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  1. I would like to see a layout too :) I've always had a DU problem with squire towers :/
  2. Try to place the enrage auras near the mob spawnpoints (away from your chokes). So you have to handle only 1-3 ogres at the same time because they get blocked.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lag Thats what i am talking about! You Click on a barricade to repair... nothing happens... after a short period of time, the barricade is full, without seeing something happen... Or u watch the ogres HP... they went down from 10m to 5m to death... Then Player and Mob positions. It feels like they are warping around.
  4. Nothing to do with the map. Your host seams to lag while the waves get bigger. Other maps with way more mobs running around run smooth without any lags! And it is, as i said, only this map! It still doesn't matter whos hosting it.
  5. boke Here is 140 DU version, but i have posted a 140 one before too :/ Thank you very much! I'll give that enrage auras a try :)
  6. Our layout is - http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=12155 . Would be nice to see a 140 DU version of that setup. (Looks like the same setup, that me and some friends are using... But without Enrage... Are they rly helpful ?)
  7. I've never had such problems with this game... The disconnects are steams fault, not trendys... Maybe check your drivers and stuff...
  8. Hi! Me and some friends having some problems while doing the maps i've mentioned in the title. The one who is the host doesn't have any lags (as usual), but the rest of us. Portal Protector: lag starts at wave 2 or 3 Misty Survival (NM HC MM): lag starts at around wave 10-12 Misty is the only map, that laggs with more then one ppl doing it (for me and my friends, of course!). Other survival maps with way more mobs running around at a time aren't a problem... no lags etc. everything works fine and smooth :/ On Portal Protector, sometimes the spiders glitch through the bottom or throu
  9. That trap bug hurts... I've seen it myself... Fully repaired trap with one star has lets say 150 charges. Then u upgrade it to 3 star and your trap has a maximum of 50 or less charges... and i don't think thats a feature :)
  10. Or what about a popup field, where we can enter an amount of mana we want to spend on this item ? Or what would be much more effective, a popup that asks for the amount of upgrades i want to do... Edit: Guess u have high end gear... 200+ Upgrades on your armor and 250+ Upgrades on your weapon + lets say 150 on your pet... That are more then 1k clicks on "Invest all" + the clicks for investing a stat point...
  11. Hm, how did you get the spider queen's attention? First of all, congragulations :)! As far as i know, the queen is attacking the nearest target. So to get the attention of her, stay as close and then let somebody else sell the barricade she is attacking. (But don't forget to build a new one :))
  12. The towers could tank her just because of the squire guardian. If i remember right it had about 50+ in boost.
  13. Here are some strategies on how to beat her: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?39871-Misty-Nightmare-Boss-even-possible-without-mods-hacks
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