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  1. i think he may have used a emulator for the other barb since you do not need to control the summoner
  2. it is all because of big timezone difference. but finally we've make this deal)) a huge time zone difrence 11 hours to be exact :) thanks for letting me buy that out.
  3. i sent you lie 20 messages buyout i even sent steam messages all night how did you not notice. i will be on at 10 PST to trade if you are on then i will send you a message. just getting out of bed.
  4. added bids too the 35 plate helm (sorry but it has to be done) and too the mail 301 up chest (further discusstion in PM with mo)
  5. The Great Hawk Extravaganza coming in at the last moment our group we are. disorganizeduncoordinatedand rather shoddybut that did not stop us from creating this wonderful display of hawk sept-ion by the means of a great key that happens to be labelled F12 and a even greater feature of dungeon defenders that no one uses but is really un when they press it without knowing what it does. this button is the H key we have created a cinematic image (that means 30 fps for anyone that has not be listening to certain game companies lately). the cast of our pristine image is as followed our amazing Santa Claus barbarian is non other than AbyssalSamuraiand out Scottish barbarian is the elusive FireStarShadowand last but not least we have our summoner as me Atherialso the moment you all have been waiting for the image the very name sake of this post. well then here it is witness the glorius purple streaks as the hawk stance strikes see the colours (since i cannot). and behold the cinematic (who seriouosly thinks that do they have to be crazy everyone wants this FPS personally i go for 120 FPS but for one there own). The Image and that is all till next time my fellow defenders this has been team (insert name here) come to you over the internet. have a good day
  6. i'm sorry but i need it ill give you the 315 up helm.(i was going to bid up on that one but i will not now) but this chest i really want.
  7. otter i need friends to help me make the image i'm trying trust me how long do i have.
  8. thanks buddy :) you stopped messaging me after i paid off the dept let run some random maps some time.
  9. nick im gonna retract from this you can have them if you want them so badly take em help out your friends (person is that ok). if it is not ok then nick just out bid me i will not out bid you.
  10. if im out bid i will update them on this post now for my bids. ult+ plate helm (that is upgraded) i will bid 2 cubes ult 298 chain chest i will bid 2 cubes ult 320 chain boots i will bid 2 cubes ult 327 chain helm i will bid 1 cube ult 213 chain gloves i will bid 1 cube ilt 310 leather boots i will bid 1 cube ult 214 mail boots i will bid 2 cubes ult 301 mail shirt i will bid 5 cube ult 244 plate helm i will bid 2 cubes ult 332 plate boots i will bid 1 cube ult 402 plate gloves i will bid 4 cubes ult 403 plate shirt i will bid 10 cubes ult 315 plate helm i will bid 10 cubes ult 317 plate chest 1 cubes for a total of 44 cubes and that is all i will be updating this if i'm out bid so keep an eye here that was alot (please notifiy me if i did not hit a reserve so i can up the cube value i intend this to seem as a bulk purchase and have a rockshatter to buy all with so i have a room of 25 cubes to up the prices) happy biding everyone else and see you in game
  11. im makes sets for my friends as well and maybe i get a piece i can use nick we are in the same boat here. please nick i need this also.
  12. if you want ill give you a ult++ lab assault weapon for it
  13. time to search up all the synonyms of hawk and to read the definition on getting hawk. im not certain about that one. well time to get my arm of decoders working on this complex riddle. this army consists of me and myself. EDIT: it all makes sense to me now after millions of years of detailed research i have found out what getting hawked is. it took ancient Mayan texts to figure out but alas i did it. EDIT: turns out i need friends to do this image well ill see if i can get anyone i will post my entry below once i have deciphered it.
  14. Atherial

    WTA Ult DPS set

    i love how before they even say 1 coal you put the offer on for them that is great. :)
  15. if it is still going ill do 35 cubes
  16. sent you a PM to discuss this further im very interested in this. > Atherial
  17. i made a ice rink over Christmas it was pretty great we had a curling competition with the locals at the cabin. also we got 2 feet of snow give or take.
  18. count me in my aquatic friend. odin mask hype (thanks god i farm lab and have like 100 already sitting in box)
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