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  1. @✪ Westcoast59 quote:

    @deus * FortMinor is back quote:

    Id suggest blocking out stats, to prevent duping items. Other than that, id just start an auction to see how high they'll go for. For itemchecks send an uncensored pictures to itemcheckers. 

    No need to do an item check I drop these

    Always need to have a item check as a buyer may not know if the item is duped who knows if a person is not being honest.

  2. Introduction

    Hello i am Atherial here to make a directory of all the known event item price lists for people to gather their own opinion on event item prices allowing to make educated choices on what they want to value the item at. The list will follow the below general format.

    • Links to a few core event item based threads
    • Links to multiple peoples item values
    • Additional Comments

    Important Links

    Kg4q's Event List + Signup Threads

    Kg4q's Steam Events Guide

    Articuno's Event List (outdated)

    (please note that some of these links may be outdated due to the players either quitting the game or not updating the work that they did. Though these are all very useful to players that plan to trade items in dungeon defenders. )

    Event Item Price Lists

    Person Man's Event Item List: This is a rather old list that has not been updated for a long while.
    Person Mans Event Price List

    Moonwalk's Event Item Price List: Another not completely updated event item price list but is more recent that person mans.
    Moonwalks Event Price List

    Ziglasdk's Event Item Price List: This is a more recent event item list that tends to place lower prices on older event items.
    Ziglasdks Event Price List

    Atherial's Event Item Price List: Obviously a fantastically made list not biased at all on this list.
    Atherials Event Price List

    (if you would like your list to be added to this feel free to message me and i will add it to the above links)

  3. Did someone say my name. I hear my name being said.... To be honest i think tomorrow i may update that list if i can find the time. Been wanting to do that for a bit when i saw mambo post on it about the 2 new events. But ultimately event item prices are based off if a buyer wants it and a sell wants to sell it and what price they feel is right. You could take everyone values and average it but that would make a very awkward list. Really price lists are just a generalization and a guideline. Please note that is not exactly my prices in the guide it is more a generalization of what i have seen my prices are much more odd....


    Have a nice day

    (I hate this keyboard)

    (tomorrow i may post again when I A) have sleep and B) have a decent keyboard)

  4. @ziglasdk quote:

    Can you guys plz come with some serious bids. Make more sense, because you won't win any of the peices with that low bids.

    And people wonder why i am never gonna auction another item in my time in DD. May want to set a minimum bid increment to stop them from being able to do that. Lets say 5cv bid increments.

  5. Gonna through my etherial hat into the ring and say that this is not a thing i will never be behind.  There are lots of items that spawn with projectiles on items at all times. All marrago staffs and other staffs that are map specific core drops have the projectile thing to my knowledge due to them being considered a core item so they follow similar rules to a core drop besides a stats boost. 

    In terms of armour if you want 4 res on every item run lab not moonbase.

    As mayham put it is RNG the game could have item like in DD2... should be happy we don't have that.

    (Also on the marrago staffs to declare bias i have around 1.2 mill survival kills and have farmed 3 60k bloods. Along with a 450^ blood without proj and a 423^ without proj. Yet i am still not in favor of changing items.)

    please leave old item and item spawns alone and focus on new items. Maybe on the new dessert map in patch 4 it drops marrago staffs also on survival with no missing proj but is harder.....

  6. Welcome all to my Buy List

    Hello my name is Atherial and this is a thread that consists of the last few items i need to finish my goals in dungeon defenders. If you have any of the listed items feel free to post in the thread or private message me in the forums. I will most likely not accept friend requests until we have talked through the forums so please PM me there. The items i need are listed below prices can be negotiated when it comes to trading.

    Needed Items (Mythical)

    Huntress Gear:
    Mythical Mail Gloves - triple cap (hp, dmg, rate) Prefer quad stat.

    DPS Monk Gear:
    Mythical Quertus - pref 240+^ good sides
    Mythical DPS Beard - Decent Stats

    Harps Gear:
    Mythical Plate Chest - Triple cap (hp, dmg, rate) Pref quad stat.

    General Mythical Gear
    Perfect Kobalds x3
    Tower Acc in General 
    2x Perfect Clavas
    1x  Perfect Gun (any type)

    Needed Items (Supreme)

    Sup Leather DPS Helm
    Sup (insert type) AB2 Set
    Sup Chain DPS Chest
    Sup Pristine Dps Gloves
    Sup Plate DPS Gloves, Chest, and Helm

    Random Assorted Selection of Sup DPS Acc

    Pricing on Items

    I am going to be opening this up to a large base of items note that i ideally want to trade items for items on these select items. So here is the rules for what i am paying. 

    • Any Item in the Inventory
    • Does not include Items for my Floor
    • Does not include items on my characters

    Below i will link a imgur album with a select of a few items but feel free to message me with specific items and i will see if i can find it in my inventory. I Will also be updating this album as this goes on.

    (insert album)

    Thank you for looking at my buylist hope you can find some items on the list and hope some of my items are useful to you.

  7. got to remember guys who voted for this map. Think people are forgetting this was a community voted pon map to add to the next patch. Also if anyone cares about my opinion here it is.

    I was never on the side of this map being put in the game. If i recall right from the very start i argued that it would be bad for the game and distancing between players. Due to the artificial spike in difficulty that the map presents. Without really adding anything interesting when it comes to running the map. As a player that mainly runs maps now since i enjoy specific maps and do not use items above trans for builders and sup for DPS the map to me is near useless. I also argued that the map to the everyday player insensitivity hacking as you can get amazing items for little work if you do that making the map a hackers paradise. I think the stats arguement is not a very good if you look into scaling even if you have 8k damage and 2 - 3k sides a character with 5k damage but 4k - 5k sides will be as efficient if not more efficient. I feel that the real only core item needed for poly is a really good fairy (7k+) and a DPS with a decent hp pool. 

    But at the same time i think that there is a place for challenging maps like ember. As the boss in ember is really pretty challenging for those that have fought it properly without the exploit. But as said the boss is not artificially challenging by raising the health pool or giving it absurd damage. 

    I am not gonna talk about progression since that is the easist way to get yelled at as a elitist so....

    Have a good day


  8. Welcome

    As the title suggest i want to buy a pair of sup pristine ab1 boots for my tower booster. They need to have capping ab1 and health / damage present. I will pay very little but i guess i can spare a cube for the hassle of not having to farm them since i have been hunting for like a week.

    Just post a pic below of the item.


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