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  1. Or you could be like me and round off all your stats to make them all even and look pretty then dump the rest of the remaining stats in a negative skill after maximising the points. But that is just me..... ... Anyways why am I on these forums?
  2. That looks pretty sweet like to see new pets like that from the community. Good work
  3. Damn @gunnerq69 bidding on a item.
  4. Feelsbadman I don't even have the currency to pay 1cv... I logged on and checked I sorta want a ++ dice but don't want to farm.
  5. I don't have a ++ dice not even sure if I have 1 raw cv on my account anymore.... Small change does not exist... feelsweirdman
  6. I have this if it interested you. https://puu.sh/DcP3s/bb96820ce0.png
  7. Damn I wanted to bid below the reserve on the gloves.... Either way I bid 9cv on the gloves :)
  8. Merry Christmas everyone Hope everyone has a great time over the holidays seeing family. (not entering by the way if this would somehow enter me)
  9. These remind me of the gloves that dark attempted miserably to sell to me for 200cv or something like that..... (I turned down the offer) (free bump lol)
  10. Zig you missed a core part which is to add a nice image of the item on the floor next to a min or max sized sparus so people can tell what it will look like :) (free bump)
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Atherial_Nexus/ Gas traps are bad because Atlas loves them.
  12. Oh this triggers me mambo you know how pissed I get from this same garbage. PMed the seller (I like how this is my first post in like 6 months on the forums don't get used to it)
  13. Not returning but Kana told me to and sent me this in a PM so..... Blame him it is his fault.
  14. Just hopped back on the forums thanks to everyone that responded with kind words. For those that were wondering and warning me to keep all my items I can say that I have kept everything that is shown in the imgur albums I linked along with around 200 items from my inventory. That being said I did give away around 400 items to various friends. For anyone wondering about a return it could be possible but by no means before the next DD patch is released. For those that want to follow what I am up to outside of DD I have recently started streaming on Twitch. Mainly playing hearthstone grinding ranked and going for high placements in march and beyond. That being said I would be happy to chat about DD related things if you stop by. You can find the stream link here. Thanks to everyone that made my time in DD amazing. Atherial
  15. Farewell Dungeon DefendersHello my friends and fellow community members, over the last year or so i have been slowly progressing towards this moment and am now gonna officially announce it. I am from now on going to be moving away from the forums and talking on them in anyway. From now on i will be done taking part in the community i have grown to love. Recently I have begun to enjoy the game less and less, due to this i have decided that it is best that i leave while i am ahead for what it is worth. To everyone that has played with me or enjoyed playing with me in the past i wish you the best of luck in both DD and life. I have meet many friends in my years of playing DD below i will name a few of the people who have made my time in DD a fantastic experience. Shout Out To These People VeeToO Dave Otter Darkness Mkjo Eagleone Justinms Kana & Avonlea M3rc!_33# Oli Kg4q Curtisgk Gunnerq69 Kilted Klingon Starfox64_0 Sir Pancakez Black Mambo Nasako To name a few .... If you want to see my characters that i have managed to finish and the final state of my floor they are in the two folders listed below. My Finished Characters My Finished Floor I wish all my friends the best we have had some great times. So, much in the style of those before me. Atherial Signing Off <3
  16. My old summoner was 7.3k with 4k sides if i remember right. my other 8k's were: squire, ev (don't have screenshots of those)
  17. Want to restate that one Caimen maybe if you read the argument instead of jumping to conclusions. Either way this is not worth flooding the thread. To fully understand the "fight" that me and plane had you need to understand our history as it is more personal then you would think. Either way my first post still stands as the post i stand by. I am not going to apologise but i will stop defending myself here on in this thread. Have a good day.
  18. First things first Caimen you are taking things out of context much like a certain scenario that i remember very well..... That first statement was made in my first comment that was based off the idea of sharing ideas in a calm and reasonable way. I was adding feedback on the first statements made by mambo saying that another world drop is not a good fix you even admit it yourself in a later part of your response. This is stating the following in basic bite sized terms "I think that making a new item to do it is not a good idea due to bloat and a secondary RNG fix to a RNG problem, Therefor i would rather it use preexisting items". Sorta hard to have a page of discussion if you are unable to place a constructive counter argument without it being taken out of context. For the second statement if you read the order in which things were stated i got a comment send back to me and thus I responded with a statement. This was not based off any prior posts mainly the one plane posted in response to mine. It had nothing to do with the CDT's motives as a entity just a singular entity. You imply that i am attacking the motives of the CDT when that response was clearly a response from plane and not the CDT as a whole. You can clearly tell based off the way references are listed. I also want to point out that i was not questioned by the generic sense the statement plane posted was more personal than it had any right to be which you can notice in the secondary response chain. Thus as a response to my constructive feedback i get a worthless impulsive response that added nothing to the conversation.... Another thing to respond to your very bottom comment, I think you have no idea what i am talking about. This is not due to the color of the acc. It is based off the idea that the pool of acc from lab has reduced by a fair bit making the chances of rolling fancy masks higher as is. Meaning if you use to get 10 masks in 400 acc now you would get lets say 15 in 400 making it already take less time to roll that specific item in the the color you want. I hope this is the last time i have to post in this thread but knowing the consistancy of this community from a senario i remember i think that i will again have to respond. What a shame.....
  19. My old aura could be throw in this mix thought it is not the highest i have ever seen (not even close) it is the highest damage stat i had on a char that is not a twin weapon class. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=747624416
  20. Of course not. Your personal dislike of me is showing. I'll tell you why I brought it up:  1. Someone on the forum suggested it at one point.  2. The CDT folks (not me) brought it up in a meeting. We weren't really in favor of it, but that was a private conversation, and I thought we should get the community's opinion too.  3. I posted it on the forum to get that opinion. I'm not really playing DD much, so it doesn't affect me either way. I only volunteer to do CDT stuff because I want to make the game better, and I'm making a good faith effort to get the community's opinions. My personal dislike... well that is a rather funny thing to bring up on this forum as it is completely off topic. I think you have no right to speak on that topic and can keep it to yourself. I am gonna stop posting on this thread since i do not want this to derail into another worthless fight and a waste of my time. My opinion is posted above and may it serve as another hat in the ring. Have a good day/night
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