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  1. Will the characters and gear and trophies be transfered over to live once this all goes onto live and if so is it possible to move your save now? I have been playing the beta for over 200 hours and I heard yesterday that nothing will be saved once it all goes live. I would like some confirmation. I hope that it gets transfered over but I doubt it since it's beta and all.
  2. I personally think they should look into changing the design a little for each tower if they decide to keep the size change. Barricades are fine but the Cannonball towers and the Ballistas don't look especially nice and I think some added touches to the design could make it look a lot nicer.
  3. I noticed that too. Very dissapointing.
  4. So I started playing with the new patch and the thing I noticed first was that the projectile sizes have not been increased. I am going to assume this will bere changed. But I hope this will be addressed if they decide to keep the tower sizes. It doesn't feel very satisfying seeing Ballistas shoot basically baby arrows. And having the Cannonball tower shoot tiny balls that are too small for their size. Something on a positive note. I do like the new projectiles and weapon modifications. Very satisfying and fun. The stat allocation system, I do like but some fine tuning maybe. Seems like the
  5. Pretty simple. At the moment I got a level 50 Squire and a level 44 Huntress. I am looking for people to play with on a semi regular basis. I can do Nightmare 1 consistently. Haven't tested Nightmare 2 yet. I live in Europe Sweden. So UTC/GMT +2 Steam Profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/PinkiestB00mers/
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