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  1. @Plane quote:

    @Atherial quote:Just food for thought some people enjoy certain things and are willing to work for it. I feel that this is simply people that are not willing to put in the time or effort to get the specific colours and feel like they should be handed it on a silver platter.

    Contrary opinion: I've probably run more labs than all but a few players and I've never got the fancy masks in colors I want.  I don't need it handed to me on a silver platter, I've already put in more time and effort than almost everyone.  Besides, I'd have to farm the coal to use it.

    So you openly admit that you are suggesting this based off a self-serving motive. That being said you guys already removed all the unique accessories from lab reducing the number of those that you pull giving you a higher chance of rolling the mask you want. Also the fact you are spending coal does not matter since the time spent will be greatly reduced. Either way it still takes away from those that did spend the time. 

  2. Alright so by controversial opinion i am strongly against this. For a few specific reasons the following listed below.

    • People spend a large amount of time and effort in making specific matching set which encourages trading and farming with groups building community. 
    • Make this allows people that are lazy to get the same as what others have specifically spent time to make themselves look nice. It takes away from the people that did that (me as one of them). The implementation of this new system undermines that previous effort people went through in the past.
    • Adding a extra drop based item is just more bloat to the current system and i feel that if you are to implement this then it should be done with a preexisting item.

    Just food for thought some people enjoy certain things and are willing to work for it. I feel that this is simply people that are not willing to put in the time or effort to get the specific colours and feel like they should be handed it on a silver platter.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Thank you @mambo for stating everything that needed to be stated. Funny it seems like we were talking about this yesterday.....

    So i have a few clarifications for you mambo as i did play a fair bit on mobile when it was first released and i am certain that the bug was still prevalent there obviously not to the degree it is abused or used now.

    I also agree that changing this bug makes the game much harder and it hurts low stated players more than people that have insanely overkill stats. Much like my arguments on the golden mobs buff that was "fixed" and pushed to the death by the CDT. The ability to mana swirl would make soloing the game at 1k - 2k stats much harder and make the barrier to endgame entry even harder. Granted i don't think many endgame players care about this fact. As mambo said the bug was balanced around from the start of the eternia shards making it honestly no longer a bug but a core game-play mechanic. Removing the genie swirl only hurts people that are new and people that enjoys DD. Tell me how much you would like running something like ember mount without a genie and mana bow for 8+ hours. Those nice waves where you get to sit relax and do some tower boosting kiss them goodbye.

    At one point i was for this change but over time i noticed how integral it is to the game. One of the first things i tell a new player is to get a genie and a wolf bow so they can be useful even if their gear sucks and is miss matched. It lets people always be able to carry their weight in most maps. I was also around for the buc bay beta when it was removed and i can say that it was not good. 

    Just a couple of my thoughts and putting my say here to hopefully ensure that this does not get fixed as it would be another black mark on the game that i use to love.

    Have a nice day

  4. @[Ger] Michili quote:

    Why is there a minimum bid AND a hiddenreserve? - lul















  5. The Eldritch Sceptre

    Upon the standing stones that lay outside the tavern walls came forth a rift from the space between worlds. As the heroes ran out of the tavern doors to see what the commotion was the rift quickly collapsed in on itself without a sound. As the apprentice examined the standing stones he noticed a small staff cast upon the cobblestone. It emitted a noisome exhalation of decay, a light that illuminated nothing. When he picked up the staff whispers rushed through his head in a language he could not understand. Wondering what it's purpose was and if it would be useful in their quest to defeat the old one. They quickly make their way back into the tavern slamming the doors shut neatly behind them bringing the sceptre with them as a very unlikely ally.


    Hope you guys like the staff a huge thanks to Thales for making the item for me as i don't have DD installed at the moment let alone the DDDK. Some lore behind the staff i guess and reasoning for a few of the numbers. When i was big on farming crystal staffs we managed to roll a sup one with 331^ which is why the upgrades are set like that and the required level is 83. This is sorta like the reincarnation of that lost crystal staff back from the eternal void where items go when they are lost. 

    Have a good day


  6. I am going to throw my opinion in here on a few of the issues brought up with the creation of this thread. I can contest to how many event items are seen with a messed up description or a messed up forged by. It is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake event item also as acen said traces can be made up pretty easy now that we have the signup threads all neatly organised. I think that giving information to players about the event items is a good thing but to much information can be abused. 

    I also want to bring up another thing that i have been thinking about lately when lurking the forums. Events are a fun thing that players can participate in and have a good time running a unique, fun, or challenging map. The items rewarded were more of a memory sake item / a fun little addition. Personally i am on the side of having event items more for looks and sentimental sake then for useful stat lines. Though i know i am in the massive minority just my opinion on them. 

    Now for stat progression and stats on event items being over-tuned. Below i am going to list all of the event items that from my experience are impossible to beat with drops that are farm-able.

    • NPC / Celeb
    • Vortex Shield
    • Rock-Shatter
    • Rainmaker (for all intensive purposes)
    • Ball Blaster
    • bLACK mAGIK

    About the magi if you don't care about move speed you can use a ember rock which can roll near equal stats. Also treadmills on treadmills have a higher move speed bonus than magi's. Honestly i think that rock-shatter is the best event item power wise ever made. not counting those celeb hats. 

    Now for my opinion on this thread, personally i am not for it for many of the reasons that are listed above. There is no need to repeat them all and make this post longer than it is.

    Have a nice day


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  7. @XGrimorgX quote:

    In general you can clear maps with low stats using a good build/strategy. Having superior stats and a bad build may be enough on some maps as well. Learning those better builds and strategies may require some effort, either by trial and error, looking up some builds on the ddplanner or playing with other ppl. It also helps knowing what maps are best to play as 'natural' progression at what stat range, there's some threads on the forums here or you can just make a new one.

    Most maps can be done solo, but there's a few I wouldn't recommend. The early challenges 'no towers allowed' and 'zippy terror' for instance. And I also wonder how many pro's completed 'etherian holiday extravaganza' on nmhc. Never pulled that one off solo even with my current stats :)  

    Don't remind me of that map..... please.

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