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  1. i have a ult++ dynast with only 271 upgrades but it's stats are decent (still the weapon is trollish) if you want to buy it we can talk ill send you a image when i get on my computer tonight
  2. i want that cursed top hat but i don't want to spend a coal on it (do you accept ult++ lab assult weapons on the all negitive acc)
  3. ok 8 hours till the auction ends finish up any last bids C/O helm = 105cv C/O boots = 11cv
  4. web page is not avalible for me you may want to repost the link. you are able to upload the image to some site like imgur or what ever and then use the little picture icon and paste the direct link so that it appears in the post. (i think the direct link is the only one that works)
  5. you welcome for the help making the list i just noticed that :)
  6. i love this idea i have been making a collection of ult++ lab weapons over the lasy bit and if they could be traded then i would be very happy indeed
  7. ok then 5x what nick bid (5 coal)
  8. your fourms is messing up there moonwalk first the other auction and now this one :)
  9. i can see it so it may just be you
  10. i think melee since they really are not that reat for ranged if you want ranged you go with a sparus.
  11. ok im extending the time this auction will run for till i get home it may be a day or a week depending on weather for flying ( stupid ice fog and blizzards ) i will give a 8 hour notice once i get home to finish up any last bids
  12. i will be closing this auction on Monday at 3 PST so if you have any last bids then feel free to place them. C/O helm = 60cv - uticontra C/O boots = 11cv - ziglash - Atherial
  13. Atherial

    WTA ++ Rogers

    start off with 3 coal. nice find curt.
  14. Atherial

    WTA 2 Ult Genies

    ok i will not bid then already got a genie that is fine for me.
  15. originally i was then i decided meh lets sell them separately when no one realized this. so feel free to bid on any piece you want
  16. Atherial

    WTA 2 Ult Genies

    i guess ill take the genies for a coal each if no one wants them. i can give one to a friend and then keep one for myself.
  17. 2 coal on the plate helm. 2 coal on the plate boots
  18. Oh god, you sent it to the worst Then should i send it to some one else pan seems fine not like you guys have not seen the uncensored version anyway if you were in chat when i got it.
  19. Hello All Atherial here with my second big auction. i have been having a large amount of fillers between this and the first one now it is time to dig into my leather folder and pull out this part set. of a very nice ult++ leather helm that reaches 1043 hero damage well having nice sides. and these ult+ boots that will reach 840or around there. i intend to give both pieces at the at the same time and do have a pair of gloves that can be bought if you need them to finish the set but i will supply a link for that as opposed to a in post image. so without further a due lets get going. Accepted Currency's Coal 6/1 (a maximum for 30 coal per person) Cubes Diamonds (5/10/15) Traced events (prices listed below) Event Items (traced) Celebration - 120 cubesRain maker - 140 cubesMagicite - 120 cubesGlaciers Demise - 60 cubesvamps delight - 25 cubesrock shatter - 45 cubesMana Master - 25 cubesHowling Werewolf - 25 cubesaladin's wish - 45 cubesAdmiral Djinn - 25 cubesthese are the event items that i want and the prices for them. Not Accepting Lab Runs The Items those are the two items and here is the ult gloves if you need them we can discuss that once the auction is over. http://i.imgur.com/lrlMNZ6.jpg C/O helm = 105 cubes (rock shatter & glaciers) C/O boots = 11cv - zig i will let this auction run for about a week. IC by - the person with soulfire from hearthstone as their icon :)
  20. ok this is closed you can add me or PM me about when to get your items i will have them all organised. Atherial
  21. i will start you off with 2 ult++ lab assult weapons on the myth bloodshot. :)
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