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  1. Event Item PricesOdin's Mask = 35 cv Majora's Mask = 45 cvCarapace of the Queen = 20 cvKrakens Good Eye = 40 cvBattle Cruiser's Debris Mask = 15 cvOld Ones Stache = 40 cvMana Master = 15 cvVamps Delight = 15 cvHowling Werewolf = 25 cvMagicite of the Wind = 100 cvAladdin's Wish = 40 cvFearsome Trainers Mask = 25 cvGroovy Mask = 10 cvDwarvern Miners Mask = 10 cvThe Rain Maker = 5 cvRockshatter = 55 cvDragons of the North 40 cvVile Lord's Clutch = 15 cv (only accepting 1 copy)Bling Bling Bracers = 35 cvOther Non Event ItemsUlt++ plate dps armor (gloves and boots)Ult++ Mail Tower (boots)anything not on this list just PM me but it most likely means that i don't accept it.
  2. C/O updated going to udate the post today with a bit more information
  3. Introudctioni am here to auction off one of my NPC hats. below i will post the details of this auction the trace will be passed to the person that wins if you want to know the trace prior just let me know. DetailsThere is a reserve. Minimum Bid Increment: 5 cubes This auction will run for a week any bids in the last 24 hours extends by 24 hours. Accepted CurrencyCoal 0:1 Cubes (max of 15) Diamonds (0/9/15) Lab Runs (not accepted) (tomorrow when i wake up ill pt up what i value EVERY event item at) ConclusionC/O = 40 cv Bidder Name = April
  4. Bump now with even more content (see top post for info)
  5. i got lava cuffs tomorrow ill cheak my stock of event items to trade and let you know.
  6. Want to buy lava dancers maskas the title says im looking some items willing to pay in items and assorted event items. let me know if you have one (traced) and we can talk from there on a price. assorted events are as follows > Death Wish x1 > New Mask x1 EDIT: i updated this post with a second item that i think may look nicer than the lava dancers mask n my character. if anyone has one of the items that there are willing to let me test in open i would be grateful.
  7. fine lets do this 20 cv i need these.
  8. i was sorta looking for a pair of these i have some items if you are interesting in that sort of thing.
  9. and star strikes back with a up bid of 50 runs. Will it stand or shall the battle rage on through the night.
  10. the plot thickens will star make it to his computer in time to bid 1500. only time will tell.
  11. they should wait for the IC arch you are correct.
  12. My Glorious EntryMy favourite DD memory has to be the time i first started playing the game on mobile 2 days after they launched the game. i had a awesome apprentice and was farming deeper well on medium since i would never dare to step foot into hard deeper well. and i go my first staff with extra projectiles and it was magical.  Thanks for putting this giveaway together atlas i wish everyone good luck on getting that Christmas special
  13. 16 small coals (ill farm them p today i can use this chest)
  14. i have been hunting for 7 months for one go away.... <3
  15. sweet lets hope for some sweet event accessories
  16. hey looks like you got more leather armor my friend :D
  17. 1 coal named kirby on the fariy
  18. and another one falls.... i enjoyed the time i had playing with you otter hopefully if yu still jump in every once in a while we can still play some games congratulations on the accomplishment on your characters. You were a good friend when i started this game from scratch about a year and a half ago on this account when i first meet you auctioning a 4 stat chain tower helm that sold for a magi!!!!!. Remember when we got completely destroyed trying to solo the secret of marrago map since i missed the event due to traveling. Even though we got destroyed it was still a blast. i'll miss seeing you in dungeon defenders but maybe we can play overwatch some time. thanks for everything otter and remember the 20 person tavern that was a blast. Atherial
  19. ok here are 7 re enters / re choosing numbers since oli said i could through steam # 397 # 355 # 447 # 443 # 273 # 59 # 411 # 130 (please let these not be stolen they should not be since i did double check)
  20. welcome to the club i deleted my level 100 dps jester and now can't run ember reliably :) my jester is at level 89 making his way back p maybe in 5 more years he will be 100. (i can't help you jst letting you know you are not alone)
  21. rip i guess i misunderstood your grids i though that you filled in the number when it was taken not that the numbers that were blank were taken.... i guess ill just give up too much work and im in a airport.
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