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  1. you are banned since i think that is a ghastly and not a gengar
  2. ok i'm not getting into this and this will be my last post i am not suggesting to change the BF Drill as i know it is needed for GTH2 and other maps. i was just bringing up a point that trendy would have most likely balanced around the map being beat without a BF Drill cheeze. I was just pointing things out to spark some disscussion. i agree that this thread is for the acc whihc i see global appraise of this idea. which i 100% am for and agree on. But i don't feel that armor needs any further change in lab assult as i said above i will not run it anymore since i feel that it is not rewarding enough to justify the insane boredom. to me the only good thing from the map is the ult++ pets that drop. Also i am going to point out that i was running NMHCMM AQ with 2k on my main stat to wave 28 - 30 back in the day when i was farming up trans gear. so yes survivals are not that insane and back then i even did not use mana swirling i had my sum and would jump out of the defenses grab mana and jump back in to up took around 9 waves to get all triple star. now those were the days.... now lets end this here and continue the forum about what it is suppose to be on. and that is the cool acc being moved to lots of awesome maps that we can run instead of a boring grind fest known as lab assult.
  3. don't attack me for this but im going to be completely honest that in the modern day survivals take no effort if you have late game gear. i start marrago (the only map i can stand running anymore) on wave 18 upgrade for 2 waves (just beams and auras/traps) then afk till wave 35 is done. also with the last patch lab has been slightly worse for armor. i did 80 runs without a single sup or ult so basically i'm done running lab now. also lets take one more thing into consideration for lab assult and that being how "easy" the map is based off a challenge rating. now how many people here can solo lab without a BF Drill or even know how to do so. so if we take the fact that the map was intended not to be done with BF then does the loots seem reasonable. in my opinion yes the loots does seem reasonable note for my example i went dry for 80 runs with 4 afks mean in total 320 runs with one character. if you without BF Drill that is far worse than a survival. and in my opinion i think that is completely fair. so from a trendy game balance perspecitive not knowing aboiut the BF the map loots wise is completely balanced. another topic i want to bring up is that the weapons are garbage compared to survival i just got a ult++ tower bone staff that is amazing from a marrago run. would never get that from lab assult. i think that you leave lab the way it is. if anything change the BF Drill and how it works with the map (but that is a strech and should not be done lightly). take away the acc to make more maps viable also it helps with making acc sets being that you can farm one map and don't need rng to get the acc you need from lab. also if you think VeeToO just sat on the belt and good free loot by paying then you mst not know anything about him. have a nice day > Atherial EDIT: sorry i posted this a bit ago but i did not refresh page to see the above pos.
  4. your banned for having a number over 9000 in your name.
  5. VeeToO you may notice this -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "End Date:26th of September 23:59 EEST Any bids in last day will extend auction 1more day" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the bid would extend the day by 1 if you still want to bid.
  6. acen told me to post over here so i guess i will. i am in support of this action.
  7. 6 coal on glad one considering that the above bid was 3 coal on each
  8. how dare you think you can copy my diamond values this is obsured. also if only it was better for tower i would need to make a few "low" bids well good luck with the auction.
  9. how dare you milkman i will spend over my budget and bid 3 coals.
  10. i like that move speed bonus it is perfect
  11. hey guys im just saying that im super excited to have a out door area and that may be the thing im most looking forward to. nexus please make it happen some time and can we have a second eternian crystal out there so that i don't have to go inside.
  12. chess is a far better game it would be harder to make i personally prefer having both :)
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