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  1. My PoemRoses are red. Violets are blue. Caimen's internet sucks. His ping is almost as bad as acen's radius. Which is more depressing? Boon Neca
  2. Thank you for the opportunity, but I'm not able to beat this NMHC. I can only do it on insane ATM :( You are able to do it on insane if you are unable to do it on NMHC
  3. feel free to enter my giveaway there are 3 full ult and high tower sets (2 of them have a ult+) https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/142623/see-comment?scrollTo=1262630#1262630
  4. Thanks so much for entering that puts or entry's at 12 as i was forced to remove one person due to unfortunate reasons. For my first giveaway on the forums this is not bad. We still got a fair bit to go lets see how many entries we can obtain then i will list you guys based off rng all in a picking order based off the order you posted. Moonwalk that is my fav tower also love them. Also if anyone else want to make multiple peoples entrys in a single post feel free as DD is better with friend. Hope you all have a good day and have fun using some interesting towers on akatiki. EDIT: Also someone asked me you are able to do insane if you are unable to do NMHC i mean't to say that above but never got around to it or forgot since i typed this at 2 am. EDIT 2: i am going to leave the entering running until 2 weeks from now just so everyone gets a decent amount of time to get entered then i will do the drawing.
  5. To make sure this does not break apart i will run some WW on medium a few times.
  6. People in order of post 1. Pjior 2. ChronoTide 3. [Ger] Michili 4. Sup Homie 5. Killingislife 6. Haruy 7. Kiwi 8. Richo 9. Mutakin 10. Bellyfloprussian 11. Moonwalk 12. Tiger-Hell NL 13. Saus 14. Uncrowned Data 15. Infer.nuub 16. Dovascrub 17. Sam116 Picking Order 14. Picked Set 1 (Morgoth) 4. Picked ++ Chain Tower Gloves 5. Picked Lady Vashr 3. Picked Gandolf 11. 17. 9. 12. 6. 8. 13. 1. 7. 2. 15. 16. 10. (so starting with uncrowned data we will go down the list when it is your time to pick you have a certain amount of time i will try and contact you when it is your time if i cannot contact you and you don't contact me your pick will be skipped and another person below gets the item you want.
  7. IntroductionHello everyone that has been a member of this great community I have decided that i am going to be giving away a fair bit of my items to you guys on the forums. I went through my friends list already and gave away a fair bit already. I am keeping things that i am either using on my characters which i am going to show a few below this and items that have importance to me in any way. It has been great guys expect to still see me but i may not be grinding away like i use too. Now enough sad stuff and lets get on with the items i am giving away and how to enter for them. Show off album ( http://imgur.com/a/dnn6l ) How to enterI am going to try and keep it simple on the entering side of things so here are the steps below and a sample entry. Complete Akatiki on NMHC with using the following towers only, (you can do insane if you are unable to beat the map on NMHC) Ensnare Aura Enrage AuraLightning AuraStrength Drain AuraPhysical BeamBowling Ball TowersSlice 'n Dice BlockadeMagic Missile TowerDeadly Striker TowerBuff BeamParty PopperArcher MinionOrc MinionOgre MinionEthereal Spike TrapGas TrapDarkness TrapPost Steam URL Favorite DD Tower Example Screenshot of towers built Steam URl: ( __________ ) Fav Tower: Slice 'n Dice Items up for GrabsThe moment you all came for the items you can win how this is gonna work is i will take all the entries and put them into a random.org the order of which you post is your number and that will correlate to a picking number which for you lazy people i will write out. I then go down the list and each person may pick what they want in order of that picking order. Note you cannot reserve items so may rng be in your favour. So lets get into this and have some free stuff. To make things interesting im not gonna show you what they are just make fun names for them. Note that there are only lots in total with a total of around 36 items all of decent quality some to very high quality. If you take too long to respond and pick a item during your turn you will be skipped if there are more than 15 people if someone is skipped then the 16th person gets to pick the last item and so forth. Also i reserve the right to add more items at any time :). Set 1: Morgoth (only armor) | (1 ult+, 3 ult) , 3 ultSet 2: Lady Vashr (only armor) | (1 ult+, 3 ult) Set 3: Gandolf (only armor) | (4 ult) Hybrid Booster ab1/ab2 The Genie 999 Tower Damage Hawk Ult++ Troller's Revenge 404^ rift not found ++ 191XXX DPS Moby Ult++ Chain tower gloves Capping DPS leather Gloves ConclusionWish all of you guys the best of luck and good loot in the land of Eternia this is my way to give back to all of you that helped make my time in this game amazing. <3
  8. to be honest ger this was just to see if by fluke something good could come up. i really don't care for auctioning nd trading in general anymore in DD. I am starting to feel like my time in this game is ending. For 15cv i would rather make a nice giveaway for the gloves and hope someone is happy winning them :) <3 Atherial
  9. enddate i stted was this wensday in the event prices list at the bottom if i recall. reserve is defintely higher thn 15cv.
  10. Thanks plane, some were seeing it and others were not seeing it. EDIT: well it appears it is back for me also.....
  11. I'm aware that the image has stopped working and will reupload it tomorrow when i wake up . it is too late for my to bother trning on my PC at this moment i will update when the image has started working again.
  12. If these were boots my monk would want me to consider bidding :)
  13. Event PricesFearsome Trainers Mask = 25cvCalvary = 35cvBling Bling Bracers = 35cvKraken's Good Eye = 40cvMana Master = 20cvBoneyard Blade = 20cvStaff of the pumpkin = 30cvMagicite = 100cvAladins Wish = 45cvVile Lords = 20cvOdin's Mask = 30cvAny other ones that i did not put here feel free to message me and also the end date is going to be about 1 week from now on the next wensday at 12 pm PST.
  14. After hearing endless compaints i have raised the price of singe caps and lowered the price of non caps. I will also accept up to 15 cubes instead of not accepting them. C/O = Ger 15cv
  15. IntroductionHello folks i wanted to auction these ult++ chain gloves. they have great sides though the damage was very lacking. Without further diddy dally lets get into the details. Self FarmedThere is ReserveMinimum Bid Increment below 15 is 1cv above 15cv is 5cvICed by Caimenerino KripperinoAccepted CurrencyCoal = Not Accepted Cubes = Not Accepted Diamonds = (0/10/15) Events PM me about them but below i have listed ones that i will not accept Both event catsDeath WishRain MakerNPCBean'sMr, SkellyThe Item´╗┐´╗┐ Have a good day C/O =
  16. IntroductionHello everyone here i have a item i farmed up a while ago and have just put into storage. I wanted to know the approximate market value of this item so here i am auctioning it. So lets get right into the details. Self FarmedThere is a ReserveMinimum Bid Increment of 1 when lower than 10 and 5 when higher than 10Accepted CurrencyCoal = Not Accepted Cubes = Max of 10 Diamonds = (0/0/15) Events PM me for prices on this one but below are not accepted Bean'sDeath WishNPCBoth Event CatsMr, SkellyHighly Wanted Events Fearsome MaskKrakens Good EyeVilesThe Item Have a good day
  17. I wanted to wait til i had enough to say so i could make 1 post instead of lots of disjointed ones hope something i said was useful. Good to hear about new special themes i like them though i think they shold maybe run for the first like 2 - 3 months of a patch then revert to the old "new" tavern since some times we all miss it :). I wil be working on more feedback once the next beta branch is added it will come in the same format. I try my best to not be rude <3 CDT <3 Nexus <3 Boon Neca
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