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  1. finding someone like you is rare mkjo jst like those ult++ mail boots yo have and i require #123 also due to the 14 being taken can i go with one that is not taken if so i will chose #101
  2. Dave i hope one day uoi can spawn a perfect diamond #267
  3. windows 10 causes some issues with the DDDK me and otter had to change a few files in c/window/: directory.
  4. i like that fact that you are not plane ( <3 plane ) #14
  5. Now that your day is better i feel great even after my 5 am morning. # 458
  6. Just encase you wanted to see how the glaive turned out here is a link to a image of it. http://imgur.com/a/0Ia6O Cheers
  7. ask otter he made it for me :) we were trying to get the DDDK to work on my PC for like 2 hours so he just made the change for me.
  8. ok so i know im only allowed one entry but when talking to a friend about this whole thing and the events in general lately we came to the idea that this is sorta the event item we would like to see more of. So i'm posting this not so much as mine since i do not think it has a chance of winning. Arm Guard of FrostName: Arm Guard of Frost Base: Annatar Bracers Colour: Blue and White (glowing) Forged By: Winter Upgrades: 1/45 Level to Use: 0 Description: "May make your hands a little chilly" StatsHero Health: 15 Hero Move Speed: 25 Hero Damage: 20 Hero Cast Rate: 15 Hero Ability 2: 35 Tower Health: 15 Tower Damage: 25 Tower Rate: 10 In Game Look(there were some modifications made to the name and forged by after posting this image of the items info screen but that is a good general idea to what the item will look like) have a good day
  9. What i really wantThe thing is in this event i would really just like to see a basic pair of armguards but i know that it would not win the contest i want the stats to be 35 at the highest and the item to just look good and not be a you need to have said item like the rain maker. why can't we do the old way of making accessories like the armguards series or the something blue and poly there are so many great event items out there that are not OP but a a nice reward and a reminder of what is important in a event and that being the experience of running it. > atherial
  10. Event Item LoreNow that the old ones armies are left in ruins our heroes retreat back to the castle eternia. but they are unaware of something left behind deep within the crystalline dimension . Among the rubble of the old ones armies that clashed upon the ancient crystal and fidget wastes of the crystalline dimension is a weapon of unnatural power. Stabbed in one of the far islands of the dimension lies a cursed glaive that radiates a ancient evil power. As one draws closer to the glaive sparks begin to shoot from it's surface and a hollow whisper seeps from it's eternal blades a whisper that would drive all but the most pure of mind into madness. Legend has it that part of the old one is contained within it's wicked edge just waiting patiently to return and call forth the army of the old ones once more. Event Item InfoName: Old Ones Cursed Glaive item Base: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Magina's_Last_Glaive Rarity: Cursed Size: Large (within reason) Colour: Blue glowing Swing Speed: Faster than normal Forged: The Old One Upgrades: 1178 / 1178 Description: One of the following (second if i can't have my name in it) "A atherial glow shimmers from the cursed blade as if something is trapped within""A etherial glow shimmers from the cursed blade as if something is trapped within"StatsBase Damage: 155,556 Lightning Damage: 76,900 Ranged Damage: 67,890 Extra Projectiles: +4 Hero Health: +750 Hero Damage: +750 Ability One: +585 Ability Two: +585 Tower Health: -999 Tower Damage: -999 Tower Rate: -999 Tower Range: -999 Projectile Speed: +15051 (please note that the numbers for base damage and ranged are ball park and would need to be properly tested to place them at a decent spot but still beatable sorta like the calvary, Also the tower stats are not essential to be kept like that i just feel it would be cool to have since the oid one fights alone) In Game Appearance(once me and star get around to making one i will update this post with the images)
  11. he means that even if you had a 9999999999 tower damage weapon it would still cap effectiveness at 999 it is mean't as a secondary filter or cap that applies to the character not the item im pretty sure
  12. well we lose everyone this contest is over :)
  13. most likely 411 so that it fits like that.
  14. hey there are us with our Ult+ / ++ 420+ up bloodshots here don't ignore us. BTW, I have a 423^ bloodshot and I use it for the phoenix :) Doesn't change my opinion Well then my friend you shold notice how a bloodshot of superior quality would be equal or even better than a RM for the fight but if i must these are the following reasons why i would say so. * looks far better * that projectile spread is awesome. * being cool running a item that is not "meta" (hipster builds) also you know if you are like me i prefer the extra 10 charge rate thank you very much. <3
  15. Also i have to agree with everyone here bringing back events that have a set value from the past would be a terrible idea for the market i have already done a detailed break down of the economy and how it is dieing and without assistance (not gonna happen due to play count) will continue on this route. in that analysis i stated that event items are the only item that can properly retain a set value for the eternity of the game. meaning that with re-runs that would be false making the market unstable. if you likethe cummonity on the forums trading please don't kill it faster by re-running events. Also i have always felt that the item is not important it is the fun yo have running the event like i say i don't want to use a RM since i like bloodshots more. Before you call me one of those people that is a elitist about wanting his events to stay the same price (which i do have event items that would drop) notice first that i only got into the PC vertion of this game about 1 1/2 years ago (though i did play the mobile about 6 years ago) so i never had the chance to run any of these events meaning i got all my events through trading items. and one lucky giveaway for my steig. I would personally also like this since i really don't care about the market of the game that much anymore and need a ton of event acc (kraken's good eye, etc) but i care for the community and don't want the market to collapse any faster. have a good day > Atherial
  16. hey there are us with our Ult+ / ++ 420+ up bloodshots here don't ignore us.
  17. thanks for bring the cast rate to my attention i may have to bid..... but i will most likely not.
  18. have not seen you in a while oil how have things been. gudz gudz ahaha, I bought a razer naga hex mouse to come and restart to play some dd1, and I do ahah. I also want to learn how dddk works so I could maybe help with event maps. If its not too complicated ahaha. I'll give a go in the next few weeks, and see how fast I learn it. Sounds good we should run a map some time. also sorta fun i just broke my mouse a few days ago using a replacement one now. i was also planning on learning some DDDK so once you get around to it let me know how confusing it is from what i have heard it is really not that hard.
  19. have not seen you in a while oil how have things been.
  20. if anyone wants a scrub to fill im almost always here...
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