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  1. 6 cubes and 53 mana with a one of a kind derpy sea horse. (this is my last bid)
  2. 4 cube shapered ult++ lab assult weapons (wait does that exist)
  3. renamed thread to be more telling of what acctully is happening in this auction. also i will be ending this the day after christmas on the 26th since i may not get on the computer really till then.
  4. also you only have to black out ult++ items not ult+
  5. 1 average size but sorta half sized (coal) that means 1 coal i could give this too a friend if i win. (if you will accept that as a bid you did not mention a reserve)
  6. i see that now did not notice it when i was first observing never really think to look at forged by...
  7. Its all up to you really ahaha. Imma just see my currencies to see what I'll bid next. Are you on steam right now? wanna discuss as how much you would value some event items? im not on steam but you could PM me with the items and i will give you a value the best i can (currently away from computer again been busy lately)
  8. should i just change this auction to selling ult hyper rifle and scrap everything else.
  9. The item is forged. :( ill have to pass.
  10. is it at max upgrades (being 406) or is it at 406/407 becouse if it is the ladder then im gonna bid on this fella.
  11. very well i will wait for my time to strike *activates stealth*
  12. traced magicide (traces if from nickdigger to me)
  13. Banned for not participating in this thread ( i have not participated either to be honest)
  14. hello im going to make this short since my last attempted did not upload properly :( i can get any IC you need. Accepting coal 1:6 cubes diamonds (5/10/15) events (traced) Not accepting anything that is not listed above The Items ult++ DPS Dynast C/O = 3cv ultracorn http://i.imgur.com/YFJmDOd.jpg 415 up Ult DPS Hyper Rifle C/O = 25cv oily http://i.imgur.com/ZkCwgff.jpg have fun biding - Atherial
  15. i was going to make another bid but decided not too in case i actually won :) I was going to bid (14 coal, 53 mana, 1 ult++ lab assult weapon, and a shiny new giraffe on a treadmill)
  16. 8 coal and 53 mana (dare you to beat that)
  17. how about 2 coal can it go then (what is the minimal bid/reserve)
  18. i'll bid one coal if i'm allowed and since no one else is biding :)
  19. im closing this auction now if the winner is here than im avalible for a bit and then later tonight
  20. 4 hours left till the auction closes. C/O = 105cv C/O boots = 11cv - Atherial
  21. really? I can sell you ult++ lab weapons 1 coal per if you want... I think it is useless I have to second that, lab weapons aren't worth anything except for the odd collector. I had a lot of them and the stats are always soso. I have one lab assault ult ++ DPS weapon that IS nice but they can't perform like the other DPS weapons in the game. If there is a public to buy the lab weapons, sure why not but I would like to see the first trade for coal tho :) I don't think they realize I made the ++ lab weapon currency as a joke a few months back lol don't worry i understand and think it is amazing :)
  22. oh on that note curt brought up i have some ult++ lab weapons too i will sell you 10 for 20 coal sound fair? :)
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