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  1. I Am Forever Alone

    I did a run of the map on insane for a nice relaxing run with no minions. I have not played in a long time and am super rusty failing 2 runs prior on NMHCMM Wave 23. No one joined my game and since you said that is fine i made a screenshot of the squire with his one true friend the polly. 


    The Build Screenshot


    Items that i want to enter for

    1. Armguard of Fire
    2. Something Blue
    3. Fearsome Trainers Mask

    Hope you all have better luck then the squire above 


  2. Thanks for the feedback. I quickly changed that, now rainmaker is at a decent price now.

    Also if anyone wants to add their event prices in either the comments here or the comments on the guide it wold be useful for determining what the general feel is on prices in the modern day. Like mambo did on the guide. As said i will be working to update that list constantly and the guide for a matter of fact.

    The glitch happens on the online steam from what i can tell. When loading it on steam i have not had issues. The issue also happened on my DPS EV guide when loaded online.

    Somethings still to add

    • Buyer Information
    • Tricks Section
    • A Example of the Template (Meaning i will auction something soon)
    • Managing Auctions
    • Section on Censoring. Though i linked it may need to be in there.

    As the guide currently is super focused on sellers i also want a section for people that only want to buy and to go into all the things that can be done form a buyers perspective.

    I will attempt to get more done tonight. I also want to make a few more images to show the point and break up the text wall like the headers did. When i first made it the thing was only a wall of text and looked boring.


  3. Welcome

    I have went ahead and created a small guide on the basics and a few advanced auctioning tactics and so forth. On steam guides to attempt to assist people in making well organised and nice to bid in auctions. Hopefully this guide helps someone understand a bit more about auctioning. I have included the following.(thought it should be on forums since you know auctioning is on the forums.

    • A Template
    • Basic Information
    • Event Prices (my prices so sorta out of date)
    • Links to useful stuff

    Link to the Guide

    Hope this helps anyone.


  4. Did you attempt on another internet connection. You said another PC but was it on your network. I would suggest if not to attempt to connect to trendy on another network.

    Did you have a beta branch installed on any of the PCs. Or do you have a DDDK version installed on either of the PCs .

    Maybe if nothing works attempt to load it again once the new patch hits live...

    Note: This can fix itself randomly i'll ask eagle how he got his fixed when he "could not connect to trendy" and get back to you about that. But as said it can be fixed don't lose hope.

    Attempting to help :(

  5. Adding to what Michill said maybe check things that have recently been installed. I know eagle got a issue where he could not connect to trendy though it did get resolved. Pretty sure it was from his internet not letting him connect.

    The firewall suggestion is a good one.

    If you have a laptop maybe attempt connecting on a friends network to see if it is a internet based issue. You can also use a second PC in your home on your home internet to see if it is a PC based issue. Allowing you to narrow down where the issue is based.

    Never tried this for troubleshooting but i did suggest to eagle using a VPN and seeing if that changed anything.

    Hope you get it working and anything i said is useful.

  6. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub 

    you can count me in if you so desire.  i would not mind a salt maker. 

    Note: can't trade till august 3rd or so.

    (i still have a Bob Ross painting as my avatar)

  7. @Black Mamba quote:

    Sweet, that wasn't in any of the patch notes though!
    These should also have a set effect pretty much! :D

    if i recall right they will have a set but it is not fully ready as they encountered issues with it. it was planned for patch 4 along with these acc. But i guess they were moved to patch 3 and the set bonus will come in patch 4.

    (note i am not in the CDT, this is just what i have heard)

    maybe a high stat variation of it would be nice maybe a survival ground drop.

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