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  1. I recently started playing DD2 again and I like to listen to music while I play games like a lot of people do. But for some reason about 10 min in to playing all audio from my pc is distorted and the only way to fix it is to close DD2. Has anyone found a fix for this?
  2. I wanted to know if any one had this same issue or if when you let an egg go bad it has only a certain % chance of dropping shards. I left 5 eggs in a bag and waited the 2 days and they are just gone i didn't get any shards from it. but when i first did this the 2 eggs each gave me a shard so was i just lucky on my 1st tries or is this a bug?
  3. When I try doing the challenge "The Mythical" i have equipped every thing but it still wont complete is it bugged for the apprentice class and i need to be a squire with 2 weapon slots as different items or something? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=528628731
  4. is there any actual way to report people in game yet?
  5. so does auto collect only pick items up at the end of the game because i turned it on and it doesn't pick anything up i have to pick every thing up manually.
  6. JTK45


    I assume it depends on the one you get because it is the same as a normal egg in the aspect of you can get a legendary version but you can also get a powerful version. the one i got was just powerful and its stats were: water damage: 24 attack rate: 140 defense health: 16 defense crit damage: 36
  7. is the cap ever going to be raised or is it going to be at 50 even of full release (if anyone knows).
  8. you can buy it on G2A for like $0.20 - $0.40
  9. it also says on the steam page that if a wipe occurs thew will give all items back so check the mailbox like Kevo149 said and if it isn't there contact their support.
  10. I was with 2 friends when fighting Betsy i was an apprentice one of them was a squire and the other was a huntress after we beat Betsy and got her legendary drop i got an item for my class but they both got the item for the others class. (the squire got a bow and the huntress got a sword). But I haven't ever gotten a drop that wasn't for the class i was on.
  11. I have had this a few times but only on certain maps and it goes away when the item is upgraded.
  12. i enjoy having the monthly quests it gives an objective for anyone who wants it.
  13. [NAME] Etheria's Defender its a little long.
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