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  1. IntroductionHello all atherial here with a simple contest for you all. the contest involves farming and lots of it. As some of you should know CD drops e-staffs on nightmare. but on lower difficulty it drops a different item and this is the item we are after. It is called a crystal staff and the task is simple farm a ult++ one give it to me and win a New Patch Celebration. All requirements for the item are as follows. Over 400 UpgradesUlt++Crystal Staff This is your target good luck folks don't worry the drop rate is not that bad. if two are farmed dark would take one off the persons hand.
  2. dark has given me a very in-depth awnser to your question. "why not" - dark2016
  3. i am closing this now... thanks for people that bid. i'm sorry but reserve not meet boon neca
  4. i'm going to make a request that you specify what items are being bid as oposed to just a CV number. Cause that actully matters more to me than the plain sum as i really don't care to trade much anymore.
  5. Destroying event items 101here we have a traced death wish that dark bought off me for a double cap. we then proceeded to load up a embermount volcano and throw the item into lava destroying it forever. To show one of the many ways to destroy event items we took a video of this happening. Other good option would be glitterhelm. Trace was(Host > Nasako > Atherial > Dark) Warning this involves destruction of event itemshttp://imgur.com/a/QazDu
  6. you do knw that mambo dislikes lab right....... ...... .... . ... ..
  7. a deeper well NMHC run and 1 coal named kirby
  8. so after some advanced testing i found out that the mask sorta crops on my jesters face and i much prefer the fearsome trainers mask to the lava dancers mask. so i am not thinking that i really want one anymore bt i guess i would value it at standard prices. so 35cv.
  9. Psstsomeone bid a Goron's Tunic. you can never take my greatest item. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774586121
  10. new hero levels means more TD runs.... please no also level 100 is such a nice level to stop on lets be honest. i like the idea of having rare armor with added attributes. But i am a little nervous abot having added move speed on armor or gear since then the person with move speed would have a complete advantage in the forms of speed runs and in order to be a optimal farmer you would want nothing but move speed on every item. More stats just adds bloat and as you said it it pointless due to scaling all it wold really be useful for is making you sides insanely high. The more ups would be completely insane on dps armor and for hybrid characters but i do love myself items with 500+ ups... it is tempting but i feel it falls into the same category of more stats. but i really like the idea of having say a roaster of 10 or so addtional effects that can be added to armor and stacked so in total you have 4 slots so you can either have 4 semi weak effects or say stack 3 and then have 1 extra slot for another thing. adds more customization to characters. But i think anything that adds more to speed is risky since speed is not a good idea we already se the female skins and characters for builders due to speed adding armor with a implicit speed would make every other implicit properties sorta useless on builders..
  11. bump for hopes and dreams boon neca
  12. happy birthday, hope you have a great day
  13. you just copy and paste the line test complete.
  14. i bid2 coal on the largish sized sparus that has a semi blue tone to it and does a rather decent dps for only having 416^ and 28k. (just testing something)
  15. as i said in my little understatement the recent viles auction is a perfect example of that.
  16. alright so here we go rainmaker = 170cvrockshatter = 60cv - 70cvamor = 40cv (have not seen one sell in a while)care bear = 15cv - 20cvHowling Werewolf = 25cv - 30cvBoneyard Blade = 20cv - 25cvMana Master = 20cv - 25cvVamps Delight = 15cvstaff of the pumpkin king = 20cv = 25cvthis is based off my semi out dated list but that looks pretty much right. some of these items have not sold lately so the prices could change. they always change based of the buyer and seller. also based off demand at the time. > Atherial
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