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  1. I would accept coal but i don't really want a huge amount of it if you want to make up for a few cubes then it is fine but a whole 200 coal i really don't want. I would take a bit of it through i would not prefer it if you know what I mean. does that awnser your question it is not really that stright forward of a answer. to summarize yes but i would not really like it.
  2. Banned for underestimating the person above's posts.
  3. Edited post to remove the buyout if you want a more in-depth reason why PM me. Atherial
  4. I would like to see. 1. Emerald City 2. striking tree note that i pretty much only play ranked so some of these i have not tried these are the ones that i liked out of the ones that i have tried. striking tree mainly because f the art style and appearance.
  5. I will try and get that for you
  6. Yes but i'm looking into getting a IC from one of the two people listed.
  7. Atherial

    Item Check Thread

    Here to get a item check for my auction
  8. Hello all I'm here with my first auction and have been debating selling this piece for a while now. it has a low amount of ups which holds back the piece but the sides are good. i farmed it myself but I will upload it to item check if needed. I think i will run the auction for a little while ending it on Sunday 10AM/pst. Accepting Cubes Diamonds (5/10/15) Events (Traced) Glaciers Demise 60RainMaker 140Magicite 120Aladins 45Mana Master 25Others let me know Not Accepting Lab Runs C/O = 90cv Have fun
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