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  1. Look up on Twitter the update to fix all of does problems is after December sometime in late January.
  2. Yeah while my friend's have uber I still don't get dailie
  3. Its been bugged since they brought the sever up. I put one to hatch last night but I ended up getting an epic this morning when I went to transform another egg it bugged out. So my luck going to be waiting to hatch hopefully hatch a legendary.
  4. Twitter is fine I rather check their , the forum's are flooded with like multiple copy post.
  5. I haven't gotten a daily in 3 days now I put in a ticket hopefully they can a daily for every day I've missed due to glitch
  6. They need to fix the new UI bugs first before adding stuff. Plus stats just got added on pc and its still a work in progress. The lock feature will probably come in the next content patch
  7. Lock system is on the next patch I believe. They need to address the new issues first we just got a whole new UI. Daily missions and stuff like that need to be fixed and addressed first.
  8. I thought the update would fix it but nothing. I completed my daily on the first day. It doesn't bother me to much but Im way behind on wayvern points. I know 3 players sitting on almost 30wayvern coins.
  9. Me and another friend are having an issue with daily missions not been given to us. 2nd day not received.
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