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  1. well when me and otter attempted to solo the NPC event i still got the event after failing. and we also failed the calvary so i do belive that you still get the reward the event item is for participation in the event if i am correct.
  2. Ok then i'm gonna place a bid on this item since it is the last thing i need for my aura monk set. 210 CV Fancy Fire Bird (will pass trace to the auctioneer if i don't get out bid by moonwalk) * ques moonwalk to obviously out bid me*
  3. what is this are you serious that is something kirby would do.
  4. ok also the glowing effect from a light blue sparus matches the glowing effect from what my monk is wearing that being > Something blue > Armguards of Lightning > Calvary and that i can notice but i do not tell the fact that it is blue for all i know it may be a nice bright green. i can tell the glowing effect apart and i also see different shades of gray i am just unable to put a name to said color. so when you place all of the items together i see that they are the same shade of gray. but beyond the point the sparus is small so it would not fit even if it was light blue. I know pure has a perfect one but it is dark blue so rip....
  5. agreed i saddly cannot use it or i would place a bid.
  6. RIP harry one day you will get boots :D
  7. thanks for the size but i am color blind so could you please just tell me if it is light blue. though from my current inspection i think it may be a dull purple.... I am also colorblind. It appears to be light yellow to me. I showed the picture because I have no idea how to describe it and if I'll be right. XD It is a light orange. But how and why do you match your sets if youre colourblind? moonwalk it matters to me i need it t match with my monk. just cause i cannot exactly tell does not mean that others cannot.
  8. thanks for the size but i am color blind so could you please just tell me if it is light blue. though from my current inspection i think it may be a dull purple....
  9. saddly my upgrade jester is plate....
  10. i approve of the vortex set values here.
  11. what is the color and size of the sparus if you don't mind me asking it needs to match my monk set.
  12. The Lava Lobsters Reward \Hello fellow defenders it is me atherial here with my first giveaway on the forums and this one comes from the depths of embermount. deep within the place we know of as embermount volcano the lava lobster thrives. So here the great lava lobster has blessed upon us many different items and sets for you to win. Each person can enter one screenshot into this giveaway by doing the following. The Rewards that the lava lobster shall bestow upon the defendersThe small gifts that the lava lobster offers are as listed below all the items below are self farmed by me over the past year but if you want a IC i would be happy to grab one. The bloodshots were picked from my personal collection hope you enjoy them. A myth tower harps set ( http://imgur.com/a/NVXkJ )A ult genie that can cap h-dmg ( http://imgur.com/a/NpaIx )Capping 4 stat ult mail helm ( http://imgur.com/a/Vhybu )A 46k sup bloodshot ( http://imgur.com/a/sOv1w )A capping ult tower bloodshot ( http://imgur.com/a/Lcb5a ) to earn the lava lobster's FavourThe lava lobster loves attention and screenshots apparently. so in order to enter you are required to take a screenshot with the lava lobster like the one i did below. there are many interesting places to get the lava lobster in the background so be creative. The lava lobster will give bonus points if you have the following in your screenshot. A fancy looking character (1 point)A swarm of Annoying Dragons (1 point)A golden annoying dragon (1 point)The phoenix boss (2 points)so if you follow all of these some you could score a total of six points towards the screenshot giveaway. you may be wondering what a point is well it counts as a entry into this giveaway. also i will be awarding a addtional point to the person i feel did the most creative job making a screenshot. this can involve image editing software or captioning but please not that if you paste in a fake phoenix boss it will not give you 2 points i would like if you used image editing software to post the original image to determine the points from above. Here is a example of a screenshot note this would be a very low scoring screenshot. > Atherial
  13. by the way i was responding to your comment on the only maps worth farming is lab assult and maybe aki. the only map i farm lately is marrago and it is the only reason i log into this game anymore. other than wasting time and talking to friends.
  14. well moon walk thanks for asking what i value these amazing items at. NPC = 12 and a half small diamonds (total of around 20 and 1/2 cubes) alladin's = 1 ult genie and 5 trans djinnlets (total of around 2 cubes) vortex hammer = 4 coal named kirby and a donkey (total of around 5 coal) vortex shield = not worth anything does not have enough tower damage :D vortex set = one republican elephant named donald trump or curt personally i don't want any of the events above you i would suggest not bidding them since i value them lower than most people on this forums. (please note that this is not milkman's values and just me having some fun. do not take this as being serious. just ptting this as a disclaimer.) have a good night guys im far too tired no wonder i came up with this.....
  15. but how will you have a dps jester without two rain makers. i guess if i can pick it up for the following i will. > 7 coal > 2 ult++ lab weapons > 3 deeper well NMHC runs > 1/2 of a sky city INHC run > 4 mythical bloodshots of assorted quality > 5 assorted cursed armor from lab > and maybe the legendary eternian dagger if you value it above 9000 cubes good luck with the auction <3
  16. One more thing, this is a amazing staff that i got running marrago and is in my private collection. Have a good day.
  17. one of my greatest finds in this game :)
  18. these should be selling for so much more :( well gl with the auction hope you can make a few cubes with the current market...
  19. do you think i care about what you accept.... good luck with the auction no ab2 and health makes it useless for me
  20. 53 mana as i offered in the tavern...
  21. if only they were boots :( are they good for hybrid?
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