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  1. count me in time to farm lab for some currency weapons
  2. im trying to fix them now Edit 1: are any visible? Edit 2: for the mean time im going to post links and number the C/O base off the links. Edit 3: if that does not work then let me know ill find a way.
  3. Hello all it is me Atherial here to auction off some ult armour and other assortments. if you need a item check on a certain item then let me know and i will grab you one. standard rule apply but i will rewrite them anyway. Accepting coal (6 -> 1) cubes diamonds (5/10/15) and i have been looking for a vamps delight so if anyone is buying more than one item and they reach that point i would like one very much. Vamps Delight = 25cv Not Accepting Lab Runs Lab Assault ult++ weapons - since they still are not considered proper currency :) The Items item one http://i.imgur.com/OU9myXO.jpg item two http://i.imgur.com/vMOolqt.jpg item three http://i.imgur.com/aXC59jq.jpg item four http://i.imgur.com/p9xmVvr.jpg item five http://i.imgur.com/AM3sLUG.jpg item six http://i.imgur.com/HBxMeae.jpg item seven http://i.imgur.com/TtXjWnT.jpg item eight http://i.imgur.com/Ez9eIET.jpg item nine http://i.imgur.com/Iq2u2wK.jpg item ten http://i.imgur.com/rXydWfa.jpg Offers C/O for 1 = 2 coal ger C/O for 2 = 2 coal ger C/O for 3 = 3 coal dufus C/O for 4 = 3 coal = dufus C/O for 5 = 2 coal = zig C/O for 6 = 2 coal = zig C/O for 7 = 2 coal ger C/O for 8 = 2 coal = zig C/O for 9 = 2 coal ger C/O for 10 = 2 coal = zig auction will end in about a week give or take have a good day guys. Happy Biding
  4. 1 coal for the tower acc hat one (the head-dress) 1 coal for the tower mask 4
  5. auction over nick i'll give you the blaster later today if you would like Atherial
  6. last call for any other bids i will be ending the auction tomorrow at 3PM pst
  7. sure we can just message me on steam some time we will run some maps and talk about it
  8. banned for not having a legitiment reason...
  9. Hello all it is me again with a smaller auction that has a few extra blaster rifles i got from tinkers lab. if you want i IC i can grab one. Accepting coal cubes Diamonds (5/10/15) Not Accepting Lab Runs so without further a due lets see the items. Auction will end in a week or so maybe sooner 360^ ult blaster C/O =  304^ ult+ blaster C/O = 292^ ult+ blaster C/O = 241^ sup blaster C/O = 319^ ult blaster C/O = 363^ ult+ blaster C/O = 5cv nickdigger and that is it have a nice day Atherial
  10. map 1 http://i.imgur.com/7FkiB9s.jpg map 2 http://i.imgur.com/q6HxiuF.jpg map 3 http://i.imgur.com/jxkC3ur.jpg and the fake glacier is waiting good luck everyone.
  11. well the auction is over and nickdigger106 is the winner with 90cv let me know when you would like to get the helm and how you will pay the 90cv Atherial
  12. 2 hours left of the auction place final bids. C/O - 90cv by nickdiggger106
  13. @nickdigger106 quote: updated
  14. Ult Ult+ and Ult++ have all the same 40% bonus, not 44%. So If it hits just about 700 tmg without bonus it will hit just the 980+ peak. then that is what it will hit i thought it was not the same for some reason. well there is you guys awnser it will hit about 980 tower damage
  15. i was trying to awnser your question about the tower damage when upgraded. i think without the percent bonus from set it will reach 702 (701 if you don't name it) with the 44% i believe that it hits 1010 tower damage ( im not using any sources for this just guessdimating) does that help more
  16. if each upgrade in tower damage is a 1:1 ratio the helm will be just over 700 tower damage but i fell that they are slightly more than 1:1. Atherial
  17. Auction ending in 3 days C/O = 70cv
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