrong. The most common application of Blockchaining in videogames now is the following... 1) Direct purchases of unique items 2) limited or unique skins 3) the trade or reselling of those items. If you got a unique Mount in WOW and tried to sell it for cash, You could lose everything. You get a rare skin, awarded to you for winning a completion, and blockchain is involved for selling... You could keep it for yourself for years and then sell it later to a whale for $$$$. All securely supported by the game and it's partners with no challenge legally. How Trendy plans to do Blockchain is still unknown. I for one seriously doubted where this latest Expansion was going to take us. I thought their planning and design was in question. However, after learning the vision they have for the update, I am impressed. We will need to see how well it handles at release, but I know they will patch it as required and make it a success. They have earned my faith, and good will. I am interested to see how they incorporate blockchaining. Meanwhile, as long as blockchaining does not negatively effect me.. I see it as a positive for DD2. The unique inclusion should garnish interest into the game, raise awareness, and increase the playerbase. Ya blockchain is merely the ledger for which a currency or asset is transferred. There is also A LOT of potential for developers to work together to cross pollinate their games too. Say warframe wanted to target people who play DD2, well they could offer to give you something for certain stuff in dd2. I mean not everything would need to be on the blockchain as some things do make sense for not being tradeable(say unlimited color pallets from warframe) but what if they offered a dd2 themed color pallet for free to users for giving x amounts of stuff and make a deal with trendy, sell it themselves or just trash it. It could be a way to also target audiences in the future with say alphas or other things. It also gives opportunities to developers to try and engage users, when you consider marketing can cost as much or more than the cost of a game then having more methods to get stuff in front of a user is good. This is all stuff that is enabled when a system like this shows up in more games. It's not something that will immediately show it's value until later as games take advantage of it.
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