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  1. happy new years and nice post with the "hot" new content when they were asking for lava weapon artwork for lava theme weapon a little bit ago :)
  2. ok do i acctully have to bid a coal on that myth acc with the multiple 200s ok i guess ill do it. one coal on that myth hat in the lazy category. i need it for my myth monk.
  3. well i guess if he does not take it then let me know or let me see those other ones ill be on later today we can talk about a price i have coal and could o lab runs (prefer not to do those though) or what ever.
  4. 1 coal to start you off with
  5. if zig does not want it ill maybe buy it off you it is much better than my current chicken. we can talk about a price if he does not want it and you are willing to sell it to me. sure, I have a few other good chickens if you want a selection. variety is the spice of life my friend of course i would love a choice. and i can't run that map takes far to long in one sitting these days only thing i can do like that is either lab or just random maps. it is just too long in the same game. (maybe the map left a bad taste in my mouth after i lost on wave 35 with 49 enemies left that could do it)
  6. if zig does not want it ill maybe buy it off you it is much better than my current chicken. we can talk about a price if he does not want it and you are willing to sell it to me.
  7. i do have some mid tier players. and i understand the whole people not needing things idea. sorry i can't type that much i just had a paragraph and then fourms derped out.
  8. im going to close this auction ultrac corn if you want the dynast meet me some time and oily when i get the item from the giveaway we can trade for this. i sent you a friend request.
  9. ok so we all know that it started as a joke (props to curt for this one) but i was thinking if there was to say be a ult++ lab assult weapon market lets say it does not even cross with the normal currency system we use here everyday. lets say there will be slightly lower quality items there and it is a trading of ult++ lab weapons based area called lets say (the ult++ market) it would make a sorta steping stone for people that want to move from getting trans sets to ult sets a happy medium if you will. and i want to bring up another point guys you know what also drops from lab assault at higher rates than anywhere else (ult++ armor and ult armor) this would mean the act of having a secondary currency system seperate from cubes will in turn make the amount of ult++ armor go up significantly meaning we can get our sets and such easiers well other players that are not there yet can still get some supremes and such from the market (just a idea to think about) any other points will be most appreciated.
  10. closing this auction tomorow at around 10 am PST any last bids C/O hyper is = 25cv (pumpkin staff) C/O dynast = 3cv unicorn man
  11. this is the steam group i have started so far http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dungeoneerscommittee
  12. hello all Atherial here with just a little idea for us to contemplate earlier this week i dicided that i would make a steam group just for friends i had it for a bit posted a little giveaway nothing us lategame players would go crazy over but there was a nice capping tower dynast and a double capping supreme roger in it. a 5k jester set also with a stat stick and a nice hyper rifle but that is beyond the point. i made the group because i feel that it would be nice to have a place like DDfreeruns that did regualar giveaways and generally helped people that were not as far into the late game grind. so after sitting on the idea over night (this group was private) i decided that i would make the group public and rename it from the old name to - dungeoneer's Committee- a public group it has the same little giveaway and currently has about 7 members. i am posting here to see if any people would like to join that are not super far into the late game and would like to participate in some giveaways and other things like runs. but also i was looking to see if some more late game guys would be interested in helping with the cause a bit like maybe some old non capping supremes you have no use for can be added to a giveaway. so what i have so far. > giveaways being done for the mid late game group > possible mana lotterys (we know some people need mana and what a better way to give them some then in the form of a fun game) Note: i was maybe planning on having like out of DD games for the mana lottery's like ( a hearthstone thing - just spit balling here) > event nights like runs and farm nights (i have a akitiki farm night planned in the events page already since i need to farm it and it is far more fun with people) > but no requests i don't want the place to seem like a chore something you have to do more if you want to host a few runs you can instead of going to the online pug function. i also understand that DD runs and giveaways is a place that has pretty much the same idea and the chat is still active ( you guys are great) and i will go to that chat instead of this one. but that group has moved away from doing giveaways and runs with the more (newer players). i don't intend on this group becoming a chat more a hub that you can go to and see if there is any runs or things you want to do and then go back to your normal things. (for me running lab and posting the ult++ armor i get in DD runs chat) so what am i looking for > players to join the group for giveaways and runs that are not in the late game grind.. > older players that still feel like they want to participate in the act of hosting giveaways.. > people that like the idea of making ult++ lab assult weapons a primary currency in the group. (seriously) > feedback from the older players (why are there no more giveaways in groups like DDfreeruns and DD runs and giveaways is there something i don't know are people greedy) > and most of all ideas dream big go crazy with them. i have been atherial with my wall of text and im now out.
  13. lol i was looking at the wrong bow haha. ok well still let me know if you find a good one. i wondered why it was not higher being the fact it's stats were so good the only downside was the lightning.
  14. yes quertius would be up there but if we are talking all of the items are perfect and you have the time to farm for a perfect one of each i feel that the e-spear will still be better than both though it is much harder to get which is the main benifit that the quertius has. and the monk wrench is always a solid option. though in my opinion the e-spear is better also that thing looks insane.
  15. fire me a 1 - 4 please (if that is already picked give me a 1 - 5 something 1) merry christmas
  16. sure im fine with it just did not know it was over. let me know if you get a bow that has poison damage is ult or higher and can get a capping cast rate. ill give you a decent ammount of cubes for it definately more than 3. like if this bows hero damage was swaped with it's cast and then lightning with poison it would be amazing. (im my opinion of course feel free to disagree) have a good day Bergzweaver merry christmas > atherial
  17. it was not closed when i bid :( it still said open did it not ah whatever the bow is lightning elemented makes it far less valueble
  18. i think it is a perfect E-spear that beats out a perfect monk wrench but not certain also not many people want to farm e spears since CD is terrible and annoying where sky city is much nicer.
  19. 1 and 7 please merry christmas all (my name on steam is atherial but we will be trading anyway for the hyper rifle so....)
  20. i realise that those two items really don't equate to the same value so i am willing to give a few items to make up for that diffrence. i have a ult capping tower chain helm that could also be used as a pretty nice dps helm maybe even capping at that also. i will be willing to trade a few more ult chain in the form of boots and chest (if zig does not pick them up some time soon). i have a assortment of pretty good tower rogers. also i could trade a Thp acc that caps at 500 in case you want to make a wall character. i guess the ult+ leather boots from my last auction if zig does not pick them up (wink wink zig send me a message please ill be on tonight). but i will update this thread with the items i am willing to trade for the glacier rememeber all things can be negociated. (my spelling is horrible right now)
  21. i am looking to sell my traced rockshatter for a traced glaciers demise the trace is (event host > killermuse > me) just PM if you are interested though i don't really think there will be much activity for this one
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