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  1. Or you could be like me and round off all your stats to make them all even and look pretty then dump the rest of the remaining stats in a negative skill after maximising the points. But that is just me..... ... Anyways why am I on these forums?
  2. That looks pretty sweet like to see new pets like that from the community. Good work
  3. Damn @gunnerq69 bidding on a item.
  4. Feelsbadman I don't even have the currency to pay 1cv... I logged on and checked I sorta want a ++ dice but don't want to farm.
  5. I don't have a ++ dice not even sure if I have 1 raw cv on my account anymore.... Small change does not exist... feelsweirdman
  6. I have this if it interested you. https://puu.sh/DcP3s/bb96820ce0.png
  7. Damn I wanted to bid below the reserve on the gloves.... Either way I bid 9cv on the gloves :)
  8. Merry Christmas everyone Hope everyone has a great time over the holidays seeing family. (not entering by the way if this would somehow enter me)
  9. These remind me of the gloves that dark attempted miserably to sell to me for 200cv or something like that..... (I turned down the offer) (free bump lol)
  10. Zig you missed a core part which is to add a nice image of the item on the floor next to a min or max sized sparus so people can tell what it will look like :) (free bump)
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Atherial_Nexus/ Gas traps are bad because Atlas loves them.
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