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  1. Means I can't do this jump anymore :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJe6rzK37yM @First crystal.
  2. Can't wait for this patch, keep up the great work, and nice to see patches being tested prior to release!
  3. What about this item? http://www.defendersstore.com/?p=item&item=228811 The username has the words "PayPal Shop." Need we say more?
  4. My friend Lazor and I beat the Dragon in Nightmare summit using only 1fireball turret at each choke point trollololol. To elaborate, no hero dps, towers did all the defending, all we did was upgrade/repair/kill spiders off MMs. Them damn spiders were annoying yo. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=9745 to show our pro fireball(s) placement. On a side note: NM Campaign in about 2 hours = easy peasy :(
  5. Why are people even complaining about the 5 DU being steep? That's one less electric Aura in exchange for more offense/defense (depending on how you look at it.) I'm sure people can incorporate one less electric aura into their builds...
  6. It wouldn't be so bad if these things didn't cost an arm and a leg. If you think DST's are rarely used, these see probably 1% of the showtime a striker tower gets. My duo-no-hero-dps-tower-build for NM UMF2.0 uses 5 DST's :3
  7. Bear in mind that it'll yield more use seeing as you can place it at a major choke point, strip mobs of their immunities, they'll only deal generic physical damage, essentially halving their dps on defenses/you.
  8. Finally a use for Darkness traps :D
  9. Irrelevant, only benefits are the range/stats since the hard(not visible) boost cap is 40(the 120 doesn't matter.)
  10. With people loving app guardians, it makes the huntress guardian that much better. An app guardian plus a huntress guardian turn turrets into 600k dps killing machines. Their effect multiplies off each other for more benefit. It would probably make NM UMF and UMF2 possible if you could coordinate the pets of those playing. 4 app + 4 huntress all at 40+ boost and 5 towers would buff the entire map for super-killing Me and my friend beat NM UMF2.0 with towers + app/hunt guardian, no hero damage involved :3
  11. At character swap: Click on hero you want to switch order, and(if on same page) hold Left Alt, then click. Bam done. IF on different page, click on hero(ie: page 1), switch to page 2, hold Left Alt then click. Done.
  12. ive seen, 69 boost huntress, in the vendor for 10 mana, so either your wrong or the game has been updated. Edit: or do you mean even if its like 70, it still acts as 40 Precisely.
  13. Guardians boost doesn't go past 40(tested, shown on different topic) so anything above 40(ex:90=40) is good for you. I usually solo Insane UMF or if with friends, NM UMF or NM MM Alc Lab Survival.
  14. Define "finished," as in Campaign Ramparts? Or are you doing survival? Campaign yields no rewards and Survival only rewards you with a pet upon reaching wave 15/ beating 25.
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