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  1. any one try elemental weapons? since he can hold 2 you can cover 2 different elements and elemental dmg scales higher then reg dmg as well as being able to add 120 points into something other then hero attack and dose the tornado stance (think that's the right stance haven't really played with him yet) lower just your hero attack damage or both hero attack and elemental damage
  2. same here they just stop by where they spawn so mobs get clogged the only good part is mobs get so clogged they start falling off the cliff xD
  3. it dose seem kinda..... wrong there are all these bugs in a game that im paying for (not that its not worth the 200ish hours iv played) im sure there are plenty of people that will gladly test your dlcs for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE or just for giving said dlc/update for free/early (not saying give it to 100's of people but 10 or so would surely get the job done i read in one of your posts you where hiring interns you do realize you have a whole forum of people that would gladly test and give feedback on this stuff
  4. i think you might be posting in the wrong section i seen the trendynet thing in the pic and this is unranked
  5. send me a msg with your steam and ill buy them
  6. That's because modding the items that you use, Is called cheating. And is not allowed. idn open allows moding and wile iv seen other threads saying this is not against the rules forum mods del posts relating to item MODIFYING as long as its in open idn what the problem is they wonlt give us events and what not they can at least give us free range of MODIFYING weapons and what not
  7. so far the tutorial and the half assed active thred asking about it has been deleted so b4 i ask more about it are we not allowed to talk about have been deleted with nothing being said on that note anyone know what stat for monk ranged needs to be changed to modify the ranged dmg the csx dosent seem to have a "ranged dmg" value only a dmg value
  8. agree with you there the ranked people get special treatment wile the open people get shafted they get the "event" and we dont did people that play open not pay for the game aswell we just dont wana deal with the crashes and lags :S
  9. well its really all in the drops iv got to say (a squire player myself) iv seen huntress take the front way (where the ogers come from) of the last lvl all by them selfs useing traps and high dps weps im shure good gear plays a large part in this too tho a aura spec monk with a nice ranged wep can easily hold his own. On the other hand i do see where you are comeing from iv seen legit squire weps with 2k base dmg (non ele) and 5k element dmg but at the same time a high rof and high base wep for a huntress can easily out dps a squire and periceing shot OMG idn how many times iv been mowing thru
  10. From what I understand its due to a bad connection with trendynet which has to authorize all this crap. Here's another solution. Open works perfectly. Ask TE why that is. Why is it so important to them to separate the ranked and open, because the way it is now, it's crap. i agree 100% the open works allmost perfect 0 lag no char rollbacks but the no rewards thing is happening to me aswell finished chicken on hard and got nothing all other members got something
  11. so what just because SOME PEOPLE have to hack to get where normal people can you should kill the game for others? i mean if you have to have a 100k base dmg wep to be any good how good are you really? i work fine with my mobile moxie and other things that i worked to get
  12. + 5 internets for you sir agree 100% iv been playing on ranked for a wile now and i cant seem to complete one game it lags for everyone not just me then when it comes back stuff is destroyed and **** goes to hell im talking 5-6 sec lags here people not to mention people kick me for just joining (use quick game) iv probably been kicked over 10 times today just for being lvl 14 (witch i realize is a low lvl but they dont even have the brain power to just ask me to leave?) where as on open there is -0 lag - people seem much nicer -and its easier to find a game with the above stated why dose a
  13. im gessing your playing on open :S last i checked they ****ed over open people you cant play the challange or even get the costumes you have to beat the new thing on insane on RANKED the laggy *** trendy net ranked the one that laggs so bad you just stop doing everything then jump half way accross the map when your done :S
  14. no no see thats where they get you to get the costumes from the mission pack you gota unlock them witch means beating the challenge on insane thats what i herd any way
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