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  1. I agree also. I love lord of the rings and this always seemed odd. (by far my favourite fantasy universe)
  2. on the squire you need to keep in mind when buffing spin that he does have the double spin glitch. So make sure you keep that in min when it comes to buffing the character. But i do agree he does need a buff. I have been working a lot on the EV lately testing stuff as i feel he is in a extremely good spot but super underrated. The second weapon also allows him to obtain very high stats. Countess needs a buff also i agree with you caimen. (mkjo would also agree on the countess i feel)
  3. Can i just throw something out here. I feel that the disclosure of a public account is a very smart idea for you to do in future auctions. Though i feel that this time it may be a bit too late. It seems fairly fishy that you are not willing to give basic buyer information to people. If you were able to supply that information then there is a high chance that there would have been higher bids on the items you are auctioning. For example i have been looking for a ember sword to put on display in my tavern. When you first put this up i was planning on bidding on that sword. But after looking into it and seeing this happen many times before i did not want to risk it as i have lots of time to get a sword of embers. Hope that you listen to everyone and if not now reveal the account items are farmed on for any future auctions that you make. Have a good day/night and i hope that you stick around and reveal your other account as it can only help you. There is nothing you can lose by revealing your other account unless you are in-fact not getting things in legit ways. Atherial
  4. Hello DefendersIt is me Atherial here to do what i can for the game and bring up some discussion about the current patch and the future patches. I wish for this chat to stay civil as these are only suggestions for possibly ways to make the game more enjoyable for a larger group of people. So without wasting more time lets get into the thick of things with my main points. Main Points Survivals On the topic of survivals i have a few questions to ask and a fair few other points to make. First lets start by talking about rewards for survivals. What is saying that we need to have a pet awarded on a survival map. Lets say that on the final wave of ToW survival we are awarded with a blue bloodshot staff called "the eye of the storm" this item would spawn basically the same as any other staff but be a alternate place to farm a very good staff. Well being slightly different for collection and theme. This would not be limited to only a bloodshot there is a large list of weapons that could be very easily integrated into this format giving people that really like making fancy looking chars or farming a ++ of every weapon at home. To name a few: Crystal Weapons, Base Campaign boss rewards, Any of the Challenge Weapons, ETC. These take the basic Idea of the item and add a interesting spin on them well not bloating maps with the campaign drops making those feel unique along with the survival drops. Another topic i want to cover is core drops that are map specific. The eternia shards introduced many cool and unique weapons that are specific to the map and along with a campaign reward also were obtainable on survival. We all know these weapons things like: Bloodshot, Sea Spear, Prism Glaive, Airship Rudder, ETC. Though in the latest maps we have not noticed these even though the tend to be a variation of the map specific weapon. Meaning we could have let say a ember sword or a ember sceptre that drops as a core drop from ember-mount for example. Not saying this will work for every weapon as i feel that making a core drop ember sceptre on ember would be a disaster. But i think that it would be nice if each map had 1 - 2 or so core drops for each class. That is all i have on rewards as for the maps themselves i feel have been very good. Mob number has been sticking to a decent ammount besides MB but that is due to spooky scaling when cores die. You can tell since it makes skeletons spawn (get it). Thanks for reading this i have more but i feel this is the most important one to post first. Hope this helps anyone and sparks a good discussion. Atherial
  5. but i did not win anything.... i only bid on the good eye and i was out bid
  6. to be honest these things are super nice. If i still had my ult / ++ plate set i would consider buying these since boots were the one thing i was really missing. good luck free bump
  7. i agree with mambo one more time (that makes it like 2) he is very correct on this fact. just since i was willing to drop 120cv+ on a pumpkin kings staff does not mean the staff is worth that much. In general here are my event prices since so far mambo is the only person giving the answers that the OP is asking for. Howling Werewolf -- 25-40cvSomething Blue -- 45-65cvFearsome Trainer Mask -- 25cvAdmiral Djinn -- 15cvRockshatter -- 90cvMana Master -- 45cv +Amor -- Who knowsDwarven Miner's Mask -- 30cvBattle Cruiser Debris Mask -- 35cvCarapace of the Queen -- 35cvSpeed Freak Feather -- 20cvVortex Hammer + Shield -- 25 shield - 20 hammerVile Lord's Clutch -- 10 - 25cv (lets not forget that old hosts still have tons of these)Lava Cuffs -- 25 - 30cvBoneyard Blade -- 30cvMagicite -- 120cv +Staff of Pumpkin King -- 30-40cvRainmaker -- 53 manaGlacier's Demise -- 65 - 75cvAladdin's Wish -- 60cvVamp's Delight -- 25cv - 30cvNPC -- 90cvCavalry -- 45cvHope this is helpful for you now that you have 2 data points to look at for prices. Note my prices are slightly lower than what would be found on past auctions. This is due to the fact this is what you can normally trade them at without either luck or a large time investment. Have a nice day Atherial
  8. Nuh uh this is my fearsome mask Also if you were to auction some of these, would you accept a ++ set as currency? lol if you think so dova :)
  9. ill possibly buy the following if you want to sell them. Fearsome Trainers MaskVilesAladdin WishMessage me if you are interested maybe we can make a deal for one of these items. Also mambo's prices look good. maybe a bit less on the MM Also i see my value of rainmaker is starting to catch on.
  10. 1. B i think the sea horse is fine. This can by proxy raise the chance of finding a good horse due to people wanting to run the new map. Since i personally like sea horses more than other dps pets am completely fine with this. 2. A I think we should follow the trend and keep a stat based pet. Maybe a diamond pet that looks like a water droplet. 3. B that way we don't have to play a ranger on the boss to beat the map if we don't have a amazing of X character. 4. A I want to run with friends.
  11. This pissed me off to no end. The combat time should have been like 5 - 6 mins faster if it was no 1 am and i could see properly. Plus the build time was not done well either. Bah still hate this map. http://imgur.com/a/PSaCJ
  12. Why put a item i want in this do i actully have to reinstall DD to run this. If i make a entry ill update this post if not hope you post the name of the person that won the staff so i can track them down.
  13. I'm 90% sure i was the person that rolled those gloves in the first place. Had a little laugh when i say them up here. I know i gave them away to someone some time. Would need to be at home to tell since my PC has all my screenshots archived and my tablet does not. 750th post!!!!!!
  14. As the title states i want to buy a pumpkin kings staff to finish off my tower app. willing to pay in the following. diamondscubeseventsitemsplease if you have one you are willing to sell message me or post below so i can add you and we can talk about a price. thanks for reading this have a nice day atherial
  15. the auction is now ended people can add me and collect their items everything is sold.
  16. Shame XD 70CV dayum, alright I am out. I hate you from now on xD Atherial, if you still need the diamonds let me know :) Congratz Killing :P.... not. Ok moonwalk ill see what diamonds come in during the trades once this is over since all items are over reserve if i recall right. i may end this auction then if there will be no more bids on anything in the next 24 hours If by the time i get home on the 4th at 12 pm PDT this auction will close otherwise i will let it run out till the days since posted hits 14 days. Thanks for all that have bided hope you all have a great day.
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