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  1. 1600 base damage is legit just so you know. Ive found multi wepaons with the same if not higher.
  2. its all legit, thats the new item caps dropping from nightmare mode. so you'll be ok. best im at so far is 230 weapons and 130 armors so those dont sem too far from reach.
  3. from what i understand only the host needs it for doing nightmare on previous maps. all new maps that are in the dlc can only be played by ppl who buy the dlc
  4. ummm wave 2 on the eternia crystal mission map had ogres with 2M hp with doing solo
  5. sooooo things ive noticed in nightmare mode resists get cut back mine go from 87 to 55 hp boost from 4k on huntress to 23k but even the little spider do 20k dmg hero shop wiped out damage to mobs takes a huge dive, my 30k shots do 5k and my 220k PS do 38k *added when switching between toons they dont start with max hpthey start with there normal base
  6. What do you mean situational? There's a reason you can swap to champs in and out. It's so you can set up Auras/Towers/Traps then switch to your current flavor of DPS. Which BTW is pretty balanced, as everyone can go insane damage with insane gear. THAT IS THE CURRENT META. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?34351-Question-about-the-huntress-Hunter-Nerf/page2 Pretty much read my post about gimmicks and my DPS. *Note* I have ZERO Super-loot, only standard UMF 70wep/40armor. I generally do the same damage on all champs the only difference being, what gimmick they bring to the table
  7. Your complaint is against single target damage to ogres or bosses. Im saying they may not be meant to be your uber boss killer class more of a lane clearing class. Which they will still do just fine even on a 4 sec CD.
  8. You cant expect every class to be able to do everything , they each have there own situational needs.
  9. I really don't think Trendy is looking at it from a single target DPS perspective. Your basing the dps of PS on one target, now put 50 mobs in front of you and use it..... What would your DPS be? Thats how Trendy sees it. A 200k PS on 50 mobs is 10M dmg? I use and will always use my huntress for dps but this nerf really dont bother me.
  10. * Added early-access to "Nightmare" difficulty mode for owners of the 'Eternia Shards Complete Pack' DLC, with Eternia Shard enemies featured, & corresponding level, enemy, spawn layout & boss rebalancings I don't know if this was answered but I can't find it anywhere. With the "Complete Pack Purchase" is that just enabling you to host nightmare games? Or do you need the whole pack to even be able to play nightmare? Or will having just part 1 be enough to to play in other peoples hosted nightmares?
  11. dont know if this info is out there already, but with it stating early access to nightmare with purchase of the dlc pack, is it referring to just being able to host nightmare with the pack or even play a nightmare level with someone who has?
  12. dont believe so.... but it does have multi shot and splash dmg i think. These super pets are mostly being used for raising hero and tower stats more then being an actual atk pet
  13. I like the ogre as santa idea, but what if we twisted it a bit and instead of dropping buffs and things like that, is he sleds around the map dropping random mob types all over the place. The whole intention would be to kill him as he non stop races the map. As waves progress he gets faster and the mobs get stronger. Just run the level like a moster fest to some extent with a timer and/or lives. Could even add an extra santa or too for crazy amounts of spawning.
  14. still having this issue, even after last patch. ive change to different steam zones and everything. ive made and remade multiple games in both open and afk shop and still not having anyone at all join. this is making it hard to sell my stuff >
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