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  1. My Beta ReviewHello everyone it is Atherial here to bring you all of the things i have noticed in a single post. i had waited my time till i have everything i need to know and could make this single post. Also i have been really tired and just now have regained the energy to type all this out. So without further due i would like start on a positive note and give thanks to some people. Nexus: Thanks for your work on the tavern, i appreciate the time you spent making it please don't take anything i have to say personally as it is not mean't that way.The rest of the CDT: Thanks for the good work i would not be able to write this without you.So we will be following a schedule on this post in the following order. The TavernThe New MapsThe WeaponsGeneral ChangesAny Last ThoughtsThe TavernSo before i put my concept art i created in the post i will go over my pros and cons of the new tavern and any bugs i have noticed beyond the simple frame rate problems. Pros Has extra space for shops and general cramped tavern floors.Has a increased limit of items to be placed.Diamond forge is nice.Added space for trophies.Looks very nice and resembles the old tavern.Love that the doors open and close i can see use for this in map making in the futureCons A bit too large especially the outside of itA bit too grand for my taste (personal opinion)Ledge over the tavern keep is annoying and also a fair few also dislike itTower seems pointless if only a music boxAnnoying that you are unable to bring people into the tower and have them see itemsOutside tends to look the same after long enough and the snow is super blatantSo i have created a small concept art to show what my original thoughts for a tavern expansion would consist of . Hope that this can help in some way with determining what people actually want. Question: will the fact the new tavern exists mean we do not get any new themes like ember and or moonbase since it is so large i could not see us ever getting new ones due to the time investment. If we had a smaller tavern if players wanted them it would not take nearly as much work to implement them. The New MapsI am very happy with the new maps and even happier with them not having achievements. Since i feel that adding them to this game just annoys people even though i really don't mind. So i will now go into each map in as much detail as i can. Dread Dungeon very nice map i do really like the feel of a smaller map like it. And sorta think we have a good option in the future to make more end game maps that don't need to be made hard by adding 5 or 6 crystals. i am a little disappointed that we do not have a challenge mode of dread dungeon that maybe has all skeletons and ogre skeletons (giant sized skeletons with ogre like hp that re-spawn and full hp). Call it skeletal hordes or something like that. Temple of Water I really like this map also may i just say that the water textures in DD are not actually that bad.... i love the fact that there is a underwater area which on my first run i forgot existed. The map looks nice and the rework is pretty great i feel we should do another vote since there are still very good maps out there on the workshop still. Temple of Poly Nice to see a challenging map with lives and a time limit. I feel that the time limit and lives actually improve the map in general since it means that you have to think and be prepared instead of oh ill try this and wait this does not work so forth. Very good work though i agree with caimen on making the drop rates better for items in poly since doing 12 runs and getting 1 ult is a bit brutal expecially if the stats have a high roll variability like ember. Imagine the time it would take to get a ult++ of any of those items the way it is. The WeaponsI basically agree with caimen on this i think re using the ember crescent this early is a bit annoying considering you could have taken maybe the jade spear and made it have the same effect and glow blue. I do not have much else to say on weapons as i think caimen has said everything needed to be said. Though i will suggest some items if we decide to make a dread dungeon themed challenge map. Bone Glaive: A glaive made of bone it uses the glaive model and is a a white tone. Slow rate high damage maxed at +3 proj.Spine Sword: A boneyard blade modelled weapon that is white like a spine and has a very fast attack rate and a large size. (high dps low hawk)The Corpse Tosser: One of those skeleton guns with the same tone as the others listed above and a very high attack rate but caps ammo at 35 or something around there requiring a reload every few bursts.Skeletal Staff: a staff that shoots projectiles in a ring around you based off (a staff model with a skull 90% sure it exists) The staff would have bad single target but can hit mobs from all angles making it unique and useful in specific scenarios. I tried to keep these as just simple re-colours of past items just so that it is easier to make and can be done in a decent time if you guys like the concept. General ChangesI like almost every change though i still feel like LT's are slightly over toned.I love the added character slotsAny Last SpotsGreat job on all your work hope you all have a great day.
  2. sure ill give the stuff to kiwi he can do it for me :)
  3. i think that the plate set is good also the chest has like 320^ mail chest has sorta low hp
  4. there that is what i got lets see if kiwi or cheddah can upgrade any of them :) i challenge you guys....
  5. i got a very nice plate dps helm if i remember right. ill go see what i got in those 2 catagories and pass them to kiwi later to give to you.
  6. yo should get stuff from kiwi then come ask me for specific items like if kiwi has a ful set but a helm then ask me i may have stff also it takes time to look throgh 100's of items to make a set way easier to just be ien specifics though i would love to help. just have been vendering lots of my mid tier stff lately added with the fact i really dont play that mch means my stocks are not what they se to be. best of luck
  7. you can through the forums but i just looked to see what i actully have at this very moment and saddly im running really low and decent gear..... sorry
  8. i may not have a entire set but if you come talk to me i could get yo something semi decent for dps... for free.
  9. Atherial


    welcome back isom and remember Boon Neca
  10. ah karazhan was a great raid back in the day. the chess event was a pretty great encounter. honestly that entire raid was a massive success. remember taht squid staff :D
  11. then have a minimum bid instead of a reserve? otherwise the auction is just a waste of time Well due to your request, the minimum bid, or what my reserve was, is 110 CV honestly years ago you would have gotten that.... but now..... not really gonna happen unless a bidding war between 2 rich people breaks out...
  12. lightning told me to do this so i guess i will bid 35 cv (Vortex Hammer + bLack mAGIC) as we discussed in PM's
  13. that is what im here for now please i want that negative triple cap with a black appearance.
  14. ill take 1 ticket since i would buy 2 but kana....
  15. Yah i was pretty sure that it was intended also acen just saying what we noticed and how it worked out for us. also one commen on the contrast between the snow in the winter theme. outside it can be a bit jarring with post processing on.
  16. in awnser to darks upstairs room me kiltedklingon and gunnar did a fair bit of testing on that last night and in gunnars words "found some goofy stuff" you can't summon more than 1 person at once each needs to be done individually. host can see items in the top area but only host even if someone is looking at the item they are unable to see it. even if the item is there own item.
  17. Basic ConceptSo im back with this concept again people did like it and now that i hit the beta (thanks kilted and gunnar for dragging me on) i have tested and see a perfect opportunity that if i am not mistake could be done rather easily. So in the area above the tavern but not the tower i constructed this chess board with darkness traps and ethereal spike traps though it ran into one issue, that being there is a area you are unable to build in due to the crystal being below it. So i thought you can change the themes and even at this time we are seeing themes that are being combined (known bug) you could place a little warrior or ideally chess piece in the top area where you change seasons and music. When activated all it places is a basic chess board to the area. the chess board does not have to be complex just black and white tiles that fill the entire zone. it could even replace the floor texture on that lower area not even needing a another 3d model since that area is lowered it would look great. another thing holding this back is the fact that the MU in the tavern is too low to fill a full board with pieces. But i will go into the gameplay and how i suppose this could work tiles wise. Gameplay BasicsThis game revolves just like normal chess with each playing taking a turn to start each player has there minions 10x - archer2x - lightning tower2x - orc2x - spider1x - mage1x - warriorplayers can move pieces by using left click and clicking the ( - ) key to make the selection the size of one minion. they can then use the commands to move tiles when a piece is removed it will be walked over into a sectioned off physical beam area that will act as a graveyard. You may be wondering how will they move the lighting tower then atherial, well to answer that they don't either the host of the tournament will be playing on a mage to sell and re place the tower or you will use a jester for move tower. To tell the difference between each teams pieces we will apply upgrades to one entire side but not the other this way there will be no confusion. The PiecesThe Pawn The Bishop  The Knight The Tower The Queen The King ConclusionHere is my basic idea please note that i do not know the technical issues with making a board and bumping up DU. But nexus did say he wanted to maybe do some mini games and well here i have updating on a past idea with more solid ideas and a bit more testing behind it. I also think it would be a cool idea to make another game concept that has more to do with DD where 1 side is the old ones army's and the other side are setting up towers but that can be done after once a board is built. another issue that i see is placing minions on that one side of the place where you are unable to summon making all this irrelevant i looked to see if there was a map on ranked that would be good to do something like this on but failed to find anything with either the DU and the space since the board needs to be made from either beams or traps. Another nice thing about having it in the tavern is if you want live people watching you could host it as a shop named "Winter Chess Tournament". That way you can have the 2 playersthe judge (mage)17 watchers seeing what is going onSo let me know what you think of this expanded on idea. hope we at least get closer to mini games so i can "afk" in my tavern and do something. > Atherial
  18. what do you value gorons tunic at? also rip no cast rate vender it
  19. vortex hammer (whatever you value at)
  20. no problem not sure if this works for Hard bt it sure did work for easy
  21. My Entryso i have done the impossible, i have managed to grant the ogre the best number of kill and that number being 1 below i will show how i managed such a feat. so first we have the lower area set up i placed aura stacks of only strength drain and lighting auras. a few proton beams to catch the tricky ones that slip past since you dont want the ogre hitting more than 1 monster. Then i spawned the ogre on wave 4/5 where one monster spawns from the top area. Then waited till he walked over and got hit by our ogre. So here we are with my entry to the giveaway. have a good day i wish everyone luck on the drawing or leaving your computer on for years to get enough kills to win the grand set.
  22. this is the strangest auction i have ever seen lol everyone bidding privately
  23. WHAT?!!!! Get it back. I need to win that, whatever it is. is this a clever tie in to another event. like rescue the christmas special from the grinch and get a reward. :)
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